Hi, I am Willette Moore. We’ve all had some unrequited childhood crushes, and I was certainly no different! I first became interested in the power of spells when I was 15, and I had a crush on a boy I went to school with. This was a classic girl likes boy, boy never notices girl type of story. In my teenage desperation I turned to love spells to try and make him love me.

This research turned me onto the incredible variety of love spells and practices there are. I found an old witchcraft book in an antique shop and tried, unsuccessfully, to cast the love spells found in there. Although I also turned to professional spell casters later on, I found that the spells I learned to cast myself felt more powerful to me.

Over time I have tried love spells available online, from books, and from professionals. I have tried a variety of different practices regarding love including Egyptian voodoo spells, Wiccan spells, voodoo dolls, and many others. Not all spell casters are legitimate, but the professionals who have mastered this delicate art form can be very powerful indeed.