Real Love Spells That Rock!

Love Spells

Love spells are used to help people to figure out their relationship situation from a breakup to negative energy that surrounds them in love. Some people will use white magic which is a positive thing while others use black magic which is negative.

There are different kinds of love spells, and some are binding, obsession, marriage and other spells that change relationships. Spells can require certain ingredients or items but there are also love spells that just use words.

You should make sure that you are using the love spell wisely because it can come back to you, and you should find a professional spellcaster to help you if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

Spellcasting is a service that psychics do, and you can find them on psychic websites. Not every psychic is going to be able to do love spells but there are many that know how to do certain rituals.

Tarot card readings, for example, are done by a psychic and they have to use the cards to help you find direction, but spellcasting is something that takes action and makes something happen or change in the universe. This can sound exciting, but you should always be careful.

Free Love Spells

Love spells are used in the spiritual world and can help to change your love life. There are things that can be done in almost every category of love when it comes to magic. Some spells are more popular than others and there are many people that know these types of love spells such as:

  • Marriage spells.
  • Obsession spells.
  • Attraction spells.
  • Crush spells.
  • Commitment spells.
  • Honey jar spells.
  • Candle spells.
  • Picture love spells.
  • Paper love spells.
  • Rose love spells.

Marriage Love Spells

Marriage love spells can make your partner propose to you if marriage doesn’t seem close or it can help to rekindle your romance.

These spells work by using things like flowers that are white such as spathiphyllum that represent or symbolize a wedding dress. You also use these flowers to make a tea for your loved one that they will drink to make the spell work.

Obsession Spells

These are often seen as negative spells because they take away the free will of someone. If you are desperate for love, you can use a picture of the person that you want to fall for you and do this spell.

This spell works by taking a picture of the one that you want to love and putting it behind a red candle. Write the spell down on paper and then burn it with the red candle and let the smoke go over the picture. Do this at midnight to make it more powerful.

Attraction Spells

Attraction spells use the Law of Attraction which says that you can connect someone that is alike you in certain ways. You have to know the person that you are using this spell on for it to work.

It is best to do this when the moon is in its first lunar cycle. You will need to do this when the moon is growing like you want your love to grow. Pick a small sachet and put in paper that has the spell written on it, a psychic item like a flower or a crystal that is relative to what you want the spell to do and then put the sachet under your pillow for seven nights.

Crush Spells

Rather you have someone that likes you or you want someone to crush on you, you can use the bathtub spell to help you and to get your crush closer to you.

You need to put water, a glass of milk, essential oils and rose petals in your bathtub. You can also use rose quartz crystal to make the spell stronger. Find a pink candle that has never been used and put everything in the water but the candle. Get in to take a bath and relax as you think about you and your crush being together. Light the candle and stay in as long as you need to.

After your bath, take the rose petals and let them air dry and then put them on a plate or a sachet in your room, hidden.

Commitment Spells

Some people feel the need to use this spell because their partner no longer seems committed to them. If you’re married, you might want to use this spell so that your partner doesn’t get distracted about your relationship or if you aren’t, you might want someone to commit to you.

This is an effective spell that uses no ingredients and all you have to do is to clear your mind and use visualization to imagine you and your partner in a committed relationship for the long-term. Do this spell when the moon is full and on a Friday night and repeat it for a month each time the moon is full.

Honey Jar Spells

One very known spell is the honey jar spell. This is one that uses a chant to make your relationship with your partner sweeter.

You take a piece of paper and write the name of the person you like three times and what you want to happen in the relationship. Make sure you are very clear. Then fold the paper three times and put it in a jar of honey. Mix the paper and the honey and then put the spoon that you used in tea and sip the tea while you say, “Be as sweet as honey to me.”

After you drink your tea, put the lid on the honey and bury it where no one will find it and close to flowering plants to symbolize love that is blossoming, if possible.

Candle Spells

Candles are often used for spells, and this is white magic. For this one, use a pink candle to make your relationship stronger.

Take a pink candle that has never been used and light it. Write your name and your partners name on paper and put a circle around it. Close your eyes and imagine that you have such passion with your partner and together your love is amazing. Say, “we are together, and we are united in your mind, body and soul.” Take the paper and burn it in the candle. Do this for seven nights in a row to make it more powerful.

Picture Love Spells

One of the best ways to do a spell is to use a picture. This can help to rekindle love and can help to make you and your partner have a strong connection.

Wait until midnight before you do this spell because that’s when the energies are strong. When you are in a dark room, put a picture of your partner close to you and then light a pink or red candle. Let this be the only light in the room. Say and write on a piece of paper, “We are the best partners romantically and we love to hug and kiss.”  Burn the paper in the candle and when there is no smoke left the spell is set.

Paper Love Spells

Love spells on paper are very powerful and all you need is a piece of paper and a candle to make the love spell work. This can be used to help attract a partner for you. This doesn’t require any hard-to-find ingredients.

Light the new candle that you have bought, red or pink, works best because this candle means love, and add some essential oils such as rosemary or lavender to call forth positive energies. Write down what you want in a soulmate and even how they look and act. Write down how you and your soulmate will meet each other and be very detailed.

Burn the paper in the candle while thinking about the love that you will have with this person and then wait for it to happen.

Rose Love Spells

Roses are often used in love spells because love and roses go together. This is a love spell that can make your relationship more loving and romantic.

Put water in the tub and put rose petals, vanilla extract, and a piece of rose quarts in the water. Put four candles, preferably red or pink, at each of the corners of the tub. Get in the tub and light the candles and then relax as you imagine what you want in your partner.

After you get out of the tub, put the rose petals in a bowl and let them dry out while they are by your bed and you’re sleeping.

Where Did Love Spells Come From?

Love spells are something that have been around since ancient times. They use either white or black magic and it is a craft that many people are focused on.

Love spells were first mentioned in the East around 2200 BCE. There were also records in Ancient Egypt, Roman Britain, and Germanic tribes. Later, during the Renaissance, witchcraft and spells became popular again and was practiced.

In the 20 and 21st centuries, people became interested in spellcasting again and there were many books written and songs made such as “Love Potion No. 9” and many more. This was built around spells and magic. Then movies such as “Hocus Pocus,” and “Harry Potter,” became popular making the craft even more exciting.

Why Use Love Magic?

Love spells are there to help you if you’re marriage is failing or if you need your partner to be more romantic. It can be exciting to have your partner propose to you and sometimes a spell can make that happen even faster. Here are some of the reasons people use love magic:

  • Failing Relationship: When love and passion leave a relationship or there is a chance of divorce, some will turn to love spells so that they can regain interest in each other.
  • Getting Back with an Ex: When you want to get back with someone that the relationship ended, using a spell might help. There can still be a connection there that the love spell makes stronger.
  • Getting Revenge: This isn’t a great reason to use a spell because it can come back to you, but some will use a spell to get back at an unfaithful partner or to hurt someone. It’s best not to use black magic at all.

Casting Love Spells

There are right and wrong ways to do love spellcasting and you should always seek out the right way or find a professional spellcaster when you are deciding to go this route. They are people that know how to use magic and how to make it work the right way without any repercussions.

Here are some other things to consider before casting a spell:

  • Research It

Make sure that you know everything about the spell and the risks of it before you ever consider casting one. Also, you can seek a psychic that can help you and this doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Make sure that you do all the research you can before you ever start.

  • Clear Your Mind

You need to make sure that you have a clear mind before you cast a spell. You shouldn’t smoke or drink before doing a ritual and some professionals believe that you should do a ritual on an empty stomach.

  • Believe

One of the most important things to doing a spell is believing that it’ll work. If you don’t believe that it will work, don’t waste your time. Be positive and keep a positive mind even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

  • Be Realistic

Don’t expect a love spell to have some kind of crazy outcome. Also, you might have to try and try again to make it work. Don’t expect that the spell will work every time or even the first time.

  • Be Ethical

There are ethics when it comes to spellcasting just like everything else. You shouldn’t do magic to take away anyone’s free will and you should make sure that you are being ethical when you do a spell. The universe can use the “threefold law” and send whatever you cast on someone back to you. Always be careful and never use negative energy to do magic.

  • Set Your Intentions

Even if you get a professional to help you, you will have to set your intentions on what you want. You need to make sure that the spell that you are casting is going to fit in with your life and your goals. Using a professional spellcaster can help you to avoid outcomes that are negative.

Risks of Spellcasting

White love spells are not going to have negative energies associated with them and so they should be relatively safe. Spells that are going to harm others can come back to you negatively and you should never use them.

You should know what you are doing, what your goal is and what spell is the best before you ever start so that you avoid anything negative.

Love spells can go wrong even if they have white magic and here is why:

  • Backwards Spellcasting

You might have a crush on someone and use the spell and they might already be attracted to you. Once you do the spell it can take away their attraction and they might not ever notice you again.

  • Obsession

Some love spells are so strong that it can cause someone to have an unhealthy obsession with you. If this happens then you will make a mistake and they will only be able to have eyes for you.

  • Dependency

Sometimes love spells make people too dependent on love and they aren’t able to grow and take care of themselves. When there is too much love it can cause you to feel bothered and annoyed.

  • Mental or Physical Issues

If a spell backfires it can cause you to have mental or physical issues. You might have mental problems like stress, depression or anxiety or you might have problems with your heart, kidneys, or liver.

  • Different Spells

The person that you are casting a spell on might have other love spells already cast on them. If they do it can cause, there to be wrong attitudes and cause the person to become ill.

Do Love Spells Work?

Some love spells work right away for some people and some love spells don’t work for people at all. It is hard to say if your love spell will work or not.

How to Pick the Right Spells

You need to really think through what you want before you pick a love spell to cast. This is why it is good to get a professional to help you decide.

Love Spells at Home

You can do love magic anywhere that you’re at. Some spells don’t need anything but your energy and these are spells that are easy to use.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is a popular spellcasting technique and can help you to reach your goal. Red and pink are the two love candles that you should consider when casting candle magic for love.

How Long Do Spells Last?

Love spells can last a long time or a short while and it depends on the spell and how often the spell is repeated.

Finding Love Spells

You can find love spells online or you can talk to a love spell caster to help you to find the right spell for you.

Breaking Love Spells

If you don’t want to be a love spell anymore then you can break it, but this is harder to do than even casting a love spell. The best is to talk to a psychic to help you.

Final Thoughts

Love spells are something that have been around since ancient times and they are very popular now. Doing love spells can help to make your love stronger but you need to make sure that you are doing the right spell and that you know what you’re doing. Set your own priorities and goals and make sure that you are desiring just what you are asking the universe to do.

Relationship spells are popular for psychics, and you can always connect to a psychic to help you to reach your goals and to do spellcasting. As long as you have a good attitude, and you approach the spell with clear intentions then you can probably see good results.