Practicing Love Spells

Practicing Love Spells

Imagine someone sitting in a tub with only the sound of whispers in the room. Candles flickering, the strong smell of rose petals. Chances are this person is practicing a love spell. She could be a witch from any kind of denomination and a practice of love magick. Love magick with a k is often added to refer to magic that is not used for tricks or entertainment but based on a belief or a spiritual practice.

Love spells are something that are often controversial, and some believe that practicing these spells can be ethically wrong. Feminists express their feelings of worshipping goddesses while witches have talked about practicing love spells for years and years.

Not everyone practices gypsy spells, but the history of the gypsy magic is important to many spiritual guides and studies that have been done over the years.

Love spells have been a place where women play a role in society and where they are known for helping to heal broken hearts or bring new love partners to people.

Other people might call a witch in order to do unethical spells such as making someone fall in love with them, taking away the persons free will and trapping them by emotions. This could be someone that it doesn’t matter if they want to be in love and they were definitely not asked for permission. But, by paying a nice sum, the witch will be happy to do this love ritual on them.

Witchcraft has been around for years and years and there are many conversations on how ethical magic is and not everyone sees love the same. Some witches believe that magic has changed while others have bad feelings about spells that are put on some people because of the aspect of free will and consent and others believe that any love magic is ethical because it has to do with love.

There are cautions when doing love spells and some believe that when there is already love and someone puts a rose petal under their lovers pillow to make the relationship stronger that consent is already there and so that makes the situation different.

Love spell has been debated for years because people question the effects of the love spells and the targets that are hit. Many believe that love spells should only be used to love yourself more while others believe that casting love spells is perfectly fine.

Some have cast spells and then decided that they no longer believed in it because of free will and consent and the ethics behind it. One spiritual advisor did love spells for over 30 years and divulged that she did love spells that were not ethical that ended up backfiring on her and then later she became a strong believer in ethical love magic spells.

Some believe that the media, movies and songs have depicted spell casting as negative and that they forget that even in Cinderella and other Disney movies that there is often magic cast that is good because it helps to build the confidence of the one receiving it.

One person, a rape crisis worker, uses love magic to help build her self esteem while other sexual assault survivors use love magic to build their self-love through bath rituals and massages. Some use their practices to help better the life of others.

Doing self-love magic can be empowering and can help to bring healing and love to those that are hurt or violated in life. Many witches strongly oppose doing magic that does not promote self-healing and they ask the caster to think if the target would feel the same way if the same spell was cast on them. Many believe it is important to think about what lines are being crossed when casting spells.

Many experts feel that doing love spells could be the same thing as assault and that if you are casting a love spell and the person has already told you that they do not feel the same then it is unethical and borderline abusive. If this is done to see if something can come of it, it is a different situation and can be harmless.

It is always important to think about the person that you are casting the spell on and think about free will. It is the persons choice to act on their own and to know that the idea of love spells has changed and is still changing.

Self-love spells are good, and they are the best kind of magic. The way that the current culture is, it is important to think of ethics and if someone has done a spell to someone, many of these witches have changed their views and decided that this is wrong and refuse to do it without consent.

Some simple spells can cause harm and when you are tying or untying a knot, it can cause those that are involved in it pain and suffering. This has to be redeemed with meditation and salt cleanses, but the fixes do not always help put the victims mind at ease.

Spell breaking is not hard, and the person targeted often grows trust issues and feels violated when they find out that spells are put on them. Love spells have been around for decades and the history of ethics goes back years and years.

Witches who want to change the universe to be in their power need to consider their actions when they practice and learn to understand the mistakes that they have made so that they can make sure not to harm others.

It is important to make sure that you are mindful of what could happen and what kind of karma can come with these kinds of spells. Learning a lesson can help you to grow and become better.