Reunite an Ex with Obeah Spells

Reunite an Ex

No matter when you decide that you want to get your ex back, a few days or a few years, you can choose that because there is no time limit when it comes to getting back a lost love. If you need help, you might want to use a spell to help you get it back.

Maybe your relationship didn’t make it because they cheated on you. This spell can make your lover come back to you and be more dedicated and bonded than you ever were. This spell can help you in whatever lost love situation you have.

Obeah is a magical tradition that was done in West and central Africa. It came when the captives in the Caribbean came back to the Americas during the slave trade. The spirit of this is one that has been working in the Caribbean since then.

You can do this spell for someone else that you want to be able to find love. There are different kinds of Obeah spells that you can use but this is one that specifically works to help you get your ex back.

Ingredients for Reunite an Ex-Spell

  • A picture of your lover or something that they have touched.
  • A picture of you.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Black yarn.
  • Gold candle.
  • Honey.
  • Patchouli herb crushed.
  • 7 coins.
  • Gold jewelry.
  • Call on Oshun to help you.
  • Do this spell on Saturday or Tuesday.

This is a spell that has been passed down from generation to generation and it has a long history. This is what makes the spell so effective.

Casting a Reunite an Ex-Spell

Start by cleansing your candles. This spell needs to use honey to anoint the candle and then roll the candle in the Patchouli herb. Put the candle on the altar and put the coins and the gold jewelry around the candle.

Light the candle and then have an open heart and an open mind and make sure that you think strongly about the lost lover you want to bring to you. Put your hands over the flame of the candle and say 3 times, “Hamilatu Sabitula Stabulo Ro Ro (put your lovers name here). Hamilatu Sabitula Stabulo Balika Ro Ro (Put your name here). Hambuta Salika Te Te.”

Write the name of your lover and your name on the parchment paper with the pencil and drip wax on both names until covered with wax. Imagine what you want the spell to do for you and build up your energies.

Take the picture of your lover or the item you chose and your picture and wrap it in the parchment paper. Tie it with the yarn and put it next to the candle until it burns out totally. Put the package under your bed for 7 nights and then after burn it. Throw the ashes to the wind.