Should I Use a Love Spell

Love Spell

Love spells are effective when you convert your sincere affection into magical power.  Love is a team sport that requires both parties’ freewill and hard work.  In order to produce a successful outcome, it is important that you ensure the following points below:

  • Have pure love for your significant other
  • Be grateful for their love
  • Be willing to spice up your relationship as need
  • Frequently show how much you care about them
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be respectful and supportive
  • Frequently help your partner with daily chores
  • Do you best in all facets of the relationship
  • Put effort into looking good for you both
  • Treasure your relationship and never forget how fragile it can be at times

You risk breaking a love spell if you act in any of the following ways:

  • Selfish and extremely stubborn
  • Act unfaithfully or jealous
  • Frequently blame them for your issues and missteps
  • Constantly criticize and/or humiliate them
  • Give up on working on your self-growth
  • Ghost them

When habitually act in toxic patterns, even the most powerful spell with come undone in under a month!  Your intended my still be attracted to you and respond favorably to your kind words or deeds, but this won’t be true love.  Even if you try to fix your wrongs, it will be too late and the relationship will continue to erode until one day you part for good.

Therefore, it is essential people only use love spells when they can accept full responsibility for their actions, their loved ones, and fight for a lasting love.  Sure, some greedy false psychic can claim they can help you fall in love with anyone without putting in hard work.  But this is similar to undertaking a spiritual kidnapping.  You may “have” this person in your life, but it is by force rather than true interest.  How long do you think this person would stay with you if giving back the power of freewill?  Inevitably if they don’t want to be a part of your life, they will find a way to leave it!  The Higher Powers in the spiritual realm are taking notice of your selfishness and will find a way to punish you accordingly, most likely resulting in you losing everything you hold dear and winding up alone and miserable.

It is important to always keep in mind that any black magic spell will fade much faster than any white magic ritual.  Moreover, white magic is considered safe, as supposed to black magic which can endanger both target and practitioner.  Also, those conducting black magic won’t warn their clients about the rituals’ risks for fear of losing money or power.  If you are ensuring your love spell involves white magic, it is helpful to renew your spell every few years and to use protective charms like amulets and talismans to ensure the health of the relationship for decades to come.  You can have love in your life with your true love as long as pure love resides in both your hearts, as this enduring love is the driving presence in any love spell.