How to Cast Love Spells

How to Cast Love Spells

When you want to find out answers to relational or spiritual questions, you need to know that your surroundings do not always help you. You have to focus on your present life so that you can work out what you do on a day to day basis and learn to get deeper into your psychic giftings when you want to understand your future better.

If you are a psychic or an astrologer, you might work with people to help them find their existence in different planes, or you might do spell casting that helps with energies that cannot be seen. These energies might come from your subconscious thoughts or from vibrations that come from within them. These things are powerful and there is also the chance of speaking to a spirit or a ghost by learning to focus on their energies.

When you change your thought and you focus on your intentions, it can change from energy to spell casting and can help you direct your energy to your intentions such as heart intentions, allowing you to make a positive connection.

Love spells are not about controlling someone, and you need to understand that love spells are not easy and sometimes they call for ingredients that are not simple to get. Some are easy and can be done with just a candle, but you need to learn to communicate with the spirit world with words, songs and sometimes even dancing.

In some spells, when the candle burns completely, the spell is cast. There are books online that you can use to know which spells to cast and what your soul needs in order to cast a spell and what rules you should follow.


One of the most important things that you need to understand when you cast a spell is that if you do not believe it will work, it will not. You have to believe in the spell, and you have to change your ideas form negative to positive. Negative thoughts do not allow spells to work. If you are not able to believe in the spell you cast, you will waste your time trying to do it.


Expectations can be hard because they are important, but they can also cause you to have a thought or expectation that is unreasonable. You will not be able to cast a spell to make a celebrity fall in love with you nor will you be able to connect with someone that you are not already connected with.

The more inviting your love and your connection are with the person you want to cast the spell on, the better it will work.

Remember, a person can be not available to you in this lifetime, but they might be able to be with you in a different realm. They have to be emotionally and spiritually open to you in order for the spell to work.

Whatever your affection is in this world, does not mean that they can connect with you in the spirit world.


Make sure that you research connections and that you are understanding that there is a large practice in the universe. Use divination practices to find the best way to manifest what you want to do.

Figure out what correspondences best fit what you want such as moon cycles and explore them. Look at new moons if you want to start something and full moons for finding out the truth of things.

Days of the week can also help along with colors, leaves, crystals and other divination tools. You can help increase the power of your spells.

Be Specific

You have to learn to be specific when casting a spell. You do not want to be vague and you need to make sure that your energy is not generalized.

If you want your partner to fall in love with you, you need to focus on them and make sure that you use their name. You can also do an attraction spell to bring in new love and get rid of blockages in your life.

Do you want to have sex or a long-term relationship? You can use spells as long as you are specific with them.

Be Present

When you cast your spell, you will have a lot of energy and this can help you to project your vibrations. You will have stronger senses and you will be able to change your movements and your environment by changing the sounds or the time of day that you do the spell.

You are not going to be able to stay in an energized state at all times but once your spell is cast, you will be able to return to that space. Some spells will work overnight while others have to take time.

If a spell takes longer, you have to always be alert and things do not happen by chance when you cast a spell. Pay attention to what is going on around you and how the clues affect your relationship.


Always be aware but do not obsess over the spell. You need to know that your spell will reach where it is supposed to be, but it will not always happen fast.

You have to use your energy to get over obstacles and let the universe have time to make things work. Trust your intuition and do not obsess over what will happen. If you do this, the energies will bring you fear and cause you to have doubt.

Law of Three-Fold Return

The Law of Three-Fold return says that whatever you release into the world will come back to your three times.

Depending on what spell you use, this can happen and increase the spell. This needs to be a good outcome for you and for the person that you are casting the spell on.

Some of the best spells are followed by kindness and compassion and they bring happiness to your life and not pain and stress.