Manifesting Money as a Witch

Money as a Witch

The power of attraction has to do with energy. When you hear something is “energy,” this is said because the way that you think and the mindset that you have can help to manifest things in your life. You can learn how to do this even if you have no magic background or if you don’t even understand manifesting.

One of the best ways to make money is to have excitement, adventure, and happiness in your everyday life. You can do this, and you can even add to the manifestation by getting a green or gold wallet to help attract this money energy. In your nice, new wallet, go ahead and put $300 dollars in $100 dollar bills. Keep it there and let your life feel secure.


Sex and your money can be linked. This doesn’t mean that you find a guy that has the most money to lay with, but when you have good sex, you will see that the money flows. Does that have to be with someone? No, enjoy sex on your own!

On top of that, having sex also shares your energy with someone that you might or might not spend the rest of your life with.

Be A Gem in This Hard World

Crystals can help to manifest money and to bring money to your life. Try to use ametrine, citrine or amethyst. You should always charge your crystals under the power of the full moon, write affirmations to them, and put them with your crystals to add some extra energy.

Find Your Goals and Dreams

We sometimes knock our dreams down because we don’t think we can afford to have dreams, but the truth is, you never know how much happiness can cost. Go out and travel, do things that you can do and reach your dreams.

You will see that if you want to have fun and if you want to dream big, you can do this and you can reach the dreams and goals that you have.

Create with Your Hands

Create things, help other people, and do things with your hands. Show respect and care for others and make sure that you keep your hands looking good. Paint your nails, keep your hands soft and be proud of how your nails look.

Want to manifest money faster? Paint your nails gold or green and add some orange oil to draw in more money. You can wear an amber ring that can help you to keep the cash with you that you have manifested.

Ask the Universe

Ask the universe to give you money. This isn’t just about money but about everything in your life. Do you want something? If you want it, say it. Ask for it. You will see that you can be more aware of how you use your money, and you will be able to afford more things.

Bank Account and Worth

Don’t hold your worth based on how much money that you have. Think of your bank account as a way to get whatever you have given to the world around you. Be positive about this and know that you are worth more than you ever imagined.

Money will flow when you see that money is good for you and when you change what you believe about it to be positive and good. Be positive and watch your money grow.


  1. The emphasis on self-care and doing things with your hands, like creating and helping others, is a refreshing take. It’s a reminder that wealth isn’t just about money, but also about well-being and fulfillment.

  2. While the concepts of using energy and mindset for manifestation are well-known in some circles, I find the inclusion of practices like painting your nails or using specific wallets to be unique. I’d be curious to hear about real-life experiences from people who have implemented these suggestions.

  3. Asking the universe for what you want and believing in your own worth are powerful concepts. While they might seem abstract, they fundamentally encourage a proactive and positive mindset, which can be quite impactful in one’s life.

  4. The article seems to blend various elements of spirituality and self-help to create a comprehensive approach to financial manifestation. I’m particularly interested in the potential psychological benefits of maintaining such practices.

    • I’ve always been skeptical about such approaches, but I can see how they might help in creating a positive mental framework. Even if the material changes are minimal, the psychological uplift could be significant.

    • I agree with you. It’s fascinating how blending different aspects like mindset and physical objects can influence one’s outlook on wealth. The psychological angle is worth exploring further.

  5. The article presents an interesting perspective on the connection between energy, mindset, and financial success. The suggestion to use specific objects like wallets and crystals to attract money sounds intriguing, although it might require a leap of faith for some.


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