Understanding Magic Spells

Magic Spells

Magic spells can draw people in, and they have been around for years and years. Most people think of doing magic as an art but as they have gone through different centuries, it has been seen that magic is powerful. It has impacted the lives of people around and it is practiced by Wiccans, pagans, witches and more. Spells are a way to create change.

Some wonder if magic is real. This is going to depend on what you believe. Some believe that magic works and this is the energies inside of them that can make it work along with the elements needed. Believing in magic can bring positive results.

Magic can be a mystery. Some magic is too powerful for people, but magic spells aren’t done just by witches. Some people will do spells in their life just by making a wish. As you learn how spells work, you can see that you can help yourself and help others.

History of Magic

Magic beginnings are easy to see. There was technology and people, and they were connected to nature.  The energy of the nature is mysterious, and the energies can change lives. Magic isn’t something that people just created; it was something that was part of everyday life.

As things changed, people would look less at nature and connect less with the energies of nature. The rituals that come from magic and the idea of spells can make energy work be more effective.

Understanding Spells

Spells are something that can make something happen. This is a set of intentions, words and rituals that can make change. It works by reaching into the spiritual world and casting a spell into the universe. They start by setting a goal and then they reach out to a higher spiritual place to make things materialize. This is how they can manifest things.

Spells can take different forms and can be part of nature. They can be powerful or mild. The spell can change situations around them and can add energies to it. You can manipulate the energy that is there and see how it changes.

Energy is part of your own life. You can also create energy outside of yourself. You can use different ingredients such as candles, herbs, oils, crystals and more. You can keep adding more energy into the universe to make your goals reached. You can see that the gods and goddesses can help you.

There are different ways that you can create magic, spells, and other things to bring power to your life.

Casting a Spell

Casting a spell requires following different steps and having a practitioner or a spell caster.

  • Purifying

You should purify yourself by taking a cleansing bath and this can get rid of negative energy inside of yourself. You need to do this if you are casting a spell. You can take a bath and add hyssop, betony or more. After you purify yourself, wear something clean and use a long rope or a t-shirt. Choose the mood that is good for you and relax and meditate before casting the spell.

  • Cleansing Ritual

You need to make sure that the space that you are casting the spell is cleansed before you start. You can smudge your area by lighting sage or other herbs. Do this and walk counterclockwise around the room and make sure that the smoke fills the whole area.

After you do this, add some clear quartz around your area.

  • Altar

Collect the ingredients that you need to do the spell and make sure that all the items are cleansed. You can add soap or smudge the items if they need to be cleansed. Keep items close to your altar such as a cauldron, candles, incense, and other tools you need.

  • Being Grounded

You need to make sure that you are grounded and that you are reaching the earth energies. This can get rid of negativity before you do any spells. Always focus on y our feet and hands and being calm.

  • Grounding

You can ground yourself inside or outside. You can do this by going barefoot in the dirt and allowing the energy to go from your head to your feet and down to the earth. Let the energy go through your legs and all the way to your head.

  • Centering

Stand with your feet a couple feet apart. Bend the knees and focus on your center. Rock forward and backward and let the rocking get smaller until you feel balanced and then stop.

  • Casting a Circle

Cast a circle by making your space sacred. There are different ways to do this by putting a phyiscal mark as a circle using salt or chalk or imagining a circle with white light.

  • Calling Quarters

Here is how you call quarters. You start to the east and say, “I call on the powers of the east to protect this space.”

Turn to the south and say, “I call to the powers of the south to protect this space.”

Turn to the west and say, “I call to the powers of the west to protect this space.”

Turn to the north and say, “I call to the powers of the north to protect this space.”

Calling on the quarters will help to keep you present and engaged and it calls the spirits of the elements to make your magic stronger.

  • Invoking the Gods and Goddesses

If you want to call on the gods or goddesses this is the time to do this. You can ask your angels, spirit guides or others to come to you. Ask them out loud and do this through a chant, prayer, or dance.

  • Purpose

Figure out what you want to cast the spell for and state the purpose. This is a declaration that you say out loud.

  • Casting the Spell

Take time to change your thought process. Light the candles, and then do just what the spell says to do. Focus on the spiritual world and make sure that you aren’t being distracted. Keep your mood strong and good and keep your intent and purpose strong.

  • Energies

Make sure that your energies are as strong as you can get them. Imagine energy going through your whole body. Let it come from your head to your feet. Imagine the energies getting bigger and keep your mental state elevated.

  • Cake and Wine

Take time to eat and share the food with the gods and goddesses. This is a gift from the universe. Be thankful and thank the universe.

  • Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the universe and to your gods and goddesses for helping you.

  • Release the Quarters

Thank the quarters for helping you and release them.

  • Open the Circle

Open the circle and make sure that you let all the energies out that you raised when you did your spell.

  • Clean the Area

Clean up the area that you did the spell in. Burn or bury the ingredients and return them to nature. This gets rid of negative energy. Cleanse the tools that you used and store the items in a safe place.

  • Manifesting

This is a time that you manifest towards your goals.

After Casting the Spell

After you cast the spell, you need to remember that spells are energies and emotions. You will feel the power and you can add to your spells by being positive. Don’t worry about the spell coming to life and just keep a positive thought.

Your life can be better if you use the spells and if you are used to working towards your goals. Always be positive and when you cast a spell, don’t tell people about casting the spells. The spell has been cast and then you need to keep your emotions, energy, and behavior strong to reach your goal.

What Will a Spell Do?

magic can be done in all parts of your life. You can use them when you want to have prosperity or health or more. The spell can help you and it is per the individual as to what you are spell casting for. Spell casting is powerful, and it is an active thing.

Magic is infinite and it is influenced by people and things. There are different magic things around the world and in different cultures. A Voodoo spell is different than a Wiccan spell and all spells can be different.

You can use the spells to make your life better and you will see that you can improve your life and the lives of those around you. Magic of course can be used to hurt others, but this kind of magic can be negative, and it can come back to you. This is called black magic and it can cause negative consequences to come to your life.

Most people will do white magic and not black magic because this kind of magic brings the highest good when it is done.

Spells can bring healing, protection, love and more but they can also be used to hurt others. You need to figure out what you believe before you do a spell.

How Long Do Spells Work?

Spells can take time to work and some wonder if spells work at all. There are no real guarantees when it comes to magic, and you won’t always get what you want when doing a spell. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. You can use the magic to try and reach a goal.

Spells work differently in different people. Some will see the results in a few hours while others can take months or more. No one can tell how long a spell will take to work and this has to do with energies, intentions, the universe, your belief and more. Some people are affected differently by the spells.

Don’t think that the beliefs that you have don’t mean anything. If you believe in your magic, it is much more likely to happen. This is why the amount of time that it can take a spell to work can vary from person to person.

Can Spells Cause Danger?

Casting a spell with a good intention will not cause you harm or hurt anyone else. Some magic spells can be used to hurt others though and you should never do a spell just because you are curious about it.

Spells can be dangerous if you have the wrong intentions. You have likely heard of curses, and these are nothing more than a spell that is out to bring harm to someone. This is a black magic kind of spell, and you should not do these because of the Law of Threefold that says whatever you send out will come back to you in three-fold.

Advice for Beginner Spell Casters

If you have never done magic before, you need to become familiar with everything before you ever start casting spells. There are different types of magic that out can do that won’t be harmful and it is important still that you know about magic before you do them. Take time to get to know the spells and to learn about how spells work. You should be experienced in what you do. Someone that is experienced can work with you to help you.

You can talk to a Wiccan, but you don’t have to be one in order to do spells. Just make sure that you have the right intentions and that you have the right mindset when you are going to do a spell.

There are different aspects of magic, and it can take your whole life to understand how the different spells work and how powerful the spells are.

Do Spells Fail?

Some spells won’t work and when this happens, don’t give up. Just keep working and keep doing what you can to try to make your spells work. Make sure that you are being positive about the spells and that you are using the right intentions. Believe in yourself and use the power of nature and the universe to make your spell casting stronger.

If the spell hasn’t worked in 6 months, some believe that you should cast it again.