Spells to Get Rid of Marriage Problems

Marriage Problems

All relationships have problems and will never be completely perfect. You can use Voodoo magic spells to help you get the best out of the relationship that you are in. This can help you to get close and to have a bond with your partner that is strong and that is almost perfect.

Do you worry about Voodoo because you have heard bad things about it? Do you feel that you have been influenced by media such as movies and television that has made you feel that Voodoo magic is evil and wrong?

This is false and Voodoo magic is something that can help you. It has been around since ancient times, and it is a spiritual magic that has been used all around the world. Voodoo was first done in Africa and then it later went to New Orleans, Haiti, and Jamaica.

Some Voodoo spells have super long lists of ingredients that you have to have and sometimes they can be hard to cast. This can be items such as:

  • Mojo bags.
  • Human hair.
  • Human blood.
  • Voodoo Dolls.
  • Props.

None of these things are really needed to do these Voodoo love spells and these spells are easy and don’t have to have those things to be powerful. You never have to worry that this spell will bring harm back to you because this is a white magic spell that is not going to take away free will.

The results of this Voodoo spell are powerful, and you will focus on your own energies and that will help you to make the spell work just the way that you need it to.

Ingredients for a Spell to Get Rid of Marriage Problems

  • Red candle.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Red thread.
  • Lodestone.
  • Red pouch.
  • 2 needles.
  • Call upon Obatala for the spell.
  • Do this spell on a Thursday or a Sunday.

Casting a Spell to Get Rid of Marriage Problems

Take time to cleanse your candle and then light the candle and put the bay leaf in front of it. Put the needles facing opposite directions on top of the bay leaf and then wrap the red thread around the needles and the bay leaf.

Ask Obatala to come to you and to help you. Be honest with what you want and make sure that you are being peaceful with the universe. Make sure that you do this for at least 30 minutes for the spell to work.

After you get finished, take the object, and put it in the pouch and add the lodestone and tie it closed. Put it in front of the candle until the candle is completely burnt out. Hide the pouch in the bedroom so no one can find it.