White Magic and Fixing Relationships

Fixing Relationships

Relationships have good times, and they have bad times. When you have problems in your relationship you can use this kind of white magic to help fix the relationship. This relationship can get rid of blockages and challenges that have made your relationship negative.

White magic allows you to take positive energies and to make your life better. The universe wants you to have love and to have a good relationship. You can use white magic to change your energies so that you can get rid of negativity out of your life. The spell that you want to use can help to heal problems in your relationship that have changed how happy that you are.

Remember that the universe wants to help your situation and it wants to guide your relationship to be stronger and to have better love and peace.

You might feel that the situations in your relationship should be fixed in some fashion or another, but you can also ask the universe to help you to figure out your problems. The higher powers might have something different than what you expect.

Sometimes a spell can go differently than you expect and if you trust the universe to help you. You will see that they can get rid of negativity out of your life and your relationship and if you have an open heart, you will be able to use the spiritual powers to help you in your relationship.

Ingredients for White Magic and Fixing Relationship Spells

  • 1 thick white candle.
  • 1 think pink candle.
  • Rose oil.
  • Rose petals, pink.
  • Apple blossom incense.
  • Wooden matches.
  • Pin.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Red string.
  • Pencil.
  • Cast the spell during a Dark or Waning moon.

Casting a White Magic and Fixing Relationship Spell

Start by casting your circle and take the pin and write your name on the white candle. On the pink candle, write your partner’s name. Anoint the candles with rose oil and do it from the wick to the end of the candle.

Light the white candle with a match and then take the white candle and light the pink candle with the flame. Light the incense. For 30 minutes think about what you want the spell to do for you. Say what problems that you wish to be fixed and think about peace in the relationship.

Take the pencil and draw 2 hearts on the paper. Drip wax form the white candle on the heart while you focus on making your relationship strong. You have to make sure that you are doing your best to fix the relationship even beyond the spell.

After the hear tis covered in wax, snuff the white candle out. Drip wax from the pink candle on the other heart and focus on what you want to do to make your partner happy in the relationship. Think about what you want your partner to do for you.

After you cover the other heart with wax, snuff the pink candle out. Do this for 7 days, using the same parchment paper but draw new hearts during each day. After the 7th day, let the candles completely burn out and put the rose petals on the paper, wrap it up and tie it with the red string. Hide the package in your bedroom and don’t let your partner find it.

After you get what you want out of the spell, return the package to nature.

Doing the Spell During the Moon Phases

There are relationship problems that can be hard, and you will need a spell that can cover all of the problems that you are having. When you do any spell, make sure that you are doing it during the right moon spell. If you want to get rid of problems from your relationship, do this work during a Waning or Dark moon. This is used to get rid of dark thoughts and to get your relationship out of darkness.


  1. The concept of using white magic to resolve relationship issues is quite intriguing. It’s interesting that it emphasizes the importance of positive energies and the role of the universe in guiding us. The detailed instructions might be helpful for those who believe in such practices.

  2. The article provides a unique perspective on dealing with relationship issues through white magic. The emphasis on positive energies and the universe’s guidance is quite thought-provoking. However, it’s crucial to remember that open communication and mutual effort in a relationship are also essential.

  3. It’s intriguing how the practice of white magic is used as a tool to enhance relationships. The step-by-step guide and the importance of moon phases suggest a deep connection between natural elements and personal relationships. While this may not resonate with everyone, it could be beneficial for those who have faith in such methods.

  4. This article presents a fascinating blend of spirituality and practical steps to improve relationships. The use of specific ingredients and the timing of the moon phases add a layer of complexity that might be appealing to those inclined towards magical practices.

  5. I appreciate the detailed explanation of the spell-casting process. While I am personally skeptical about the efficacy of such rituals, I can see how it might provide a sense of hope and empowerment for those who believe in white magic.


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