Using White Magic to Find Real Love

Find Real Love

Many people are looking for their life partners or their soulmates. They do this because marriage seems like something that should be perfect. The thing is true love isn’t just about marriage and it is something that will last forever.

How do you even know what the words true love mean? True love should never be about trying this person and that person, but it should be something that works around your emotions and your heart.

The great thing is that you can use the power of the universe to bring true love into your life. This is a magic spell that uses white magic to help connect you with someone that is meant to be your true love. The elemental forces and nature work together to help bring your soulmate to you.

Ingredients for White Magic to Find Real Love

  • Pink candle.
  • Plate.
  • Rose petals.
  • Rose Quartz or Amethyst.
  • Scrying mirror or bowl that is dark colored and filled with water.

Casting a White Magic to Find Real Love Spell

Prepare yourself and try to look as good as you can. Take a nice bath, fix your makeup and hair, and put on your best outfit. Pretend that you are going to go on the hottest date of your life.

Take the ingredients outside and cast your circle and invite your quarters. Put the pink candles on the plate and put the rose petals around the candle. Hold the crystals in your hand and imagine what you want in your life. Close your eyes and focus on what you would feel like if you had the partner that you always dreamed of. Feel them hugging you.

Open your eyes and then light your candle and say, “Sometimes there are places that I cannot see, and this lives the one who is right for me. I have yearned for you, and I have waited a long time. As the seasons change and the hours move forward, this is time and, in this space, I ask to see the face of my lover. Send me this match that brings me true love. Or bring me where I will catch their view. Attract the love to me that is meant to be. This person is going to be heaven sent for good and with free will. My wish is for love, and I now fulfill it.

Use the bowl of water or the scrying mirror and try your best to see the face of the person that is meant to be your soulmate in the reflection.

Tips to Do This Spell

White magic is something that isn’t dangerous. It doesn’t take away the free will of people that it is cast on and it only works if there are already feelings. These spells use things like candles, herbs, crystals, and other things. They work with the universe to make a direction for a purpose. The purpose of this spell is to have real love come into your life.

Casting a love spell can be hard and if you want help, you can talk to a professional spell caster. Don’t cast this spell on a certain person because it can cause problems later but cast this spell and let the universe find your soulmate.

Some people think that they have a specific person in their mind that will be their true love, but the truth is that this might not be the person for you. It can be hard to break a love spell, so you need to make sure that you are careful when you cast this on someone specific. Let the universe bring someone in your life that is right for you so that you don’t interfere with free will.