Understanding Wiccan Love Spells

Wiccan Love Spells

Many people look down on Wiccan love spells and they don’t believe in it based on their religion or other belief systems. There are spells that can shock people because they have a lack of research when it comes to these spells.

The tradition behind Wicca is that there are specific love spells that use ethos to carry out the spell. The spells that are trying to violate or force someone out of their free will is not allowed in Wiccan spells.

One of the most important things to understand about this is that Wicca is white magic, and it is based on the Wiccan Rede that says, “An it harm none, do as thou will.” And it means that any force that is called on will be okay as long as it isn’t meant to send harm to other people. The love spells are used to make positive energies in the relationship and to bring passion back. It is never meant to hurt anyone.

Some people think that Wiccan love spells are bad when it comes to love but this is because they are unknown, and they are misinformed about what white magic is. Wicca wants to get rid of blockages that are causing negativity in someone’s life and help them to achieve their goals. It is never meant to hurt someone.

Wiccan love spells help people to find their soulmate or a partner that they can fall in love with. They help to make the person more desirable, and this will help them to find someone that makes a good partner for them.

These love spells can help to nudge someone by getting their attention and making the energies stronger, not forcing them together. They help the person find their hidden abilities and to grow.

Using Wiccan Love Spells Ethically

A Wiccan will only cast ethical love spells. This is a sign that they care about someone, and the love spells are never meant to be manipulative or misleading. The spells are there to help you find love and to invite more love into your life.

You can cast an ethical love spell yourself by asking things like:

  • Are you sure about the kind of spell you want to cast?
  • Are you sure that you want the results that will come?

This should definitely be asked in binding spells or marriage spells. Another thing that can make the spell ethical is to make sure that you are talking to your higher self, higher power and those that are involved in the spell already care about you.

How Can You Make Wiccan Love Spells Work?

Wiccan love magic uses the energy of the universe and the earth. This is powerful energies that use the elements including fire, water, air, and earth. Witches that follow Wicca use these forces and can make effective love spells. These spells help them in their lives.

People that practice Wicca magic have often studied it for years and know how to use herbs, spell techniques, the moon phases, oils, talismans, charms, and symbols to get their spells to work properly.

Casting Wiccan Love Spells

Remember that finding the right ingredients when casting a spell can make the spell stronger. There are some ingredients that are easy to find such as candles, herbs, or crystals. When you use candle magic, it focuses on the energy of you, and meditation to make the spell more powerful. You need to pay attention to the candle color because each color represents something different.

Crystals that are used in love spells have a strong energy behind them and you should never switch them with another crystal when doing a spell. All of the ingredients work together to give you what you want.

Each herb, color of the candle, and crystal has a different property, and you need to make sure that you select carefully when doing a spell. Wiccans will notice the timing of their spell such as the season, moon phases or the day when casting. Make sure that you respect nature, seasons and other things that make spell casting work.

Wicca is a complex system, and you have to always have honor to the universe and to the world around you. There are gods and goddesses that play a role in spell casting, and you need to make sure that you know the changes that these things can make in your life. Whatever you do when casting a spell will come back to you threefold, according to Wiccan rules. This is why you need to make sure the spell is bringing happiness.

Every time a lover is reunited, or a new romance is formed, the energies of love are returned to the spellcaster and the universe three times. This can make it very strong. This is why you should welcome the goodness of the spell and a new beginning. Knowing how important and powerful the spells are can help you to understand why Wiccan magic is so loved.

True Love Wiccan Spell

When you want a Wiccan love spell to work so that you can find true love, you have to be open to finding love. This magic cannot work if your heart is closed. Some people will do spells when they have a broken heart, and this might have caused you to have a closed heart because of how much pain it caused you. You have to make sure that you are being positive, and this spell can take away your negativity and open you up to love.

Wicca requires you to use natural and supernatural powers to make the spell effective. The different phases of the moon and the way that the seasons change are part of Wicca. The Wheel of Year is a symbol that represents a wheel and eight spokes, and all of the Wiccan holidays are shown on this wheel depending on the season.

Ingredients for a True Love Wiccan Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • Pin or knife.
  • Vanilla oil.
  • ½ cup of ground Lady’s Mantle herb.
  • 1 Tbsp. Rue or ground Juniper.
  • Cast this spell on the Waxing moon phase.

Casting the True Love Wiccan Spell

Start casting the spell by casting your circle and mixing up the different herbs. Take the pin and carve your name three times into the candle. The first time you carve it, think of how much you love yourself. While writing on the candle, think of how you would be if you were happy and secure.

The second time you put your name do it thinking on the love that you want to give someone else. Imagine that you are with someone you love and that you are happy. The third time, think of the love that you want to get in return. As you write your name for the third time, think about how happy love will make you.

Imagine how happy you will be as you anoint the candle with the Vanilla oil. Put all your energy into thinking of this happiness because this is charging the candle with what you are desiring to find real love. Feel all of the emotions as you imagine this.

Roll your candle in the herbs and make sure some of it sticks to the candle. Keep the leftovers so you can sprinkle them in the flame later or add to the candle. Light the candle and say, “With the power of this fire, let my hearts desire be granted. Through the flame, let my true love come, with the power of fire, let my hearts desire be granted. Through the flame, let my true love come. So, mote it be.”

Let the candle burn for an hour and snuff it out. Do the last step of lighting the candle and chanting 3 times over the next 6 days. On the last day, let the candle completely burn out.

Marriage Love Spells

Having a good marriage isn’t just about saying, “I do,” but you have to be giving and willing to commit to the relationship to make it good. There has to be communication and balance and both partners need to give equally.

When you are able to get rid of negative energy out of the relationship, the problems will be less and you can work together, make things good. With this kind of love spell, you can see the relationship get better. Do this spell on a Friday or when the moon is waxing or full.

Ingredients for a Wiccan Marriage Love Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • Blue candle.
  • Something that symbolizes your marriage.
  • Cardamon essential oil.

Casting a Wiccan Marriage Love Spell

Always start by casting your circles and inviting the quarters. You can ask the goddess of marriage, Hera, to help you. Anoint your candles with the Cardamon essential oil from the center of the candle to the ends of it.

Light the candles and put on the altar that you made along with the symbol that you chose of your marriage.

Now, think about the loving parts of your marriage. If your partner is doing the spell with you, take time to talk about what you both want and what you want the future to be like.

Once you are ready, say, “God and goddess, as you are one with each other, so am I joined with (say their name) in this faith and love. Help me and him to work together to make a happy and healthy relationship. Let it be equal and balanced and let us compromise our love. Let the union that we have be full of harmony, joy, care and let it be productive. Let us overcome the hard times in life with communication, love, and cooperation with each other. God and goddess, watch over the union that we have and let it get stronger each day with joy, love, and passion, so mote it be.”  If you are working with your husband or partner, take turns repeating each line.

Snuff out the candle and make sure that you close your circle.

Keeping Your Lover Faithful Wiccan Spell

One of the oldest kinds of Wiccan magic is a love spell. It uses moon magic what is helpful for women and for fertility. This has been used since ancient times. There are spells that are here today though that can keep your partner from cheating on you.

The energies that you have along with this spell will help to make sure that your partner stays faithful to you. Even if your partner has never mentioned cheating on you before and even if you don’t think they ever will, this spell can make sure that it doesn’t happen. Being faithful isn’t just a promise but it can be a spell. You can do this spell with your partner or on your own.

Ingredients for a Keeping Your Lover Faithful Wiccan Spell

  • Black candle.
  • White candle.
  • Pink candle.
  • Blue candle.
  • Nail.
  • Chrysocolla.
  • Moonstone.
  • Pyrite.
  • Frangipani Oil.
  • Pine incense.
  • Do this spell during the full moon.

Casting a Keeping Your Lover Faithful Wiccan Spell

Take the nail that you have and put two hearts in the white candle. Then carve the initials of your lover in one heart and your initials in the other heart. Cleanse and consecrate the candles and put Frangipani oil on them to anoint them.

Put up an alter that has the black candle on top and then the blue under and to the left, the white under the black, in the middle, and the pink to the right. Put the Moonstone next to the blue candle and the Chrysocolla in front of the white candle and the Pyrite next to the pink candle.

While sitting in front of your altar, say 13 times, “You and me are one forever. Our live is always going to win. It will be protected for all eternity. With fidelity and commitment, you will never stray. On my side you will stay.

How Can Keeping Your Lover Faithful Wiccan Spells Help You?

You can use this spell so that your lover will be faithful to you. When you love someone with all of your heart, you don’t want them to stray form you. Even though they might get tempted, they will never go through with it, and they will stay with only you because you are wonderful and loving.

This spell can only work on a partner that doesn’t want to cheat on you. This spell can get rid of mental blockages that are causing your partner to think about cheating or not deciding to be faithful. It can also get rid of negative energy in the relationship.

Wiccan Spirit of Love Spell

This spell is one that you will need to have red yarn, around a foot of it, dried rose petals, an envelope, and a coin. You will put the name of your lover in the small envelope and then put the coin and the rose petals in the envelope. You will then chant their name four times facing the north, south, east, and west.

Close the coin in the envelope and then tie the red yarn around it. Take it to your favorite spot and say, “Come to me the one I love. Be on your way and come to me. Be on your way and come to me, loved one. Be on your way. Do this for 30 minutes, each day for 2 weeks.

Wiccan Wave of Love Spell

This is a love spell that you will need to have 2 cups of milk, a pink candle, rose petals that are dark and dried for a week, a silver coin that was cleansed with the 5 elements, water being the last one. On Friday, during the waxing moon, take a bath.

Light the pink candle and run your bath water. Put the 2 cups of milk in it before you get in the water. Toss the coin at the foot of the tub. Put the petals in one by one while you think about the things that you love most about the person that you want to be with.

Say, “Come to me, my true love. Let us ride the waves of love and blessings. Come to me, my true love. Let our love grow like a rose.”

Why Use Wiccan Love Spells?

Wicca is a religion that came about in the 20th century. It was used by the Celtic Pagan religions and the European religions. It concentrated on the elements of earth, spirit, water, air and fire and the spirit was the fifth element that was unknown.

The idea of the four elements are that they should all be balanced in the environment and that they have to be in harmony and balance with each other. The fifth element is the spirit and is the unknown element.

People that practice Wicca never cast spells that can hurt someone. They believe in the “Law of Three,” which says that whatever you send out will come back to you three times. This means that you want to be cautious when you do Wiccan love spells. You don’t want any spell to bring negativity back to you.

You can use different Wiccan rituals when you cast a spell. You can learn to find and do these spells by following the Wiccan Rede. The spells can be used to attract new love, to find your soulmate, to make your marriage work better, to make sex better, to get someone to propose to you, to get love back and even to help you be more fertile. The Wicca magic can be done as for many things as long as it is positive and good.

There are different kinds of wicca, and some will use a set of rules while others don’t. Wiccan gods are both male and female and some will only acknowledge the female ones. There is a code of ethics that you can read below.

Wiccan Code of Ethics

  • Mirth: Be happy. This is energy that should bring love and happiness into your life. Being in love can be fun.
  • Reverence: Revere each other in love. This is more than just respect.
  • Honor: Honor your lover, their thoughts, their ideas and share with them. Be creative and let them express what they believe.
  • Humility: Two in a team should work together and be humble. Say sorry when you are wrong and admit the mistakes you make.
  • Strength: Think of the relationship as a way to bridge together. One will not be strong and will never hold up. Having 2 can make things stronger.
  • Beauty: Beauty is not how you look but is what is in your heart. Be kind and loving and create beauty.
  • Power: Not super hero powers but power that comes with patience and intent.
  • Compassion: Love each person as you would love yourself.

Wiccan magic is used with different kinds of ingredients such as crystals, herbs, candles and more. You should always know the ingredient before you cast a spell. Let your heart’s desire come to life.