Love Spells for Love Issues

Love Spells

There are many problems that people face when looking at love. Love can be great, but it can also lead to disappointment. When you change things in your life and you love someone, you will see that you can look at your life differently.

You will have a partner that will impact your life and sometimes you need to talk to them when you make your own decisions. Having true love will hurt when something happens to you and your partner. Your partner will be upset if you feel bad or if something bad happens and you will feel the same.

Love is going to happen here or there but when it does, sometimes it can turn sour. You might have a love that starts to grow apart, and it can cause you to become stressed and upset. You might even start to look at love differently and doubt that it was ever a good thing.

You may stop trusting people and you might find that the things that happen to you leave you feeling horrible and make your emotions out of whack. The approach is to not let heartbreak happen to you. It might be hard to handle the heartbreak that you have had, especially if you really love someone.

Love is meant to be given and meant to be free and you should love your partner, but they should love you back the same. Love should be genuine and if you get heartbroken then it means they didn’t love you like you loved them.

We can all get our heart broken and we have the power inside of us to create love and to change the situation that we are going through. Some believe that you can cast a magic spell to get what you want in love. Magic in love is called white magic and this is good magic that can make your heart stronger and give you what you want.

White magic can make someone love you and you can manifest whatever you have in your heart. Depending on the things that you want for yourself and others, you can do a spell that can help. Don’t use a black magic spell because this can come back to you and cause you harm.

Having true magic means that you are reaching inside of you, and you are setting intentions in your heart. You are changing your love life and you are looking at what you want. You can be genuine and see things in a good way and this can allow you to attract new love and bring goodness in your life.

A love binding spell will help you to be happy and will help you to see the feelings and to increase the feelings that someone else has for you. Anyone can cast a white magic spell on their own because they are positive, and they are safe.

People often think that all magic is evil but that isn’t true. White magic isn’t like voodoo or hurtful magic that is black magic, but it is good magic that brings good results. There are love spells that are easy and safe, and anyone can do them.

How Does White Magic Work?

White magic can work to change your love life to something good. Most people will want to attract someone in their life, and this will often solve love related issues. Sometimes a person will try to manipulate things so that they can make someone love them.

They don’t know that you can’t force someone to fall in love with you, but love is something that is free and something that is giving. Love that is in you should never be manipulated in a negative way, but things should be a sincere desire that you have. Love is about white magic, and it focuses on being happy.

You have to find out first if you and your partner feel the same way so that you don’t try to control the person. The spells will not make someone love you that doesn’t. Even if you have a desire, you won’t get what you want if the person is against what you desire.

White magic is there to help you cast a spell that comes with a wish and the universe can hear it and can help to make it happen. People that want to heal their broken hearts and want to have stronger love, these kinds of hopes are genuine, and they are white magic that will attract good things.

White magic is ethical, and it can make your life better. You should never do a spell that is unethical or one that is made with evil. Magic should bring good things in your life without hurting someone or without trying to make someone do something they don’t want to do.

These spellings should be about real love, clear intentions, strong feelings, and a genuine and kind heart. This makes the wishes ethical. There should never be fear when using white magic. White magic is never a curse.

You need to look at your mind and make sure that you are using photos with your spelling. Have someone in mind that you love and that loves you. They will be the focal point of the spell that you are acting. They should feel positive about what you want. Consider casting white magic when you want someone to have a positive change in their life.

To make this stronger, you have to make sure that you have real desires. This is what will increase the love in your relationship. It will give you a good heart desire and it will never manipulate or hurt anyone.

White magic is about the relationship between your heart and the person that you love. No one really knows what your heart holds but you. You are the one that is making the wishes that you want to see come true. Always make sure that your wishes are positive and that they bring peace and happiness.

Using White Magic Love Spells

Once you understand that love spells are good, here are some different kinds of love spells that you can use to bring about your desires. Remember, you don’t want to hurt anyone, and you want to only attract positivity to your life and to the one you love.

People have different wishes, and some people wish to heal their broken hearts. They will want to no longer feel bad and so sometimes they will use black magic. This is a bad idea and will never end up positive.

Some people want to attract love, but they end up disappointed by the person that they thought loved them. They end up disappointed and hurt and so they will use magic spells to feel better and to try to get the person to love them more. This needs to be someone that really loves you though and not someone that doesn’t.

The good thing about white magic is that you can’t make someone love you. This is good because you don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t want you. Love spells will only make someone that loves you love you more. Express your intentions and what you love and don’t love and send it to the universe.

There is black magic that has binding spells, and these are powers that can end up hurting you. You never want to cast a black spell even in love.

Spells to Cast

Here are some love spells that are safe to cast:

Fall in Love Magic Spell

Do you want someone to love you and it hurts when you try to show love, but no one reciprocates these feelings? People should have free will and they should be able to love whoever they want. Love is freedom, and we have to choose this to be free for whoever wants it. You don’t want to make someone love you that doesn’t.

White magic can help you to find someone that loves you and to make their love stronger to you.


  • Red candle.
  • Pink candle.
  • Cinnamon essential oil.
  • Matches.
  • Toothpick.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Pencil.

Casting the Spell

Cleanse the candles and use the cinnamon essential oil to anoint them. Use the toothpick and put your name in the red candle and carve their name into the red candle, next. Light the red candle with the match. Use the red candle flame to light the pink candle.

Let the flame burn for 30 minutes and focus on what you want. Draw 2 ears on a piece of parchment paper, one being you, so you write your name in the middle and one being your crush, write their name in the heart.

Drop wax from the red candle on the hearts and focus on what kind of love that you want. Blow the red candle out.

Drop wax from the pink candle on the heart and then blow out the pink candle.

Repeat this for seven days and let the candles burn until they burn out after the seventh day. Put the paper in a safe place until the spell comes true.

Easy Love Spell

An easy love spell can help a person to want to be more in your life. You can also use this to help you to find the perfect partner for you. Use this spell to have more confidence in who you are and to make your emotions stronger.


  • Matches.
  • Pink or red candle.
  • Olive oil.

How to Cast the Spell

  • Put the candle on the table.
  • Rub olive oil on the candle.
  • Focus on the kind of love you want.
  • Use a needle and chant a spell on the candle.
  • Light the candle with a match and let it burn until it burns out.
  • Make sure your wishes are genuine.

Getting Love Back Spell

When you need to have someone love you again, you need to make sure that you really love this person and that they love you before doing the spell. Before the love grows deeper, you have to give it a little push and this spell can make their emotions stronger.


  • Red yarn.
  • Rosemary.
  • Coin.
  • Envelope.
  • Compass.

How to Cast the Spell

  • Have confidence in what you want.
  • Make sure that you are full of faith, and you believe in love.
  • Be patient.
  • Write the name of your crush on the inside of the envelope.
  • Hold the rosemary and the coin in your fist.
  • Say their name four times, in different directions.
  • Take out the coin from your fist and put it in an envelope.
  • Close and seal the envelope and kiss it.
  • Role up the envelope and tie it with yarn.
  • Keep this hidden.
  • Don’t throw away the rosemary but take it outside and let it go into the wind.
  • Say, “come back to me,” seventeen times.

Angel Love Spell

Sometimes you need to be motivated to get something better in your life. Use this spell to motivate yourself and to be connected to things around you. Set goals and feelings in a way that can make love come to you. This spell can help you to find the perfect love for your life. This will be someone that you can depend on, and they can depend on you.


  • Candles (4).
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Red velvet ribbon.
  • Ceramic angels.

How to Cast the Spell

  • Put two angels on a table facing you.
  • Put the candles around the angels.
  • Light the candles in a clockwise way.
  • Say, “Angels please heal my heart and send me new love.”
  • Let the candles burn out.

Making Spells Stronger

You can see that white magic can happen fast as long as you set your wishes and you make sure that your energies are strong and positive. Most people are afraid of magic because they think it’s evil but white magic is good.

If you want to cast a spell, don’t do black magic, and make sure that you don’t get involved in this. Dark forces can come back to hurt you. Only think of white magic and good spells. You can use white magic to have a lover come back to you or to stop an argument between you and your love.

Some people think that white magic manipulates people, but this isn’t the truth. These are positive spells that only make love and intentions better and stronger. White magic doesn’t manipulate anyone’s free will or make someone fall in love with you. White magic helps you to make better decisions and to find someone that will bring you peace and happiness and someone that you will love back.

Here are some ways to make your love spells stronger:

  • Have strong intentions.
  • Use strong energy.
  • Follow the instructions to guide you.
  • Use chants.
  • Make sure that you have the right items like a picture or a candle.
  • Failure to have the right ingredients will make the spell not work.

Final Thoughts

White magic can be a confusing thing, but it can also be a good thing. Don’t be afraid of white magic and know that it can bring happiness and peace to your life.

Everyone has energies and when you cast magic love spells you will see that it can enhance your energy and it can manifest happiness and love in your life. Don’t try to make someone love you but use this to enhance the love in your life.

The best love casters are people that will understand that white magic doesn’t solve anything, but it just makes your positive intentions stronger and can make you to be more confident and more caring.