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Prosperity Spells

Love and Career SpellsVery interested about magic but have no idea where to start? Fear not! You don’t have to be born with psychic gifts or talents in order to conjure magic into your life. Believe it or not, you have just as much access to the powers that be as even the most seasoned of witches. No matter if you believe in the universe, in the divine, or in yourself, magic is meant for you. It surrounds you at all times, waiting for you to harness it. Since 2018 is definitely the year of taking charge and manifesting what you want.

You’ve probably been working with magic all along and never even realized it. It’s as simple as making a meaningful wish while you blow the candles out on your birthday cake or even feeling a little sexier when the full moon is out. Now, that’s magic at the most basic level, so imagine how much fuller your life can become when you define your intentions and cast a real spell. It’s a lot less difficult than it sounds! You don’t have to travel to the far reaches of the Earth to buy dragon’s eggs, ghost tears, or vampire teeth in order to feel like a maven of the mystic. These five spells are beyond easy to cast and require readily attainable ingredients. They might be simple but definitely don’t underestimate them. Each one produces powerful results!

Prosperity & Money Spell

Are the bills piling up? Do you wish your boss would finally give you the raise you deserve? Do you want to live a more financially fruitful life? A prosperity spell might be just the thing you need. Here’s what you need:

1 Green candle

Peppermint incense

Cinnamon powder

Paper money, coin money, or green paper to resemble money

The spell: Sit on the floor and arrange your paper money and coins in a clockwise circle around you. Inside the circle, light the incense and green candle. Take a moment to imagine that all your money troubles no longer exist. Picture yourself having all the money you desire. Meditate on your monetary goals. When you’re fully immersed in your financial dream coming true, take some of the cinnamon powder and lightly sprinkle it over the money encircling you. As you do this, chant:

“I have all the money I could ever need.

I am prosperous, indeed.”

Once you’ve finished, move counterclockwise around the circle and collect the money into a bag or container. Allow the incense and candle to burn all the way through. You may keep some of this money as a lucky charm or spend it as you wish. This spell is best cast on a Thursday morning, during the waxing moon or the full moon.

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