The Best Working Love Spells

Love Spells

Witchcraft has been around for years, and some believe that it is evil while others use it to help them through trials. In the past, witches were seen as satanic, and they were burned at the stake for their believes.

In the past few years though, witchcraft has become popular with new movies like “Harry Potter,” and other things that make it magical and fun. Wicca was a modern pagan religion and is one that has many belief systems. It links magic and nature together and it uses spell casting to help cast love spells and other spells to bring goodness.

Love spells are used to attract love, and this can come in potions, texts, rituals, and other things. Here are some of the best love spells that we thought you might want to know more about.

Honey Jar Spell

This is one of the most popular love spells because it is easy to use, and it brings sweetness to the relationship. If you are with someone and you need to have more love in your marriage or your commitment, this spell might be for you.

Honey represents something sweet, and it can be a love spell that brings sweetness, affection, and intimacy to your life.

Casting the Honey Jar Spell

  • Write the name of the person you are with three times.
  • Turn the paper over and write your name three times and let it overlap with the other name.
  • Focus on what you want the spell to do.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Think about the goal that you wish for and write it on paper.
  • Circle both the names in one circle.
  • Fold the paper and put it into the honey jar.
  • Dip your finger in the honey and say, “Just like this sweet honey, make my relationship sweet.”
  • Lick the honey off of your finger and close the jar.
  • Light a candle and put it on top of the jar, using the right color candle for what you need.


  • White: General needs.
  • Pink: Love.
  • Red: Passion.

Finishing the Spell

  • After the candle burns out, hide the jar.
  • Wait seven days and then light another candle.
  • Do this on the same day once a week until you get what you want.

This spell is a basic spell and works with your energy. Make sure that you get rid of any negative energy before you ever begin this spell.

Pink Candle Spell

Candles are used in many spells because they are a catalyst between love and the person. In love spells, a pink candle means love that is spiritual. This is a non-negative thing, and you need to use this during a love spell when you want it to be positive.

Pink is used to have pure intentions and to be dedicated. Make sure that you use this color when you want this kind of love.

Casting a Pink Love Spell

  • Light the candle.
  • Do this on a Friday.
  • Write your first name and your loves last name.
  • Draw a circle around the names together.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Think of you and your love together.
  • Say, “our fate is sealed. We will be one.”
  • Let the candle burn until it burns out completely.
  • Put the fire out if you leave the room. Pat it and don’t blow it out though or it will ruin the spell.
  • Repeat this for seven nights.

These pink candle spells are very strong, and they have been done for centuries.

Getting an Ex-Back Spell

You can use this spell if you have an ex that you have broken up with and you regret the decision. You might need a professional spell caster for this though so that they can help to get rid of the negative energies first.

This spell can give you confidence to live a better life. Never try to force love.

Casting the Getting an Ex-Back Spell

  • Light a red candle.
  • Stare at the flame for a couple of minutes.
  • Find a picture of your ex and imagine fixing the relationship.
  • Write your name on a piece of paper and your ex’s name.
  • Circle the names.
  • Put honey and say, “I want you to come back. I wish this spell to connect us forever.”
  • Meditate and stay calm.
  • Blow out the candle.
  • Tear the paper into small pieces and bury it in the garden.
  • Do this each night with the same candle but with new honey and new paper.
  • Do this for three nights.

It can be hard to get an ex back and depending on how the relationship ended and why, you might want to think this over before doing the spell.

Marriage Love Spells

Marriage love spells are there when people want to make their marriage stronger and better. They want to have a strong bond, and this can help.

Marriage spells are best for couples that are going through hard times. You can always talk to a professional spell caster to help you if you are about to separate. White magic never forces people to stay or fall in love so make sure you aren’t trying to do that.

Casting Marriage Love Spells

This is a spell that is good for beginners:

  • Get a spathiphyllum plant that has white flowers.
  • Put the plant in a new pot with new soil.
  • Put stones to make the magic stronger.
  • Write what you want on paper and roll it up and tie it with a string and put it at the bottom of the plant.
  • Put the plant where your partner sits a lot.
  • Put a picture of yourself and a picture of your partner and roll them up in foil separately.
  • Put your picture on the right and your partners on the left.
  • Keep the plant watered and when it grows a white bloom, cut it off and dry it out.
  • Divide it into 3 equal parts.
  • Put 1/3 in a cup and add tea, sugar, and the flower. Stir it clockwise.
  • Say, “Be my wife or be my husband,” three times.
  • Get your partner to drink the tea and do this for the next two days.
  • If you don’t hear marriage being talked about then do this again when the new moon comes.

This is an effective spell, and it won’t work though if you don’t see your partner each day.

No Ingredient Love Spells

Love spells without ingredients work on your energies. Make sure that you are being positive and that you are doing this to make your relationship stronger or more exciting.

Casting a No Ingredient Love Spell

These spells use manifestation, and they are very powerful. Here is how to make it work:

  • Find a quiet place that you won’t be disturbed. Do this during a full moon.
  • Have a clear mind and an open heart.
  • Be sincere about what you want to attract.
  • Think of the person you want to come to your life and how happy they make you.
  • Imagine the two of you together.
  • Believe in the power of your love energy.
  • Do this once a month to make the spell work.

You need to love yourself before you are looking to have a relationship in your life. Make sure you do self-care.

Poppet Love Spells

Poppets are dolls that represent someone that is casting the spell and the person you are casting the spell on. They are made of cloth or fabric, but you can make them of anything including wax, clay, or something else.

You can fill the poppit dolls with herbs or stones or other things that are strong energies. Once you make the poppet, you can connect it with the person by using their hair or a picture of that person.

Casting a Poppet Love Spell

  • Have two dolls, one of you and one of them.
  • Fill the dolls with rose petals or rose quartz.
  • Chant, “I have made you and you are mine.”
  • Chant something that shows the other doll is you.
  • Use a pink ribbon and tie the dolls together.
  • Imagine you and your crush together and happy.
  • Let your energy go to the universe.

Poppets are often used for love spells, and they can be powerful. Always have strong energy inside of you when casting this spell.

Picture Love Spells

Love spells can use pictures of yourself or your crush. This can bring people together and can strengthen the bond that you have with your partner or your spouse. If you are experiencing hard times, use this spell.

Using pictures can be a binding spell and it will only work if you have a connection with that person. It won’t work with someone that you have never met. You can try this one at home.

Casting a Picture Love Spell

  • At midnight, start.
  • Take a picture of your crush or spouse and put it in front of you.
  • Light a red candle behind the picture.
  • Turn out the lights.
  • Write down, “Sadness go to my lovers name so that all he can think of is me (say your name.”
  • Burn the paper with the flame. Don’t let smoke overcome the picture.
  • When it is burning say, “He is unable to keep still, what goes in his head comes in mine.”
  • After the paper is burned out, the spell is cast.

If you want the spell to work, you have to agree to this love. Love spells with pictures are strong because you can visualize them. If the universe wants it and the person is willing, you will have a successful spell.

Tips for Casting Spells

Here are some tips that you can use to help you cast the best love spells:

  • Believe in magic. Love spells are powerful, and you need to really focus and believe in them to make them work. Put all of your energy into your intention and be positive.
  • Set real expectations. You need to believe in the spell, but you also cannot want a celebrity or someone you have never met to fall in love with you.
  • Be open minded to new love. You might see that the spell that you cast brings new love into your life. This can be a phyiscal thing that happens between someone you just met or someone that you have known. Love spells are powerful, and they can help you to find love that you actually deserve.
  • Know the limits of love magic. There are limits to finding love and the spells should only be used in a positive way. You want to bless others and not to harm anyone.
  • Know the best times to cast spells. There are certain times like Fridays where casting spells are the best. Know these things.

FAQs about Love Spells

Here are some of the most asked questions about casting love spells:

Can You Do a Love Spell at Home?

Yes. Love spells can be done at home. You can also talk to a professional spell caster to help you.

Do Love Spells Work?

Yes. Most love spells will work if you focus clearly and if you use a spell that is right. You also need to use the right ingredient and follow the directions.

Some spelling will work right away, and some won’t. Be patient.

Can a Love Spell Backfire?

Yes. They can backfire if you are doing them in any negative way or if you are trying to cause harm to others. Neve ruse black magic.

Are There Breakup Love Spells?

Yes. These are black magic, and they are very dangerous. You never want to use these kinds of spells on other people. This will be negative and can come back to you as negative karma. You should never try to force people in or out of love.