Making Love Potions for Spells

Love Potions for Spells

There are a lot of different things said about witchcraft and much of the talk references things like potions that are used. When you look at medicine, you can see that this was created with the same kinds of things that witches would use in order to make the medicine effective and strong.

Love potions are used in witchcraft, and you need to be careful about what kinds of potions you make and who you are giving them to. You need to make sure that you don’t drink the potion until you understand the chemical makeup and how it is going to affect your magic and your body. The different ingredients will work together, and you need to understand them.

Understanding Potions

Potions are just different ingredients that are put together to bring physical and mental changes when they are consumed. If you are anxious all the time, you might want to use a mixture of herbs that can make you feel calm. Before you ever use herbs or crystals though, you need to make sure that you try out the recipe and that you test it. 

Potions are usually boiled to make them more concentrated, and you need to make sure that it won’t affect the medication that you are taking and that you aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

Ethics of Potions

Love potions can be used in spells and can help to solve problems of love. You can feel that there are good potions that won’t make you cross any ethical issues when you make them. Sometimes though, if you are doing a lost lover or a make someone fall in love with you spell, it can be something that you need to consider the ethics on.

These different things can make you realize that using a love potion to change the relationship might not be good and you might want to let the relationship end for good. You need to look at this each time you make a potion. Do you want to keep yourself or others in a relationship that is unhappy instead of just trying to attract new love? Always consider ethics when doing a potion.

Ingredients for Love Potions

Ingredients for love potions should be able to be consumed through the skin. Make sure that you are using ingredients that are tested and that are effective. You will get more information if you talk to a coven about the potions.

Make sure that you are buying herbs and crystals that are powerful and that are good quality. You should make sure that you don’t use stones that have cracks that can make things impure.

After you start making your own potions, you will see that you can use these potions to bring love to yourself and other people. Getting these ready when you are going to do spells or rituals can give you insights that you might not have realized including a strong relationship with the gods and goddesses. 

Before you ever give a potion to someone or take one yourself, make sure that you know the laws of chemistry and the different compounds that you’re working with. Don’t ever forget the ethics behind working with love potions.

Easy to Make Love Potions

A love potion is a liquid that can be used with a spell to make it stronger and to increase love energies. The potions that you make can be used by eating or inhaling them. A love potion will increase the sexual desires that you have for your partner, and it can create more romance or spark where needed. These things can also attract love and make there be a desire. You can add the potion to your skin, to food or to your lovers drink or food.

Ingredients for an Easy to Make Love Potion

  • Strainer.
  • Cooking pot that is large.
  • Large pot.
  • Glass bottle. 
  • Lid to a stopper.
  • 9 roots of Ginseng.
  • 9 seeds of an apple.
  • 9 drops of apple juice.
  • 9 leaves of basil.
  • 9 drops of strawberry juice.
  • 9 drops of vanilla extract.
  • 9 cloves.
  • 9 rose petals.
  • 9 ounces of red wine.
  • 9 pink candles.
  • Jasmine incense.

How to Make a Love Potion

Start by casting your circle around the area you are cooking. Make salt and put the circle and the working area together. After you draw your circle, put the candles around the area and light them and the incense.

Put the pot on the heat source such as the stove or the oven. Put the wine in the pot and then add everything else, turning the stove on to medium or low heat. Stir the mixture together while you say, “Let the person who drinks this wine, give me love divine. Love potion number 9, let the love be forever mine.”


Let the mixture boil and then simmer. After you have done this, you need to let it cook for nine more minutes and then take it off the heat. Say the names of these goddesses while the potion cools:

  • Hator.
  • Freya.
  • Inanna.
  • Venus.
  • Arianrhod.
  • Nephthys.
  • Aphrodite.
  • Astarte.

Strain the mixture into the other pot and let the chunks be removed. Strain anything else that you have missed and then use a funnel to add the mixture to the glass bottle and put the lid on it. Seal it and put it into the fridge until you want to use it or serve it to your loved one.


  1. It is interesting to see how historical practices like potion-making are discussed in a modern context. The focus on ethics and proper understanding of ingredients is very important, ensuring that the practices are not harmful.

  2. The parallels drawn between ancient potion making and modern medicine are intriguing. It highlights how the understanding of natural ingredients has evolved over time. However, the ethical considerations surrounding love potions are crucial and deserve careful thought.

  3. This article provides a detailed guide on how to make a love potion, but it also emphasizes the importance of understanding the ingredients and their effects. The ethical aspect, especially in influencing relationships, cannot be overstated.

  4. The detailed recipe and instructions for making a love potion are quite thorough. The emphasis on testing ingredients and understanding potential interactions with medications highlights the need for a scientific approach even in traditional practices.

  5. The comprehensive instructions on how to create a love potion are fascinating. However, the caution about the ethical implications and the need to have a deep understanding of chemistry before using such potions stands out as the most important advice.


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