Using True Love Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft Spells

Most people want to find love. There are love spells that can help to attract love to your life through the energies of yourself and the spells. You can use these spells that have been around for years and years and they can create love in your life that lasts.

Where Did Witchcraft Come from?

Witchcraft has a strong history, and it began far back but it is often thought to not be around until modern times. People have documented using magic years and years ago and there are people that have used potions and energies to change things that were going on around them.

Spells don’t always work, and it can have a certain result. Witches have been in history as medicine women, healers and more and they were known and considered wise in their town. They were not always accepted but were still seen as wise. Some men were witches too but usually they are described in history as females.

Why Use Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is thought to be around for different reasons. Witch is a word that comes from wicce. This is someone that is able to change the will of something. No matter how witchcraft is worded or thought of it is something that takes the energy around and shifts it so that it can change the consciousness of what is going on. A witch can use the energy around them to help others and themselves.

How do Witchcraft Spells Work?

Since love is an energy, it is something that people need. By using spells, you can reach this love on a deeper level. You can work with the universe and then direct the problems and the wishes to the universe.

Witchcraft will help you to be able to tap into the powers of the world around you and change the consciousness of things going on. This can help to improve your life and the life of others.

Love spells can work in different ways, and they can help to get rid of problems that you are going through in your relationship. By harnessing the energies of the actions and thoughts and using the elements of nature and the world, you can find the person that you need to love you and stimulate their feelings.

The spells cannot work on someone that has no idea that you exist, but it can only take the feelings that a person has, and it can make them stronger. Or it can help them to realize that they have feelings for you. This is nothing negative but only a positive magic.

How Can Witchcraft Spells Help You?

Most of the spells that are done are love spells. This can be something that is easy or complex. They will need ingredients like a candle or some kind of oil. In love, witchcraft spells can help to draw love to you, help someone be more attracted to you or get love for someone that can’t find it.

The spells take away the challenges that cause a barrier to love. If love is there, the spell can bring people closer. It can make a lover be faithful to you and if love is lost, it can bring that person back into your life.

If you want your love to be stronger, you can make that happen and you can get people out of your life that are causing your love to fall apart.

You must be careful when you do a spell because if they aren’t done right then they can backfire on you, or they might not even work for you.

True Love Witchcraft Spells

When you want to find love and you know that it is there, you can use this spell and the love will come to you. The new love will be protected and drawn to you. This kind of love will help you to find the love and peace that you deserve in your life. You can then share this love with someone else. Love is an energy that is powerful, and it never dies.

Witchcraft is a kind of magic that uses nature and different rituals to work. It uses the divinity of things and works with spells that combine with your mind, spiritual and natural forces. Witchcraft notices that these spells are powerful, and they don’t use manipulation to hurt other people.

Witchcraft love spells will use your thoughts, words, and natural elements to get the desires that you want in love.

Ingredients for a True Love Witchcraft Spell

  • Parchment paper.
  • Rose oil.
  • Wooden pencil with no eraser.
  • Pink candle.
  • Wooden matches.

How to Cast a True Love Witchcraft Spell

Start by casting your circle and cleansing your candle. Anoint the candle with rose oil and light it. Put out the parchment paper and write your name on the paper and draw a circle in a clockwise fashion around your name. Beside your name, draw a circle that stands in for your soulmate.

Drip wax on the circles with the candle and while you are doing this, focus on what you want your spell to do for you. Once you cover the circles, say, “I am transferring my will, the spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.”

On that same day, give the parchment paper back to nature by throwing it into a water source such as a river, or burning it and throwing the ashes to nature.

On the next full moon, light the candle and let it completely burn out.

Make Someone Fall in Love Witchcraft Spell

You can use this spell to make someone fall in love with you. This isn’t going to work with anyone, but it works with someone that you are connected with and that you love deeply. The spell will let energies go into the universe and will show that person that they have been waiting for you.

You aren’t making this person fall in love with you, you are just showing them the best qualities that you have, and this will entice them to come to you. It will be the right person for you, and it will be someone that you have the truest love for. You will start a romantic relationship with them, and it will last forever.

Ingredients for a Make Somone Fall in Love with You Witchcraft Spell

  • Picture of you.
  • Picture of the person you like.
  • Red candle.
  • Primrose oil.
  • Knife or pin.
  • Large glass jar with a lid.
  • 3 feet of red string.
  • 6 red roses, dried rose petals.
  • Favorite perfume.
  • Cast this spell on a Friday or during a Waxing moon phase.

Casting the Make Someone Fall in Love with You Witchcraft Spell

Start by cleansing the candle and then take the pin and carve the symbol of Kenaz Rune into the candle. Anoint the candle with Primrose oil and then light it. Always think about how powerful the fire element is in the spiritual world.

Spread the rose petals out on your altar and put your favorite perfume on them. Focus on what you want the spell to do. Meditate and visualize the energy around you. Add the rose petals to the jar, drip wax on the petals and say, “(Name of lover) I love you deep and forever and with this spell I need you to love me back freely. Open up your heart to my love and desires. This spell is going to set your soul on fire, heart and heart, soul, and soul, be together forever. So, mote it be.”

You can then add some Primrose oil if you want it to be stronger. Take the pictures and put them together with the string, folding or rolling them, whatever you desire. The pictures need to touch each other when tied together is the only rule. Put the pictures in the jar, add more Primrose oil and drip more wax in the jar.

Chant: “(Name of lover) I love you deep and forever and with this spell I need you to love me back freely. Open up your heart to my love and desires. This spell is going to set your soul on fire, heart and heart, soul, and soul, be together forever. So, mote it be.”

Close the jar, snuff out the candle and repeat the last steps for the next 7 days. Light the candle, open the jar, add oil, wax, and repeat the chant. Do this until the 7th day and then at the end, let the candle burn completely out. Take the jar and return it to nature by burying it or you can burn the inside content and recycle the glass jar.

Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

This is a spell that is easy to work and can make the love stronger. Cast this spell on someone that you are already with.

Ingredients for an Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

  • 2 keys exactly the same.
  • Ambergris oil.
  • Musk oil.
  • Red silk cord.

Casting an Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

Take the Ambergris oil and coat the keys with it and musk oil. Rub the keys on your body where you sweat. Tie both of the keys to the red silk and wear them around your neck but don’t let anyone see them.

When you see the person you love, rub the keys, and then touch him with your fingers. Do this by shaking hands, touching them, patting them, or hugging. This can give the oils to the target. Once you do this, hide the keys under the bed.

Using Witchcraft Love Spells

These kind of love spells can work in unexpected ways. They are not mechanical, and they are meant to bring goodness to everyone involved. Using these spells should never be done to manipulate or hurt other people. These should be done to bring you positive love.

Witchcraft love spells will use ancient wisdom and power through using tools such as crystals, charms, oils, words, and other things and through meditating. The main point of this is to reach your inner powers and then send them into energy into the universe. This should all be positive and never negative.

The magic will work by drawing the person to you that you love and will strengthen the love that you have for them. They can also return a lover to you. The spells work the best when you have strong emotions and intentions and when you really want to find love and make your love work out better.