Don’t Make These Mistakes in Witchcraft


Witchcraft is something that has been around since ancient times. When you first start learning it, it can be hard because there is so much information. There are some mistakes that people first learning witchcraft often make. Even though making a mistakes is a learning thing, these things can cause your spells to not work and cause other problems in your life.

Here are some mistakes to try and avoid:

  • Not Putting in the Work

A spell won’t work if you don’t put the work in. If you are waiting for your spell to work and to be perfect but you don’t want to put any work into it, chances are that the spell won’t work. You have to make sure that you aren’t ignoring opportunities that come your way because this can be the universe sending the opportunities so that you can get what you desire.

When you cast a spell, make sure that you are putting as much effort into it as you can so that it will work.

  • Spending Too Much Money

Some beginner witchcraft workers think that they need to have every supply that has ever been made before they ever cast a spell. Instead of spending a bunch of money on different ingredients, try to just start out with candles, some string, crystals and maybe some incense.

Once you have cast some spells, you will know more what kind of ingredients that you need. Try out different ones and find out which ingredients are a must have.

  • Not Having Enough Ingredients

Just like buying too many ingredients, you need to make sure that you have enough. You need to make sure that you aren’t trying to substitute ingredients and that you are using what the spell calls for. Some will tell you that substituting is okay and if it says it is then that is fine but if it doesn’t then don’t do the spell until you have everything it calls for.

  • Inner Energy Work

There are some witches that are strong but some need to make sure that they are keeping their energies up before doing any kind of spell. It is important that you raise your own energy so that your spell will work.

Try to meditate or use crystals to help increase your energies before you ever start doing any kind of spellcasting.

  • Keep On the Defense

You need to make sure that you are strong and protected when you are doing any kind of magic work. Defensive spells are there to help you to be strong and to be safe. Always cast your circles when you are doing magic. Do this so that you will be protected and do it before every spell even if you are confident in yourself.

  • Casting Boring Spells

If there is a spell that you don’t care anything about or you find boring, the best thing is to not cat it. You have to put energy behind your spells and if you feel that you can’t do that because you are bored with it, you probably won’t get a true outcome.

  • Doing Readings But Not Increasing Your Gifts

There is so much out in the world that you can learn and if you are reading but you aren’t taking any action to better yourself or to increase your gifts then you probably aren’t learning what you need to learn.

There are different readings, tools, and other things out there about spellcasting and you can learn so much. Make sure that you are doing your best to become the best witch ever.

  • Wanting Spells to Work Right Away

You can want a spell to work instantly but you shouldn’t expect that to happen. Magic takes time to work and if you are casting spells then you need to know that sometimes they won’t work right away, and this is okay.

  • Finding Random Spells Online

Some spells online are not good spells, and they aren’t even logical. Before you do a spell, look into what is being used and what kind of magic it is. You need to make sure that you are using spells that are specific and that feel right in your intuition.

Use your intuition and logic before you ever pick a spell to cast. If something don’t feel right, don’t do it.

  • Believing Everything You Read

Everything that you read isn’t true. If you didn’t know that then you do now. There are many sites and online information out there that is not going to be true. Make sure that you are paying attention to what you are reading and that you are being smart in what you believe.

Don’t expect everything that you find online to be true and use your intuition to guide you in these circumstances.

  • Using Positive Affirmations Instead of Using Witchcraft

Witchcraft is magic and practicing spells and other things. Some people will fall into the idea that saying positive affirmations is going to get them what they want but that isn’t always the case.

To cast a spell, you need to do some kind of action to make it happen. It doesn’t always have to have tools or ingredients, but it will call for some kind of action to release the energy into the universe.

Some beginner witches will think that saying positive affirmations means that they are casting spells. You have to get energy from different sources, and this can be from herbs or from a candle and these energies will combine with your own internal energy to help you cast spells.

Final Thoughts

If you are new and you are doing witchcraft, don’t worry about mistakes that you might make. Everyone will make mistakes when they first start out but just learn from it. Everything that you do is going to be part of your journey so embrace it and learn from it.