Why Most Love Spells Don’t Work

Why Most Love Spells Don’t Work

Why Most Love Spells Don’t WorkEven if you follow the spells correctly, chances are they won’t work.  Each living thing in the world is connected to the universe and when you have positive energy around you then you will get positive energy and give it back.  Having positive actions that you do each day will attract love and relationships.

Giving positive energy is one of the things that people miss when wanting to do spells.  If you give good things to the world then the spell can help to attract love and help you when you are feeling down.

Choosing a Spell

Whatever spell you are wanting to choose depends on what you are looking for.  If you are lonely and want to be in a relationship, then you will want to use a spell that is a love spell.  This can also be the spell that you choose if you are trying to better an existing relationship.

Ring of Coral Spell

The Ring of Coral spell is a love spell that allows you to wish for what you want.

You will need:

  • Candle (Gold)
  • Heart Shaped or red candle
  • Coral
  • Pink candles (4 of them)

You will then set the gold candle at the alter in the center and then put out the coral around the candle.  Put the other smaller candles around you in a circle and then sit down.  Close your eyes and imagine what kind of love that you want, in detail.  When you stop imagining, light the gold candle and then the smaller pink candles.  After 5 minutes, snuff the candle out and you now have a spell.


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  5. While the concept of energy affecting spell outcomes is intriguing, it raises questions about the measurable impact of such practices. The Ring of Coral spell is described in a way that makes it easy to follow.


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