Ways to Release Karma from a Past Life

Ways to Release Karma from a Past Life

Past life karma can be impeding your ability to enjoy this life.  Karma is the result of actions made in previous lifetimes.  Each action has a consequence, which can be carried over from one life to the next.  Much of our present reality has been shaped by our past lives.  Unfinished business is carried over until you learn vital lessons for your spiritual growth.  To begin releasing bad karma, here are three techniques you can use today for soul freedom.

Identify major hurdles

You may feel like you have stalled out in your career.  Perhaps you are struggling with poverty or illness.  Not matter what is impeding you in life, understanding how to identify your past life karma will help you tackle the challenge head on, and begin healing past live wounds.

Problems typically appears as stagnation, chaos, or toxic interpersonal relationships.  Use a past life karma calculator to gain insight on lingering energies stifling your present life.  You could opt for a past life regression to help pinpoint what is specifically blocking your from releasing your karmic burden.  Be honest with yourself as you explore, including accepting your weakness, shortcomings and shadow traits.  This is key to begin untangling the karmic knots.

Eliminate toxins

You must identify the root of your negative energy to seal off those portals and prevent the negative vibrations causing you pain or discomfort.  This can include remove negative activities or people which dull your energy field.  Don’t feel guilty for prioritizing yourself.

Forgive easily

Forgiveness is a freeing gift that you give to yourself and anyone with whom you’re making amends.  It means you are detaching yourself from any concept of ill-will.  This catharsis will bolster your positive vibrations that will make it near impossible to sustain and past life karma.

Not all karma is negative, nor does karma serve to teach you a lesson.  Rather, it’s an opportunity for self-growth and self-improvement.  Balance karma allows us to fulfill our soul’s journey and improve the lives of all living beings on a higher scale.