Lust Wiccan Spells to Cast

Lust Wiccan Spells to Cast

A relationship that is strong will be full of lust and passion. When this is no longer there, you can us this Wiccan Lust spell to help get your partner passionate for you. The thing with Wicca though is that it will never use spells in order to make someone that isn’t willing to do something. They never ruse manipulation or other things to get any results that they want.

Wiccan spells are used with meditation and with other things to get passion flowing. Some will use candles, herbs, or crystals to get rid of negative feelings and thoughts and let the outcome be something good.

You don’t have to worry about this spell enticing someone that you don’t love, this should be someone that already has these feelings for you, and they need to be present before you ever do this spell. Wiccan spells can increase your ideas and faith of the spells and of love.

Love that is strong but just needs to have more passion can benefit from this spell. It can make for a better sex life and if you want to do this with your partner, you can cast it together.

Ingredients for a Lust Wiccan Spell

  • 1 red candle.
  • Patchouli essential oil.
  • Red and white rose petals.
  • Sensual massage oil of your choice.
  • Sexy underwear.
  • Do this spell on a Friday or during a New Moon.
  • Call Aphrodite to help you.

Casting a Lust Wiccan Spell

Put on the sexy underwear that you have and cast your circle, inviting your quarters. Call upon the goddess Aphrodite to help make your spell strong. Put the rose petals on the altar and around the circle that you cast.

Anoint yourself with the massage oil and anoint the candle with the Patchouli oil from the ends and then towards the center of the candle. Put the candle on the altar and light it. When you light it, remember how powerful that fire is. Say this 3 times: “My body is a temple that is blessed by the goddess of Aphrodite. My heart has passion and is sweet and strong. Fill the days of my life with love and let me have playful fun. Let the moon find me naked and join our bodies as one. I want sex and sensual play, embracing my loves new measure. Together we will find our way and find new pleasure.”

After you chant this 3 times thank Aphrodite for helping you and close the circle. Let the candles completely burn out and hide the rose petals in your bedroom. Do something sexual to encourage your partner for passion.

Remember This

Never cast a love spell if someone doesn’t want it. You should never go against the free will of someone and if you have a partner that isn’t willing, don’t use this to try to manipulate them. This is totally against the Wiccan ways. Cast this spell only on a partner that is willing.

If you want to have lust and passion, this magic can spread energy of that to the universe and you need to believe in the spell and embrace that it can help you.


  1. The ritual described combines traditional Wiccan elements with a modern approach to relationship dynamics. While the symbolic elements are intriguing, it’s important to consider if both partners are comfortable and open to such practices before proceeding.

  2. It’s fascinating to learn about the use of natural elements and meditation in Wiccan rituals. The instructions are clear and detailed, making it accessible for those interested in trying. It would be intriguing to know if there are similar spells for other aspects of relationships.

  3. The article provides an interesting perspective on how Wiccan practices can be used to reinvigorate passion in relationships. The emphasis on consent and mutual willingness is a responsible approach. However, I wonder about the psychological effects of relying on spells for relationship issues.

  4. Using Wiccan spells to reignite passion in a relationship is a unique approach. The detailed steps and the need for specific ingredients show the importance of intention and preparation in such rituals. It would be beneficial to explore the long-term impacts of such practices on relationship dynamics.

  5. The focus on mutual consent and respect in Wiccan practices is commendable. Incorporating elements like rose petals and essential oils adds a sensory dimension that could enhance the ritual experience. However, individuals should ensure they are mentally and emotionally prepared for such activities.


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