Make Someone Love You Spell

Love You Spell

Being in a relationship or wanting a relationship that seems to be one sided can be hurtful and heartbroken. If the love that you are in suddenly feels that there isn’t much love at all, you might need to try something new. Some will see that they should do magic spells to make their love strong again.

How to Cast a Love Spell That Works

The best thing about a love spell is that it can work as long as you set your intentions and your heart on what you want. Make sure that you are truly in love with this person and that you are putting your heart and your head into the love. No matter what happens, you need to make sure that you aren’t hurting anyone.

Always have a clear heart and a clear spirit before you are doing any kind of spell work. If you have someone you want to spend your whole life with, make sure that you are keeping this spell casting strong.

Why Do Some Love Spells Not Work?

There are some love spells that take time to manifest, and they won’t work right when you do them. Even if someone is good at casting spells, don’t believe that all spells will work right away. If you hire someone, make sure that they aren’t taking advantage of your money.

Superficial Love Spells

You should never do a love spell that is superficial because looks fade. Make sure that you put your whole heart into the love spell so that you can get what you want without causing yourself or others trouble.

Working Love Spells

If you are hiring someone to cast your love spell for you, make sure that you know the website that you are reaching out to. Then if someone gets hurt, you can message this person and find out what happened with the spell.

Casting Your Own Love Spells

Here are some ways that you can cast your own love spells:

  • Make sure that you have love potions that work. These aren’t like things that you see on television, and you should make them and not leave out any ingredients.
  • Consider if it is easier to do the spell yourself or to have someone else do it for you. You will see that those that are used to doing magic will be more confident. If you feel nervous, find someone to do it for you.
  • Choose the love spell that is easiest and most effective for you to cast. Start with one that is easy to do and one that you know that you can attempt and make it work.
  • Don’t make a mistake and make sure that you memorize the spell and that you have all of the right ingredients before you even start.
  • Having all the ingredients and the items you need is essential when casting a spell. Read the directions over and over again and make sure that you are doing the spell at the right time. Doing a love spell wrong can make you feel lonelier.
  • Do a meditation or fortune telling session before you do a ritual that is going to affect your life and the life of others. Test a spell on yourself and know how it is going to affect you.
  • Put all of your tools and objects close to you. Don’t have the stuff all over the kitchen.
  • Create a date for you to do your love spells. If you are doing a moon spell and need a full moon, make sure that you have the right time frame.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or have sex close to the spell casting day.
  • Cleanse your energy when the moon is fading.
  • Set your love goals.
  • Do a 3 day fast on the new moon’s day. Don’t smoke, eat, or drink things that aren’t healthy.
  • Cast a love spell during the waxing moon.
  • Perform a fortune telling session to know if the spell is going to work for the lover that you want it to work for.
  • A spell caster cannot guarantee that a love spell is going to work and won’t backfire.

Strength of a Wiccan Love Spell

Wiccan love spells can end up with love spells that are strong and love spells that work, or you can have spells that don’t work and end up with someone that tries to control you or hurt you. Make sure that your love spells don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Spells that Work

Love spells are part of the life of a wiccan, and they put a lot of time and energy into doing love spells. Make sure that you are being realistic when you want to cast spells and that you are using the abilities that you have to cast the correct spells.

Advice of Love Spells

Don’t spend your time-wasting money on a spell that you buy or going online to find spells to cast. You should find someone that has been doing this for a while and someone that you can trust. Look online and speak to a psychic that can help you if you need help spellcasting.