Why Love Spells Are Not Good for You


love spellsAre you tired of dating and thinking of using a love spell? I know someone who did this. He did a thorough research and is used to doing spell work. However, he was intensely educated on the topic by the results of his work. He did a spell listing of seven qualities he wanted in his next girlfriend. He got them BUT they came in seven different women! So now what? He decided to let nature take its course after that.


So the most obvious question is, “What went wrong?” He was not specific, yet even if he was, and dotted every “i” and crossed every “t,” would there have been some sort of flaw? My opinion is yes! Love and relationships are tools that affect us more deeply than any other. Those two aspects of life are the very foundation of experience and our existence here. So, of course, the greatest tool for our enlightenment lies in them.

When we look through the eyes of a psychic, we’re looking to see the future, to understand what is coming, or what is happening in the now. That seeking of clarity is an attempt to understand “God’s Will” or the nature of the universe as it stands. We are seeking wisdom and guidance. We use this information to affect control over our own life, to exercise our own free will.

We get into trouble when we try to take over the controls for other people! I really don’t believe that any type of “spell” works as we desire it to when we attempt to take over another’s free will. The very concept of “stealing” that person’s choice goes against natural laws or lessons we see in almost all of the religions or belief systems that exist. There is a big difference between religion and spirituality, yet in both it’s clear that to force your will on another is wrong. That is why I believe that no love spell could ever be specific enough to get you clearly and exactly what you want.


Let’s compare a love spell to the tale of the “Monkey’s Paw.” The bereaved mother wishes for her dead son to come back to life. When he does, he is not her son. He is a dead thing without a soul. If you get love or sex without that person’s total and willful permission, will it satisfy? No.

Where would you be on your path to enlightenment if you were to accept the situation and move on, rather than proving that love stolen, not given, is empty? As many children will attest, getting what you want whenever you want it does not insure happiness. Acceptance that only mutual love is rewarding will save you years of pain and suffering, and this will bring you more quickly to mutual, natural love and relationship!