Using Candles for Magic

Candles for Magic

There are flames that are important in the spiritual world and with fire, there comes candles and ceremonies. This is a very important part of the spiritual world. This is a time where you will use candles with your magic, and you will see strong power in it.

Candles in Spells

Candles are one of the most used things in spells. The color and the shape are important, and it is used by Wiccans, Voodoo casters and others when doing spells and rituals. The colors and taking care of the energies of the candle is very important.

Kinds of Candles

There are different kinds of candles that will be used in different spells. Each one will be assigned a different color or a different shape. The pillar candles are most commonly used, and you can use them each day. They also come in a variety of colors and so they will last a long time.

Each time you mention a candle, they are part of nature, and they are able to give you a full effect of their power. These are candles that can be used in spells and for other things.

Alter Candles

These kinds of candles are tall and thick, and they take a long time to burn out. You can use these when you are trying to reach the gods and goddesses or set up your altar. They can last as a 7-day candle in a glass container.

Table Candles

These are candles that you can buy in a store, and they are good quality. Don’t get the dipped ones.

Taper Candles

Taper candles are thin and tall, and you need to be careful when you cleanse and anoint them. They are best used when you need something to happen fast.

Astral and Zodiac Candles

These are candles that represent another person in a spell, and you should never throw them away. Let them burn out or store them.

Astral Chart

  • Aries: Red, Pink, or White.
  • Taurus: Red, Green, Yellow or Pink.
  • Gemini: Red, Yellow, Silver, or Blue.
  • Cancer: Green, White, or Brown.
  • Leo: Green, Gold, Orange, or Red.
  • Virgo: Black, Yellow, Gold, or Gray.
  • Libra: Blue, Brown, or Black.
  • Scorpio: Brown, Black or Red.
  • Sagittarius: Red, Blue, Purple or Gold.
  • Capricorn: Red, Brown, or Black.
  • Aquarius: Green or Blue.
  • Pisces: Blue, Green, or White.

Image Candles

Image candles can be put in for a certain condition or situation. They can even represent a person. They come in different shapes and colors. Some of the most famous ones include:

Adam and Eve Candles

These are nude male and female candles that come in different colors. Use them in attraction and love spells, return lost lover spells or get rid of an unwanted spell.

Cat Candles

The candles are the shape of a cat. Use a black cat to get rid of bad luck or break curses. A green cat can help you to heal and heal your pets. Use a red one to make your spells more powerful.

Mummy Candles

These are shaped like a mummy in a coffin. These are protective candles and can get rid of dangerous things in your life.

Knob Candles

These are made of seven knobs, and you burn one each day while you focus on what you want in your spells. They take seven days to burn, and they make the magic very strong. Here is the color chart behind these:

  • Black: Releasing spells and banishing.
  • Red: Love, getting rid of obstacles, moving energies.
  • Green: Money, court cases, manifesting spells.
  • Orange: success or getting rid of obstacles.
  • Brown: Justice.
  • Yellow: Getting rid of bad luck.
  • White: Purifying or getting wishes.
  • Purple: Ridding yourself of spiritual attacks or protection.
  • Blue: Stops fights, confusion, and depression.

Satan Candles

These candles can be used to remove spirits that have negative energies.

Cross Candles

Use this candle when you need protection or to do banishing spells.

Scented Candles

You can use scented candles such as:

  • Blueberry: Getting rid of negativity.
  • Carnations: Healing.
  • Cherry: Bringing in love.
  • Cinnamon: Wealth and fortune.
  • Coconut: Purification.
  • Frangipani: Positive energies.
  • Honeysuckle: Good luck, psychic abilities.
  • Jasmine: Love
  • Lotus: Peace and harmony.
  • Musk: Sexual strength, passion, courage.
  • Myrrh: Protection.
  • Patchouli: Manifesting money.
  • Pine: Getting rid of negativity.
  • Rose: Love.
  • Sandalwood: Protection and healing.
  • Strawberry: Luck, love, and friendship.
  • Tangerine: Prosperity.
  • Vanilla: Sexual passion.

Colored Candles

These candles can be used with your spells, and it is important to pay attention to what color you need and choose it according to the spell ingredients and instructions.


This color can mean unity and it has all colors in it. It works with spirituality and truth. It can be used to purify rituals or to be defending. Light this candle if you come in touch with someone that is negative or that is dark. This stands for innocence, power, and strength. You can use this to talk to spirits, get rid of evil and get rid of bad energies.


This candle has no colors, but it doesn’t mean it is bad. It is still good. Burn this to get rid of negativity and you can use this to do strong magic. It is beneficial for spells that are protective, reversing, getting rid of black magic, and banishing. It can remove negativity, blockages and create discord with your enemies.


This color means energy and passion. This can be used when you do love spells. Red is a color of health, and it can influence others and get rid of negativity. This color works with fire and if you light a red candle before you do something that requires courage, you will get this.


This color is powerful. This can increase your magical powers. Burn this when you want the spell to have more power. Use it when doing healing to cast a powerful healing spell.


This color candle means knowledge and discovering new things. This can improve your imagination and your visualization. It is associated with the air element, and you can use this when you study so that you can remember things better. You can use this also to attract things and to be happier or make your dreams come true. There are a variety of shades of yellow from yellow to gold.


A blue candle can mean peace and happiness. It helps you to have healing and strength. It is your link to the supernatural and it can help you if you have problems sleeping or if you need to sleep better. Light this up before you get into bed. This can also enhance your awareness of the spiritual world and it can uplift your life.

Light blue can mean tranquility and clear thinking while medium blue means peace. A dark blue candle can mean strong devotion to your spiritual being.


This color candle means fortune and growth. This is also a healing candle. This is associated with the earth element and when you need money or to do a money spell, use this kind of candle. This color stands for money and success and harvests. This can help you when you do a business spell.


Orange candles can represent attention and influence. Use this when you need to find a lost object. It can be used with other colors to make the spell more powerful. It can also bring happiness and clear thinking.


Pink is the color of love and connection. It is a communication color and can help you to love yourself and to have more self-confident. Use this candle when doing marriage ceremonies or love or romance spells.


Brown can mean a natural world around you. This is associated with the animal world and can help you do spells that are bound around nature.


Silver candles should be used when you need to have good beat evil. This can get rid of negativity out of your life. This can also develop your psychic gifts and get rid of negative situations.


Gold is different to your yellow candle because it is about finances and gaining things and business ventures. It also helps with divination and knowledge.

Cleansing a Candle

Cleansing a candle will get rid of energies that are negative or energies that are part of the candle. You can learn to cleanse your candle when you have a specific spell that you are going to do.

Ways to Cleanse Your Candle

  • Take a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol on it and cleanse the surface from the bottom to the top.
  • Burn sage or incense and let it smoke around the candle.
  • Make a bowl of sea salt and put the candle in it for 24 hours.
  • Put it in the window for the energy of the moon.

Consecrating a Candle

You can consecrate the candle with different methods, and this is how you bless the candle.

Anointing the Candle

Anoint the candle from the top to bottom so that something good can come to you. This also allows things to be expelled. You can dip your fingers in the oil and anoint the whole candle.

You can use the candle with oil when you do spells, or you can add herbs to it. This is a personal desire, and it can make love spells more powerful if you do it.

Note for Love Spells

If you aren’t able to find oils, you can make your own or you can use Rose or Lavender oil. Love spells should have the candle anointed from the top to the bottom and if you do a breakup spell you should go bottom to top.

Anointing Oils

  • Balance: Magnolia.
  • Cleansing: Cedar, Lotus, or Sandalwood.
  • Control: Bayberry.
  • Creativity: Peppermint and Clove.
  • Divination: Jasmine and Honeysuckle.
  • Dreams: Jasmine.
  • Energy: Peppermint and Rosemary.
  • Exorcism: Yarrow and Dragon’s Blood.
  • Fertility: Rose.
  • Happiness: Amber and Gardenia.
  • Harmony and Peace: Carnation, Clove, and Myrrh.
  • Removing curses: High John the Conqueror and Yarrow.

Love Spells

  • Attracting love: Amber, Gardenia, and Patchouli.
  • Breakup Spells: Columbine oil.
  • Commitment: Patchouli and Rose.
  • Faithfulness: Magnolia.
  • Make someone fall in love: Jasmine and Violet.
  • Remove problems from relationships: Melissa.
  • Return a lover: Lavender for your candle and Rose for your partners candle.
  • Sexual Lust: Orange, Musk, and Nutmeg.
  • Stopping a divorce: Lemon.
  • True Love: Ylang-Ylang and Rose.

Finance Spells

• Cinnamon.
• Bergamot.
• Heliotrope.


• Musk.
• Bayberry.


• Bayberry.
• Carnation.
• Dragon’s Blood.
• Juniper.
• Lilac.
• Lotus.
• Pine.
• Rosemary.
• Violet.


• Carnation.

Herbs and oiled Candles

You should use herbs and oiled candles when you want your spells to be more powerful. Crush the herbs and then anoint the candle and roll it on the herbs until it is covered as much as it will. It is hard to cover the entire candle, and this isn’t necessary.

Carving Candles

You can use different tools such as a knife, pin, nail, toothpick or whatever you need to carve into your candle. Do this when the spell says to engrave something like a symbol or a name. This can represent you or your lover or the wishes that you have.

When you engrave the candle, always raise your energy by thinking about what you want the spell to do for you. You might want to chant during this time.

Spraying the Candles with Holy Water

You can spray your candle with Holy Spell water to consecrate it.

Making Holy Water

To make Holy water you need 3 pinches of salt and then add it to 1 cup of water. Add a drop of oil that you are going to consecrate the candle with.

Fill the water in a plant miser and pray the whole candle with it. Focus on the wishes that you have and the goals and chant. If you don’t have a plant miser, you can sprinkle the candle with drops of water with your fingers.

Easy Candle Magic

Candle magic can be easy and is one of the spells for beginners. You can practice this without having much help. You can start casting candle magic and you need to follow the rules when doing this.

Make sure you know what kind of candle that you need to use and what color you should have. If you need to, you can replace a colored candle with white.

How to Start Candle Magic Spells

You need to write the motive for your reason to do candle magic. Light the candle and put it in front of you so you can look at the flame and meditate on what you want. Visualization is important in this kind of magic. You want your candle magic to be strong.

Take time to think through the energy so that you can get what you want. Remember, there is no set time for your spell to work for you. Be patient and know when to stop what you are doing.

Tips for Candle Magic

  • Make sure you are protected and don’t let the candle burn the house down.
  • Don’t blow out the flame.
  • Be respectful of the fire element.
  • Snuff out the candle by licking your finger and pinching the wick.
  • Choose the right color for the spell.
  • If you don’t have a candle, use white.
  • Build a psychic link with the candle.
  • If the flame goes out when casting a spell, this is a sign, and you need to listen.
  • You can use candles in your spells, but beeswax are the most powerful.
  • Use your own handmade candles to increase the power.
  • Clear your thoughts and focus on what you want when you start the ritual.
  • If you need to have more strength focus on the flame of the candle.