Love and Relationship Spells

Love Spells

Do you want to find new love in your life or give the relationship that you are in a new makeover? Maybe your heart is broken from a recent breakup, if any of the above are true, maybe you will benefit from some magic in your life. A love spell might be just what you need in your life.

Even since ancient times there have been witches, warlocks, fairies, magic, spells and love spells. Love spells can help someone to give their heart to you and to be drawn to your attention.

There are times where the knowledge of these love spells has been passed down from generation to generation and some of them are known today. Maybe you have been a part of witchcraft for a while, but you were afraid of it or found it to be taboo. There are stereotypes that are easy to break away from and then you can begin to do love spells immediately.

Love Spell

A love spell is a method that you use to bring magic to you. It can come when it is dark or cold and you can use different magic words that can help to bring you happiness. A magical spell is a formula that is supposed to bring some kind of magic on a person or a thing and you can do this by singing, dancing or even chanting.

Spell casting does not have to be an exciting thing for it to work. Sometimes, you see this in movies, and you read about it in books. Imagine that there is a way to align your energy with the universe to get the desires of your heart.

When you want to have guidance from your spirit guides or the universe, the universe can connect with your vibrations and help there to be things that you want done in your life completed. You can even become a medium to help solve your own problems.

If you have troubles in your love life, you can pick a love spell that can help you with many things such as:

  • Having strong love for who you are with.
  • Arranging there to be a marriage.
  • Making someone fall in love with you.
  • Attracting new lovers
  • Getting back with an ex you miss.

If you have a poor love spell, you can cast it over and over and you will never see it do anything. There are some love spells that people have been doing for years and they work each and every time that they are cast.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you have been doing it for a while, pay attention to these tips and you can be casting working spells in no time.


Just saying words without having good intentions will not be a spell, this is just words. You have to understand that your actions have a big impact in your spell casting.

Do not worry if you are out and you are drunk or something is going on, you will not be able to cast a love spell without being able to remember doing or to be accountable for it.

Before Casting Spells

Before you even decide to cast a love spell you need to make sure that your intentions are pure and good. If you are trying to change things in the universe, they need to be good things.

What kind of things are you wanting when you cast a spell?  Do you want this person to love you for the rest of your life? Do you want to have a better sex life with your partner, or do you want to leave a relationship and still be able to be friends?

Think about your spell and how it will affect the person that you are wanting to do it on. If it hurts them or causes them harm, don’t do it.

Remember, what you send out to the universe will come back to you and black magic is negative and there is a thing called the Law of Three-Fold Return. This means whatever you ask will come back to you three times.


Sometimes expectations can get in the way because when you have energies and expectations, they can be too big and then you might be disappointed. If you want to cast a spell but you really don’t believe in it, it will not work.

You have to be realistic because spells will not make celebrities fall in love with you nor will they bring you a frog that is a prince.

There are things that cannot be done such as a person cannot be changed if they are not interested in you. The person that you cast your spell on should already have intentions of loving you.

When to Cast Spells

If you want to cast a spell there is no time that is specific for doing this but there are times where it can be stronger.

When there is a full moon, you can cast your spell so that it can work faster. If you want to end a relationship, you should do it when the moon is waning.

When you want to find love, the waxing phase is the best time to cast a love spell.

Steps for Love Spells

Before you begin casting spells, you need to make sure that you do not have negative energies connected to you. Make sure you are protected and that your area is safe.

You can sit in a circle and sprinkle salt around yourself and ask your spirit guides to cleanse your area and keep you safe from evil spirits.

There are other methods of doing this and you have to find the right way for you.

Attraction Spells

If you want to find someone to fall in love with you, this love spell takes paper, a pen, rose leaves, a small red candle and red ink.

First, light the candle and then focus on the smoke that is coming out. Take the paper that you have and write down what you want your romance life to look like.

When the candle begins to max, put the pen in the wax and dribble the wax on the paper and ask the goddess Venus to come and help you make them fall in love with you.

New Romance

When you are looking for new romance, you need to have a picture of the person you want to love you, red and blue candles and rosewood incense.

When Monday comes, this is the beginning of the lunar cycle, do it on this day. Light the blue candle so you can have luck and then light the red candle so you can have love.

Burn the incense in your room and look at the picture of the person you want to love you. Ask the spirit guides to give you guidance and to send you love.

Spend time meditating and focus on what you want.

Rose Petals

One of the best loves spells is this one because all you need is rose petals and running water. Imagine a person that has all the qualities that you are looking for and take the rose petals and put them in the water saying, “When this rose moves, let true love come to me.”

Repeat that phrase and imagine your lover coming to you. This will be sent to the universe when the rose petal comes towards you.

Bring Them Back

If you want your ex to come back to you then you can use this spell. You will need a lemon, paper and red ribbon.

Write the name of your ex on the paper and cut the lemon in half. Fold the paper and write your name on one side so that your name and their name are touching.

Put the paper between the lemon and wrap the red ribbon around it. When you do this think about your ex coming back to you and how it will make you feel.

Put the lemon back together and put it in the freezer for a month.

Heart Spells

One simple spell has no ingredients. You can start by drawing a heart shape with your hands and imagining your lover. Say out loud, “bring me the lover I desire.”

Do this love spell anytime that you want to, but it works best under a full moon.

After Casting the Spells

After you cast the spell, you need to be patient and trust that the spell will work. Remember, it can take time for your wish to come true. After you cast your spell, you will have intention and you can reach your destination by going through time and space.

Do not doubt or ask the universe why it is taking so long. If you do this, the spell will not work. Obsessing over the results will cause them not to work. You must believe in your powers and let it go.

Getting a Spell Cast on You

You can protect yourself from unwanted targets of love spells by keeping your intentions clear. As long as you continue to cast good magic and stay away from evil magic then you will be okay.

This will be the same for other people. As long as these people are not tied with satan, their spells will not work on you.

The universe controls who and what kind of spells can be cast, and they have to be safe and good.

Spell Books

You can buy different resources to help you do solve spells. Shop around and find you different books to see what you can learn.

The more love spell books that you have the more you can learn, and you can teach yourself and your friends how to do spells that work.

“The Witches”

This is a small book that has great love spells in it. Even though it only has 175 pages, the spells are different and can make a great book to your collection. This book has over 60 spells.

This book is also pretty to look at and has a fuzzy cover. This book is for anyone that wants to do unique spells.

This book can be kept or given as a gift to help increase your journey and help you to have a chance to cast love spells anytime you want.

“Love Spells: A Handbook of Magic, Charms, and Potions”

Some people feel that love spell books are like fairytales and most people have seen princess movies that show potions and spells and everyone living happily ever after.

You can imagine that when you do love spells that they can do more than just attract a partner, but they can help you when you are going through hard times with your partner.

Maybe you find that you and your partner are facing troubles, and if you do, you will see that you can use love spells to help give you stronger love and to help your relationship be better than it was before.

This book has more than just spells, there are ways that you can learn to have new love, stronger family relationships and even relate to animals.

“Cosmopolitan Love Potions”

This book is a great book if you are a beginner and you want to try out casting love spells. This has a list that you can check off when you begin your journey and then you can know what love potions work for you.

This book is great if you want to add love spell books to your collection because it has many different spells inside of it. It also breaks down love spell casting and helps even the beginner to understand how to do it.

If you don’t want to attract a lover but you want to have a better relationship in your life, you can use this book. Some of the best love potions can be found that focus not only on other people but about yourself.

Even inside of this book you can find ways to help get over a broken heart.

Love Spell Presents

Giving presents to people is hard but sometimes it can benefit people to give them books or presents that have love spells in them. You can also give presents that help with positive affirmations and relaxation to help your friend or loved one reach their full potential in their life.

Giving gifts to friends and family members that are having a hard time getting over heartbreak can really help them. It is hard to comfort someone that is going through a rough time sometimes so giving these soothing books can really show how much you care.

“The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells”

This book might be better for those that are more experienced in spell casting, but it also can give you a new twist on doing your own spells.

Some spell books do not always work for certain people and you need to find spell books that work for you. Some of the spells in this book might be great spells to use as a base and then put your own magic to it.

It is important that you have classic spells and concoctions that are written well so that you can understand them and them modify them to be personal to you.

This book might not be for you if you need a fast love spell because the instructions of these spells are very specific, and you have to find the right recipe and ingredients for yourself.

“Love Spells:  Rituals, Spells & Potions to Spark Your Romantic Life”

Many spell books are great for many reasons such as being easy to understand, and some can give you confidence to be able to cast your spells.

The intention of casting spells is to be successful and spells are not things that always require hard chants or lavished ingredients and some of them do not even need materials to work.

This book can teach you how to make your desires match what you manifest and can help you to do better in your life.

The book can help you when you are confused at what you want, and you need to be more focused. It is a great book for both beginners and for those that are not new to spellcasting.

If you are new to casting spells, you can find recipes that can help you become a professional and there are many spells to help you get there.

Love Spell Tips

A love spell is a magical thing that can help you by being sung or chanted. This can go to a special person and does not have to be a big event like people read about or watch on television. A love spell is really a very quiet thing and it can help you to have your energies align with the energies that you desire.

Best Time to Cast Spells

The best time to cast a spell is anytime you want to. There are sometimes that might be stronger than others, but it depends on what you are casting a spell for. If you want to have your relationship be stronger, choose to cast your spell when there is a full moon.

After Casting a Spell

After you cast a love spell, you need to make sure that your intentions are manifested and reaching the correct route the fastest. You need to do this by casting your spell and then stepping back. Do not try to rush it.

Make sure that you take time to focus on your inner thoughts and to cast your spells with good intentions. This is all we have for you now, take time to learn about spell casting, cast your spells and see your love manifest before your eyes.