Using Voodoo to Find Love

Using Voodoo to Find Love

Voodoo, or “the spirit of God,” is a complex and intense form of magic.  People with origins in the Caribbean, or American South, hold firm beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation and also embrace some Roman Catholic rituals as well as African magic and religion.  Practice voodoo must be done careful and only done by a trained healer.  Since voodoo love spells can’t be corrected by white magic, it leaves a lasting-impression on the desired person and their relationships.

Precision is key

Because voodoo has ties to Roman Catholicism it is still engrained in the culture of thousands across the globe.  As such, a recent and powerful series of innovation in this practice has been embraced, thus making it stronger than many other magical practices.  Voodoo spell casters unwaveringly believe that God is very near to them and they are able to harness God’s power and intentions.  This is done through direct conversation with the spirits called Loa.  Through their confidence and influence the caster can create love spells that influence all aspects of relationship, family, wealth, happiness, and even justice.

Practicing voodoo

In popular culture voodoo is entwined with using a doll rather than spoken words upon a visualization of the intended recipient.  Shamans created this avenue to facilitate a conversation with the Loa, per their ancestor’s teachings.  Over time, the doll has proven to be a reliable method.  Some spellcasters use voodoo for evil despite understanding all the associated risks.  Thankfully, the majority of magicians tap into the positive ways to generate ample love, health, and happiness.

Using a love voodoo doll

Spells applied on dolls can channel a variety of purposes including happiness, healing past wounds, fertility, and avoiding curses.  It is important that the color of the doll plays a key role (green for wealth and fertility, yellow for success, blue for lasting love, red for attracting love or strength, and black will generate negative energy).  Certain caster will also use these colors on the needles and pins for distinct purposes.  Typically, the voodoo doll targets the spirit of the intended person under your magical prowess through the powers of Loa.

Using love voodoo to speak with spirits

A belief is that voodoo enables the spell caster to converse with one’s spirit, in that aim a doll is placed centrally located in the sacred space.  Typically, the room is darkly lit and a pin punctures the doll’s face in order to connect to a person’s thoughts and feelings.  This act directly connects the practitioner to the spirit world to ask any desire or motive for the posed intention.  A voodoo love spell set upon the doll implores the querant to meditate, pray, and mindful consider the intended target.

Voodoo is not evil

Voodoo goes beyond good or evil, it instead should be viewed and respected as a rite to improve one’s well-being.  Throughout history, generations of people of Southern, Caribbean, African descent have used voodoo to create spiritual safety shields against negative forces in their lives.  Today, voodoo has evolved to include loves spell which can be used in both positive and risky ways in order to achieve a variety of intended purposes.

Voodoo as energy

This a steadfast and powerful reality and must be regarded as such when seeking the aid of voodoo priest.  Voodoo love spells rely on the focus of energy, that of the caster, the querant, and the intended, and will create lingering effects.  This karmic backlash may appear as depression, a change in luck, or miracles.  Voodoo dolls are traditional believe to be blessed by the divine that imbibes it with a well-spring of positive energy that the spell casters can tap into to improve the lives, health, and love of people throughout their community.