Using Spells to Make Better Your Love Life

Love Spell

Do you know how to make love happen for you? How can you look at love that is so addictive and so exciting but yet can be so painful and know how to make it work for you?

Love can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Love isn’t something that is always logical or understandable and it can show you who you are and what you want in your life, but it can end with something painful and with great loss. If you need to figure out how to make love work in your life, one of the best things that you can do is to see a psychic.

People don’t always find one love that they want, and people change their minds often. They are humans and they seem to get into things that they don’t really know about. When it comes to love, someone will take a chance on getting their heart broken but at the same time, they might be the one that is breaking hearts.

How do you make love happen for you? There are things that you can do and there are spells that you can cast that can make love stimulated. 

Using Love Magic

Someone that has love magic experience knows that there are objectives when it comes to casting any kind of spell. Here are some characteristics of these spells:

  • Versatility: This love spell can be used for different situations.
  • You need to have knowledge in order to make the spell work.
  • How complex the spell is can make it harder to cast.
  • Harder spells can defy nature.
  • Spell practice means that you are choosing the right spelling to make it work.

Best Love Spells

Love spells are used to make someone love you or to make your love stronger. These spells can use rituals and they involve feelings, speaking words and sometimes different ingredients. Some spells are magical and can bring people closer together. Other spells can bring someone tier soulmate.

One person can conduct a love spell, or you can do this in a group. Love spells can make someone find a new lover or bring more love into a present relationship.

Love spells can be used with white or black magic, and it is believed that you should stick with white magic because this is positive and won’t bring negative side effects to your life.

You need to always be prepared when you are going to do any kind of spell. Make sure you know the spell and you have the right ingredients and the right location before you ever start casting.

Casting love spells is a way that you can get the love that you need in your life, or you can help others with love. These spells don’t go against free will or manipulate others. Make sure that you understand that love magic isn’t scary, but it is something that is good.

Magic is a force that works on the earth, and it is there to draw in energies that can make things happen.

A spell is something that is performed to make an outcome and can be a spiritual things. Spells have different uses, and they can be used for love, health, jobs and more.

Attraction Love Spells

Attraction love spells work to attract love towards your life. This mean that the love is focused on you and even if the attraction only lasts for a little bit, it can cause someone to commit to you.

Love and Attraction

Love spells and attraction spells are both good and they benefit each other. They can make love stronger, or they can make someone notice you. Some love spells can make a stronger bond between partners, and they can become attached to each other.

Here are some things an attraction spell can do:

  • Bring people close to you.
  • Attract energy to yourself.
  • Cast on yourself or others.
  • Release good energy.
  • Attract someone like you.
  • Boost your career.

One thing about these spells is that they are only for romance and that isn’t true. Attraction spells can attract money and other things. 

Forms of Spells

Here are some of the most popular spells:

Honey Jar Spells

These spells can be used to attract sweetness in your relationship. They use honey and other ingredients.

When you use this kind of spell, you have to focus your energy on the love that you want, and you will find that things will get sweeter with the person that you like.

Sachet of Dreams

This is a kind of spell that uses a sachet full of different ingredients including:

  • Rose petals.
  • Sage.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Lavender.

To cast this spell, you have to put the sachet under your pillow and see if you have sweet dreams.

Crush Spells

When you want to attract love to your life, there are spells that you can use to get your crush to like you or to attract someone.

Crush spells are very strong and if they fail, they can have consequences on your life. With a crush spell, the spell will last forever, and it is hard to get rid of if you decide later you want to remove it. 

Love Catcher Crush Spell

To start this spell, you need to have strong emotions on what you want from your crush. If you want to do this spell and you are a beginner, you can give it a try. Here is how:

  • Get paper, pen, and red thread.
  • Write the names of you and the person that you want to love you.
  • Draw a square on the paper and put each name in the square. You can draw circles over the names within each other if the relationship should not be intimate.
  • Once you finish writing, cut the paper into pieces, and put your own cologne or perfume on them.
  • Hold it close to you and put it under your pillow when you sleep.

This spell can make your crush start to notice you. Crush spells can cause love to happen, and you need to make sure that you aren’t putting this spell on someone that you just want to be friends with.

Commitment Spells

Commitment spells can help your partner to be more loyal to you. This can be done when someone is not married, and you want them to ask you to marry them.

Lunar Love Binding Commitment Spell

This spell is one that can make sure that your partner doesn’t cheat on you. Do this spell when the moon is full, and it can make the spell stronger. This spell can make your partner faithful to you. This is also a way to bind you together and to make you tied together.

Notice that the moon is an important part of this spell and make sure that you are paying attention to the phases of the moon and that you aren’t doing this at a different time. Also, you need to have strong desires in what you want when this spell is cast.

Since the new moon is a new start, this is a good time to start devoting yourself to this union. Here is how to make this spell work.


  • Pink or red candle.
  • Single red candle.
  • Long string of blue thread.
  • Two poppets, one representing you and one representing your love.

A poppet is a craft that represents people in a spell. You can use this as a target when you are casting a spell. Poppets can be made of wax, and you have to have two of them for this spell. You can mold them from the red and pink candle by melting the candle and shaping it into the shape of a poppit.

Casting the Spell

  • Put the red candle between the poppets that you made.
  • Wrap the blue thread around the poppets with the candle in the middle.
  • Tie the poppets together with a knot.
  • Let the thread hand down from the poppets.
  • On the next full moon, light the candle.
  • Focus on what you want and make sure that your intentions are pure.
  • Wrap the string around the poppets with the candle with the rest of the tread.
  • When you wrap them, say, “I am binding myself to you and I bind you to me.”
  • Let the candle burn for 20 minutes.
  • For the next 3 days, start where you light the candle and do the rest of the instructions for those days.
  • On the third evening, let the whole candle burn out.
  • Keep the wax safe after the spell and your love will be strong.

Marriage Spells

People that want to get married and they are ready to have this commitment might need to do a love spell to get their partner on the same page. Marriage spells are some of the most known and done spells for spell casters. 

A marriage spell will let a long-term relationship keep growing and this can help the couple to stay together. Spells for marriage are strong magic and they can be used in many rituals. Marriage spells require incantations, and you will see that these are sensitive spells to those that want to get married.

Ingredients for Marriage Spells

Here are some of the ingredients used for marriage spells:

  • Candles.
  • Thread.
  • Picture of the couple.
  • Water.
  • Altar.

You will have to do some chanting when you do this spell.

Obsession Spells

Another spell that is often done but that is seen in black magic is an obsession spell. This spell can make someone obsessed with you. If you are new at spell casting, you might want to talk to a professional before you ever try this spell on your own.

This spell will use different items, different symbols, and different kinds of chanting. Casting an obsession spell can make someone crazy about you and this can end up hurting you because they might become stalkerish. You need to be careful when doing this spell and don’t look at it lightly.

Where Did Love Spells Come From?

Love spells have been around for centuries, and they have been around since ancient Egyptian times. The magic grew since the 19th and 20th century, and it became popular around the world.

Love spells are seen in different kinds of books and in different cultures and they are linked with witchcraft and other religions. There are some other organizations that are rooted to spells and the spells are cast often in these groups.

There are different love spells that have different purposes, and they can help you with love, lust, marriage, binding and so on.

Doing a Love Spell

Casting a love spell takes practice and the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you are researching the spells and what you need to be successful. Pay attention to how you cast your love spell and consider that you are doing a spell out of a pure heart. 

Here are some things that you can do to keep yourself strong for spell casting:

Be Positive

Make sure that you have a positive mindset when it comes to magic and when it comes to putting yourself into spell casting. If you are being positive, then you will see that the spell casting can work and it can be good for everyone.

People around you will be affected by your energy, and you should always have positive energy to share with yourself and others.


You can share how you look, and you can be as beautiful as you can be. Some people discriminate against people based on looks and when you are trying to cast spells, you need to have an open mind and heart. Make sure that you look nice and that you keep yourself clean.

Good Behavior

On top of looking and caring for yourself, you need to make sure that you are behaving well, and you are treating people kindly. You shouldn’t change yourself, but you should be kind and loving towards everyone you meet.

How Long Do Spells Last?

There are different amounts of time that a spell can last, and this has to do with things like:

  • Experience of the spell caster.
  • Ingredients needed.
  • Tools needed.
  • Quality of ingredients that you use.
  • Calendar.
  • Lunar calendar.
  • Moon phases.

If you aren’t sure what to do, make sure that you talk to a professional love caster to help you.

Are Love Spells Dangerous?

There are risks that can come with casting any kind of magic. Make sure that you know what you are getting in to when you are doing magic and make sure that you are doing spells that are positive and that aren’t out to hurt anyone.

If you choose to do black magic, this kind of magic can come back to you in a negative way. The risks of casting love spells should be done after you do a protection spell on yourself. This can help you to get the desires that you want.

Love Spell FAQs

Here are some facts about love spells:

  • There are two kinds of love spells: ritual and energetic spells. 
  • Ritualistic spells are performed in a ceremony such as using tools and burning candles.
  • Magic spells need a lot of personal energies.
  • Energetic spell casting controls energy and manipulates it to get what you want.
  • Spell casting can be different.
  • Choosing the right love spell can be hard for beginners but you should listen to your intuition.
  • Know the type of magic that you want to do before you choose a spell.
  • Look at the magic and see if the spell is going to be kind and loving to everyone involved.
  • Know the purpose of the spells that you cast. 
  • Keeping your mindset strong can make the spell work.
  • Choose the spell and always follow the exact directions.
  • Repeat the spell if you feel that it didn’t work.
  • Try using candle magic to make your spells stronger.
  • Candle magic should be done at night.
  • Light the candle and make sure you imagine what you want.
  • Never do a spell when you are being distracted.
  • When the candle burns out, the energy goes into the universe.
  • Never blow out the candle.
  • There are different levels to all magic spells, and you can attract energy to yourself when you to magic.
  • Moon phases play a big role in magic, and you need to make sure that you use the right lunar phase when casting a spell.
  • Candle magic is one kind of magic that is great for beginners, make sure that you use the right color candle when doing this kind of magic.

Candle Colors

Here are some of the candle colors and what they mean:

  • Black: Protection, getting rid of negativity.
  • Blue: Health, emotions, and motivation.
  • Brown: Balance and trust.
  • Green: Luck and prosperity.
  • Pink: Love and affection.
  • Red: Passion, lust, and desire.
  • Yellow: Concentration and self-confidence.

One of the best ways to cast a spell is to talk to a spell caster to help you with this.

Final Thoughts

Love magic has many different aspects and when you want to make love magic work for you, you can do this. Love can be challenging and if you need to cast a spell and you aren’t sure how to do that, talk to a professional to give you advice or to help you cast the spell.

Working with someone that knows what they are doing can make the spell work for you even when it is hard to cast.