Using Sex Magic Lust Spells

Lust Spells

Some couples have a hard time getting the spark back when it comes to sex, and this can hurt a relationship. When there is less sexual attraction, it can cause frustration and lead to the partner never feeling fulfilled.

It is normal to have different amounts of sexual attraction with your partner and it is also normal for these feelings to grow less and less over time. As the years go on, lust and sex begin to fade, and this can lead to the relationship not lasting. A relationship that has been strong for years that loses its sexual drive might be the end of a good relationship.

Making love to your partner is one of the best ways that a couple can express their love for one another. There are things that you can do in a relationship to make sure that the sex is good and to improve things in your life. One way is to let the universe help you. The sexual pleasure that you can feel in a relationship can’t be compared to other things. If you want to have better sex in your life, try a Lust or Sexual Attraction spell.

Using Lust Spells and Sex Magic

You might wonder if there is such a thing as a lust or a sex spell. They are real and they can help to put the desire back into the relationship. They can also help to get rid of stress and negative feelings when it comes to having passion in the bed.

A healthy relationship leaves both partners feeling satisfied and when one partner is not satisfied, it can cause problems. This is why these spells can work and can grow the physical attraction of a partner when it comes to sex.

What Can Lust and Sex Magic Do?

Lust and Sex Magic spells can help to bring passion and lust back into your relationship. It can take energies that you have and send them into he universe to make your sexual pleasure stronger.

These spells won’t just make things better physically, they can also make the bond that you have with your partner stronger. This will allow you to love each moment that you spend with your partner both in and out of the bed.

When you use these spells, they will increase the vigor and sexual urges between you and your partner. This will decrease over time, and you will feel normal in bed but there are no side effects of it. These rituals only use white magic, and they are safe.

Why Use Sex Magic?

  • To ignite passion, sexual attraction, and lust with your partner.
  • To have more emotional desire and sexual desire.
  • To have stronger physical desires.
  • To increase the bond between you and your partner.
  • To bring back exciting sex in your relationship.
  • To bring intimacy.

It can be hard when you want to make your relationship work, but the spark just doesn’t seem to be there. It can cause you to have a low self-confidence and turn your joy into stress. You can change this situation by using these spells. If you don’t want to do the spell yourself, talk to a professional spell caster.

Lust Spell with Moon Magic

Lust Spells take the power of the different phases of the moon, and they make them a lustful and exciting thing for you and your partner. This kind of magic can make your sex life stronger, and it can make your interaction better.

The magic will increase the attraction that you and your partner have for each other sexually. You should do this during a full or a waxing moon so that you can increase the power of the magic.

Once the magic is working, you will see that the bond between you and your partner is stronger and that you will feel more excited when it comes to sex. The Triple goddess and the Horned god will help you to increase your love and your sexual desires.

The Triple goddess works with the full, waning, and waxing moon. It takes the power of the lunar energies to help you. The Horned god will use the power of animal life, death, and the sun to help you.

Ingredients for a Lust Spell

  • Red candle.
  • Musk oil.
  • Rose incense.
  • A picture of the person you love.
  • A bowl that is fire safe.
  • Do this during the waxing moon.

Casting a Lust Spell

Prepare yourself for the spell by cleansing your candle, anointing it with the musk oil and casting your circle. Light the candle and light the incense. Put the picture of your love in front of the candle. Then say, “Eros, the greatest god of lust and passion, increase the feelings of lust in a fast way for me and my partner, (say their name). Let their sexual attraction be stronger. Make (say their name) lust for me.” I will accept this, I beg you. So, mote it be, so mote it be.”

Put the candle in your right hand and drip wax on the picture. Ask Eros and the moon o help you and talk out loud so they can hear you. While you hold the candle, say what you want to happen. The moon, universe and Eros can help. Make sure that your energy is strong.

Once you are done, put the candle down and let it burn completely out. Hide the picture under the mattress in your room and keep it there until it is no longer needed then take it to nature.

Obeah Sex Magic

You can take the energy of Obeah and increase the desire and excitement for someone new. This spell can help your lover to lust for you by thinking and feeling things that you might have denied or repressed.

This sex spell cannot hurt you because it takes what is negative and any negative though or feeling and turns them positive. This spell will make your lover care more for you and will want to share your love.

By using Obeah Magic, you can increase how your partner feels about you sexually. Don’t be afraid that the lust will be falls because Obeah will not create something that isn’t real. It has to already be in your heart to make it work.

Ingredients for Obeah Sex Magic

  • Red candle.
  • of Damiana.
  • of Galangal.
  • 2 Tbsps. Of Cayenne Pepper.
  • of Coriander.
  • Orange Oil.
  • Knife.
  • Mortar.

This is an ancient spell, and it has been passed down throughout the years. It is considered one of the most effective spells that you can have to increase your lust and romance.

Casting the Obeah Sex Magic Spell

Use the mortar to crush the different herbs and turn them into powder. Write your name and the person you are hoping to have into the candle with the knife.

Anoint the candle with the orange oil from the top to the bottom and put the powdered herbs on the paper and then roll the candle in them. Make some of the powder stick to the candle. Think of what you want the spell to do. Say, “Kalimesto Paridako Helistati (name of the person you love) Kalimesto Paridako Helistati Stabulo Balika Ro Ro (your name) Hambuta Salika Te Te.”

Snuff or let the candle burn out. For the next six days, light the candle for one hour and repeat the chant above. On the seventh day, let the candle burn out completely and let the spell work.

Voodoo Sexual Attraction Spell

There are Voodoo attraction spells that can bring passion to your life or to the life of your partner. If you feel that you have lost your passion, you can make them work again. This can restore the energy of your love and can change how you see each other.

Voodoo love spells use ancient powers and energies to make you reach your desires. This is why Voodoo is considered to be an effective kind of magic. When you need to have more lust and physical bonding with your partner, you can use this love spell to make it work.

This will help to make your relationship stronger and will take you to a newer level. You should know that this can make you have strange sexual desires.

Voodoo is considered a religion and the spells that are cast are magical. This is a spiritual path that some will take. Voodoo magic comes from Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, and New Orleans. Even though many believe it is negative because of the popularity of magic and the media.

Ingredients for a Voodoo Sexual Attraction Spell

  • Cinnamon incense.
  • Red candle.
  • Dove’s blood ink.
  • Piece of paper.
  • Picture of the person you love.
  • ground Caraway Seeds.
  • 2 Tbs. Cinnamon.
  • 3 Tbs. brown sugar.
  • Yarn or string.
  • Lwa spirits to call on like Dumballah and Ayida, his wife.

Casting a Voodoo Sexual Attraction Spell

You need to start by lighting both the candle and the incense. Mix the brown sugar with the caraway seeds, the ground dill and the cinnamon and make sure that they are thoroughly mixed.

Put the piece of paper in front of you and use the Dove’s blood ink to write the name of your love on it. Also write your own name on top of their name.

Sprinkle the herb mixture on top of the names while you are concentrating on what you want the spell to do for. Ask Dumballah and Ayida to help you to make your wishes come true. After you sprinkled the whole sugar and herb mixture on the names, put the picture on top of the mixture.

Turn off all the lights in the room and let the candle burn. Masturbate until you orgasm in the light of the candle. After you are done, add your body fluids to the picture.

Wrap everything in the paper and use the string to close it. Let the candle burn out and hide the paper in the bedroom, close to the bed. Leave it there for as long as you need it.

Why Use Sex Magic?

These kinds of love spells can help to bring lust and passion back into your relationship. No matter what caused this to slow down or caused you to fall apart from each other, these spells can help to get you back where you were. The old feeling that you had for one another when the relationship first started can come back. You will have a new spark and you will have a strong bond with each other.

You will be excited to be back in the bed with them. This can work for all kinds of different relationships from shorter term ones to long-term ones.

Once you put the magic into motion, you will feel closer to your partner. The spells might give you strong sexual urges that you aren’t used to. The passion might increase but other than that, there are no risks to these spells.

Remember that the energy that is released is to give you a stronger desire that you will have with your partner and the sexual energy might be uncontrollable for a time. Have fun in bed and be discreet. This kind of spell can boost your self-confidence and make you more attractive and desired.

If you feel that you have a partner that is cheating on you, use a faithfulness spell because the lust spell is there for a partner that is being faithful to you so that they can have all their attention directed at you.