Spells to Find Your Soulmate

Spells to Find Your Soulmate

People often wonder if they can do spells in order to get their soulmate to them faster, but the truth is, the universe can decide if it is going to listen to your spells and let them happen or not. Chances are that the universe will not listen to you if you do a soulmate spell because they will send them when you have reached your highest self. Having a partner that is there to love you and to meet all of your needs is important, but some things have to happen first.

If you have ties in another relationship, this can cause your soulmate to not come yet. Maybe you need to let go of that person and see what happens. If you do a spell, you will be sending out your intentions, but you might not get what you want. Change your life and you will see that your message will reach the universe.

Things to do to Get Your Soulmate

Before you try a spell to get your soulmate, here are some ways that you can get your life ready to bring your soulmate to you:


Make sure that you have healed from your past relationships and that you are not holding on to hurt or unforgiveness. If you be afraid or hurt, you have to get rid of this before you get into another relationship.

Loving You

Make sure that you love yourself before you want someone else to love you. You need to figure out who you are and what you want in your life. Look deep inside and see what you have to change to really love who you are.

Be Happy

You have to be happy with your life before your soulmate will come to you. If you are miserable and things are going bad for you, chances are that your soulmate will not come yet. You will have a hard time to let your soulmate in when you are unhappy.

Let Them Go

You have to let go of your past relationships if you want to find your soulmate. If you are hanging on to past relationships, you will not be able to move on to other relationships. You have to let go of your memories and your past.


When you are ready to have your soulmate, you have to take steps to show them you are ready. Tell the universe what you are intent on and that you are ready. Be precise about what you want and tell the universe your ideas of being with someone.

Spells for Finding Your Soulmate

Do not be upset and anxious about meeting your soulmate, they will come when it is time. They will meet you when you are ready.

You don’t ever have to do a spell in order to meet your soulmate and if you are serious about finding one, you have to make sure your intentions are clear and that you are having strong vibrational frequencies to match theirs.

Some of the common spells that you can use to summon your soulmate include using affirmations, lighting candles, using incense, taking salt baths and more. Here are some things you can do:

  • Make a space where you can do your spell.
  • Use candles or incense and make sure you have all that you need to start and finish.
  • If you do a ritual bath, this can open up your mind and body, relax and do what the spell tells you.
  • Go to your space that you set up and meditate before you do your spell.
  • Start your spell and use a red cloth or a white rose so that you can show romance.
  • Use flowers if you want to.
  • Light the candle and be truthful and follow the spell completely.

You can ask your soulmate to come to you and then prepare yourself and be honest. If it doesn’t happen right away, do it again. The universe will hear you, but it doesn’t mean you will always get the answer you seek.