Using Voodoo for Love

Voodoo for Love

Voodoo is a magical tradition that started in Africa. It was used by African Shamans and was influenced by the Roman Catholics. These are spells that are done by talking to the spirits that are called “Lwa.” These spells are cast by Priestesses, Hougans, Mambos, and Voodoo Priests. They ask the spirits to come and do favors for them for love, nature, and other things in life. These kinds of spells are not good or bad, but Christians believe otherwise.

When you cast a spell and it doesn’t work, you might decide that you want to try another kind of spell. This is often referred to as folk magic and is a witchcraft that allows people to find out what is stopping the spells from working and what mistakes are being made.

Voodoo is thought to be an effective kind of magic and sometimes people will ask the Voodoo Priests to help them cast love spells for them. You can do this as well, or you can try and cast the spells on your own. If you find one that you understand and that seems interesting to you, give it a try.

Types of Voodoo Magic

There are many things that can happen in relationships such as one person might not even want to be in a romantic relationship and might want to just stay friends. Once people do decide to be in a romantic relationship, there are chances that one of them will cheat on the other, will decide that they are bored in the relationship or will leave for some other reason.

Voodoo love spells focus on what problems you are having, and you need to figure out which spell to use that fits your situation the most. You have to use the right kind of magic spell for the issues you are facing. You can’t use a love spell that doesn’t fit what is going on in your relationship.

What to Avoid

Voodoo is associated with dark magic and hexes, and you need to make sure that you are prepared for something bad to come back to you. Choosing voodoo can have consequences and even if you use spells that don’t seem evil, you need to make sure that you are prepared.

If someone else casts a spell for you, you can still have the consequences turn against you and it won’t affect the spell caster. If you are casting a spell in anger, fear or hurt, this can cause you pain in the long run. You also need to make sure that you don’t have negative feelings when casting a spell.

Once you decide that you can do this, you need to decide what kind of spell you should cast, and which one is going to help you reach your highest good.

Voodoo is like other folk magic, and it relies on things such as hair, body fluids or pictures to make the spell work. This will bind the person to the spell. When you cast a love spell, you will find that this can be pictures, hair and other things that come from your own body and not someone else’s.

You need to always make sure that you want to be bound with someone and that you know that there is a chance for this to end up negative and to come back on you. Think carefully about the spell that is going to be cast and when you bind yourself to another person, you will get no matter what you are asking to get, no matter what the magical system is.

Before you ever do a Voodoo magic spell, you should know the energy that you are giving and what you are giving it to.

Mistaken beliefs About Voodoo

Voodoo is often looked at as something evil. It is seen in movies and in books as destructive and ritual sacrifices. Even though some of these things happen in Voodoo magic, a love spell will most likely not be evil. These kinds of spells are actually closer to nature and nature can help to make the Voodoo spell even stronger. When you want to make the Voodoo spell stronger, you can use nature and you will have faster results and longer lasting love.

Practicing Voodoo

Voodoo is a practice between folk and native practices. It is a spiritual thing that can include things like:

• Candles.
• Incense.
• Potions.
• Spells.
• Other things.

The spells work well with your intuition and when you thank the elements and the nature spirits, you can see that the spell can work and reach your goals. The most common tool of Voodoo is the Voodoo doll, and this can be used in different spells and in different ways.

The Voodoo doll is meant to represent a version of the person that you are trying to make fall in love with you. This is used to make sure that the energy and the intentions are strong and can be stored in the doll.

Once there is a physical representation, such as the dolls, you can focus more on what you want and what you desire. After the spell is complete, the doll no longer has the power, and the energy of the spell goes back into the universe.

Having a Better Love Life

You might decide that you should use a Voodoo spell to help you to have peace in your life. If you are facing problems in your relationship, this kind of spell can help to heal those problems and can bring support and healing.

If you are talking to a marriage counselor, for example, the Voodoo can help to make this faster and to make the actions stronger. You might even find that you can stop the therapy and make your relationship stronger.

Using Voodoo to Find Love

People that are single sometimes use Voodoo in order to find lovers. The lover might not know that they are under a spell and that is why they are there, but they will figure out that they have found someone that is going to make them happy.

Real love can come from different places and can fill your whole life. You might find that the person that you choose is your true soulmate.

Marriage and Voodoo

Some people think that once they are married that things will always be great. The truth is, all relationships, even marriages, have troubles. When you have been married for years, you might find that you need to have stronger energy towards your partner, or you might find that you need to have better desires for them.

Voodoo love spells can help you to feel like you are in the honeymoon stage of your marriage again. It can help you and your partner to be stronger and to let your marriage last, maybe even forever.

Voodoo love spells allow you to have love that you desire in your marriage. Once you say what you need and you do the spell right thing, you will find out that you can get love.

Spirits and Lwa

You might wonder if love spells can help people to find real love. Voodoo worships the god Bondye, which is a being that has life and energy no matter what kind it is. It makes no distinction between a person, plant, rock, or animal. It doesn’t care if a person deserves something or doesn’t deserve it and it goes by the motto, “The sun shines on both the good and the evil.”

There are different spirits that are called Lwa spirits. These are there to help humans to have life and to give them power to create things. They are often thought of as angels. The spirits can be called on to ask for help and they will lend their power to the humans depending on what is going on in their lives.

The god, Bondye though will exchange its energy and they have to offer the energy for the measure of energy that is spent to help humans.

Lwa of Love

Here are the most known Lwa for love matters:

  • Papa Legba

This is one that you want to call on if you have obstacles or blockages that need to be removed. If you are having problems reaching your goals, you can call on him to help. He can also help with your problems in love and to give you more power to your intuition.

  • Erzulie

This spirit works to bring love and blessings. It is also known to bring joy, beauty, and fertility. She can give new life into the spirit and help you to have more growth and self-esteem.

  • Damballah Wedo

This is a compassionate elder that will look out for the children. He can help get rid of negative and bad energy such as people that are causing your life to be more negative.

Using Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo love spells work when you call on the spirits to help you get rid of obstacles that are blocking you from love. These are rituals that are harder to complete and the mambo or the houngan is the one performing the ritual and will fall into a trance as the spiritual powers channel itself to the one casting the spell.

If you want the spell to work, you have to use the items that are asked for, preferably those that belong to the subject of the spell. Once the spell is cast, the magic will happen through a position or amulet, and it has to be given to the subject. Not all Voodoo practitioners will use potions though and the phyiscal part is not always necessary to make a spell work.

Voodoo Love Spells for Yourself

Here are some reasons that people choose to try Voodoo love spells:

  • They are Popular and Potent

These are some of the most popular spells and they are able to work for any situation. They can fix a relationship that is broken, or they can attract a lover. The spell can be performed using items that are easy to find.

When casting a spell, you need to have a pure intention and not be selfish or doing something evil. This can cause negative energy to come to your life or it can send the spell in the wrong direction and cause damage.

  • Becoming Attractive

Magic can be both good and bad. Once a person is a subject of a spell, they get linked to you for a while or forever. Don’t cast love spells if you don’t want to face the effects of it later.

  • Making them Fall in Love with You

Some people will use Voodoo to make someone fall in love with them. This might be desperate sounding but magic can make feelings come to someone fast and so it is often thought of.

  • Having a Lost Lover Return

Other people need to have their ex or someone else come back to them. No matter how long you have been apart forming this person, you can use the spell to remove things that are stopping them from coming back to you. If you want to be stronger in the relationship or if you want to bring couples together, make your partner faithful to you or get someone to propose to you, you can use these kinds of spells.

  • Preparing Properly

You can do a Voodoo love spell on your own or you can talk to someone that is a professional Voodoo spell caster. You can buy spell kids that you can use that will have all that you need for the spell including what you are meant to say. You can choose a professional to do this for you.

Make sure that you are cleansed before you ever do a spell, and you can even buy a special Voodoo soap that can get rid of negativity out of your life. Being spiritually clean is important and can make the spell more effective and powerful.

Voodoo Spells for Love

Do you want someone to fall in love with you or are you just about romance? No matter what it is, there is magic that you can try to find what you want in love. Everyone deserves to find love. With Voodoo love spells, you will see that they can work as long as you have the right heart when casting them.

The power of the person casting the spell will imagine what they want out of the spell. The Voodoo spell will have effective results if the spell and ritual are right. If you don’t have the right tools though, you can cast some Voodoo spells that will work. Don’t be afraid!

Ingredients for Fall in Love Voodoo Spells

  • Large white candle.
  • A thorn from a rose bush.
  • Two Voodoo dolls.
  • Blue ribbon or blue yarn.

Casting the Fall in Love Voodoo Spell

When the moon is full, be ready to cast the spell. Use the thorn and write “My true love, come to me,” into the white candle three times. Light the candle and then focus on what that person means to you and how you love them.

Take the ribbon and tie a knot at the end and say, “My true love, come to me.” Then tie five more knots into the ribbon and say those words each time you tie one.

Repeat the phrase and take the two dolls and tie them together with the knotted ribbon or yarn and put them by the candle. Keep saying the phrase until the candle burns out or until you feel ready to blow the candle out.

Take the thorn, the dolls and the candle and put them in the back of a closet. The spell is not meant to manipulate anyone but to put you in a place where you can get someone’s romantic feelings. Let go of any expectations that you have to let the magic work.

When you get what you want, put the items from the closet back in nature.

Erzulie Love Spells

This is a spell that you need to write the person’s name that you want to fall in love with, 13 times on a piece of parchment paper. Do this for 3 nights in a row. On the fourth night, light a red candle and take a 13-minute bath. Think of the person that you want to fall in love with you.

Most likely, you will dream about that person that night and you will have the power in your dream to have the outcome that you want. When you wake up, hide the parchment paper somewhere in the bedroom and take a Peacock feather and put it someplace that the person will touch it. Make sure that they are the first one to touch it. This spell is powerful so make sure you are cautious.

Voodoo love spells need to follow the magic, and this means that this should never be a spell to hurt someone or to be negative.

Voodoo Soulmate Love Spell

This soulmate spell can help you to find the person that is meant to be your true love. If you wish to make use of any of the items in the spell, you can use them or you can use your own intentions to make it work. That is up to you.

If you want to do this spell to find real love but you don’t have the tools that are mentioned, don’t let this stop you. You can use your power in any form of magic, and you can use Voodoo energies to get the power that you need to find love.

Don’t ever joke about spellcasting. Look at what you need in your life and make sure that your intentions are good. You need to believe in the magic that you are going to cast and wish on it. If it goes well, you will find your future spouse and no matter how good or bad the past was with this person, it will be good from now on.

Love spells are amazing, but you need to make sure that you are following principals to make it work. The person that wants to have the spell come to them must want it enough to let the energy flow through their wishes completely.

Ingredients for a Voodoo Soulmate Love Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • Pink construction paper or cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper bag or a sheet of paper.
  • String.
  • Deity to call on Erzulie.

Casting a Voodoo Soulmate Love Spell

You need to make sure that the candle is cleansed before you light it. As with all magic and Voodoo, make sure you are following the ritual. Cut a Voodoo doll out of the cardboard or construction paper and write all the things that you want out of a partner on one side of the doll. You can write anything that you think of and the wishes that you have will build up the energy.

Take the candle out and drip wax on the Voodoo doll on the side that you wrote on until it is covered in the wax. Ask Erzulie to come to you and ask that everything that you want come and that it will be honest and forthright. Make sure that you are working with the universe when you cast this spell. Build up as much energy as you can. Then snuff the candle out.

Do the last step for the next two days (3 times total).

ON the last day, put the Voodoo doll in the paper bag or wrap it in paper and tie it with a string so it’s closed. Hide it under the bed until you meet your soulmate.

After you get the results that you want, thank the universe and Erzulie for the goodness that you got and then return the wrapped doll back to nature by burying it in the ground, putting it into some kind of water or burning it.

Voodoo Practitioners

If you are trying to do these spells and you are unsuccessful, you need to talk to a Voodoo practitioner. You need to talk to them and let them exchange the energy for you. The practitioner will then get money or compensation for the time and effort that they put into the spell and so will the spirits.

How Can a Voodoo Practitioner Help?

  • They can see the situation without human limits.
  • They can use the greater power that is in their body.
  • They can focus on the intention and the desire.
  • They can direct a great power towards making what you want become a reality.

There are many people that haven’t been able to reach into the spiritual world or to travel there. It can be hard for people to do this and that is why even in ancient times, they would hire a Voodoo master to help them.

How many times do you think that you would need a love spell? The answer should be once. Once a relationship starts, it can last forever as long as you take care of each other. When neglect happens though, the relationship can die like a plant that wants water.

There are many religions that exploit people, and this can happen with Voodoo as well. Make sure that you are giving your money to someone that is going to cast a spell correctly for you. Don’t give your money to people that don’t have the right heart desire.

You might waste your money, or you might even get negativity and backlash from the spell if it is cast wrong on your behalf. A Voodoo practitioner doesn’t always have a good soul and you need to make sure that your intent is right and that you aren’t trying to control another person. Human intent will play a major role in the magic working the right way. Make sure that you have the right intent before you find the right Voodoo spell caster.