Why to Not Use a Honey Spell

Honey Spell

Spells are something popular and many people turn to spells to find love. There can be dangers when using a spell and this is when you use magic to manifest love and people into your life. Some believe that you can have bad karma when you turn to using spells.

Honey Spell

Honey spells are spells that can help you to attract love in your life. If you do it right, the person might become obsessed with you. People will use honey and they will draw a cross on their tongue. When this happens, the honey will get someone to start thinking about you.

When you get the honey out, you should be thinking about the person right away and who you want to be obsessed with you. Say things like, “They are going to be obsessed with me,” or, “they are going to keep texting and calling me.”

The honey is then put on the tongue in the shape of a cross and this is a popular spell that is being seen all over TikTok and other social media outlets. When doing this spell, you have to make sure that you don’t doubt what could happen and that you are being positive.

Hispanic and Latino People

This new trend is saying that the spell is only for Hispanics and Latinos. They are warning that those that are not of these cultures should avoid doing these spells. This is a kind of witchcraft that is native to Afro and Latin Americans.

They believe that if you aren’t Hispanic then you won’t be able to do the spell and you will get in trouble with it.

Bringing Negative Karma

Doing this spell can bring negative karma and can backfire. The person that is thinking about the spell can cause it to backfire by bringing negativity to their life. The spell can cause negativity and doing the spell is not recommended because it will bond the person to you forever.

There are some people that have done this spell and seen that it backfired. It can cause a person to obsess over you and think about you all the time. What happens when someone is constantly thinking about you and can’t eat or sleep? This can make them sick, and this is one way it can backfire.

You can undo or fix this spell by emptying the jar of honey to stop the person from having to be obsessed with you. By taking all the honey out of the jar and putting it on the earth, the spell can be broken.

Final Thoughts

There are people that believe that the spell works for them and that it doesn’t always cause there to be an obsession. Other people believe that the spell can backfire and can cause the relationship to be hard.