Love Spells, Magic, and Reunion

Love Spells, Magic, and Reunion

Love Spells, Magic, and ReunionBe warned that practicing magic means that you have to take responsibility for what is wanted and what you are going to do. Love magic specifically, is very strong because of the emotions and energies surrounding love. Whatever magic is sent out will come back to you stronger, so cast carefully. In love magic, you must be positive for a positive outcome because manipulation will not be effective. Before getting started make sure you know what you want and desire and whether it is healthy.

Magic can be a useful tool, but love is about freedom for both partners so that you can both be happy and well. Even with magic, you need to work toward balance in a relationship for true satisfaction.

Knot Magic

  • Friday is usually the best day to do any kind of love magic, along with the color green for Venus or red if it is more strongly associated with you as a representative of love.
  • In the color of your choosing, you will need a new, clean, long silk string. Focus on exactly what you want, meditating on these things so that you remain calm and positively focused so the right energy is sent out.
  • Say the following out loud as you tightly bind a single knot in the string. “In the name of the love deities, Maria Magdalena, Erzulia, Venus, and Shiva, I am binding my dream love to me. I live in love, understanding, and harmony with ______. I am thankful to the gods for love, power, and accomplishment. So be it, so be it happening.” Now repeat this saying and knotting six more times.
  • After completing the ritual, burn the string with sandalwood in a fireproof pot and allow to cool. After cool, bury the ashes under a strong tree.

Voodoo Love Spells

This spell is when you desire someone’s love.

  • Preferably on a Friday, but always during a waxing moon, cast the spell. A scattering of orange flowers or honey on an alter can be helpful as can any tools you want to use to attract love.
  • Create two puppets from clay or white cloth to represent yourself and the loved one. Be specific to the gender and characteristics then fill them with fingernails or hair when possible. Spend your energy on this for effectiveness.
  • Using a piece of rope or a sideband in the color that represents love for you, tie the pieces together facing one another. Be gentle as you bind the two in harmony and love. Once this is complete, wrap the dolls in a pink scarf to keep in a safe place where they will not be bothered. If done in good faith then the results should soon be seen. If not, it can be repeated.

Magic Tips

Love magic that is used today can incorporate modern technology. Something such as a photos of the individuals that should be together can be stuck together with honey, placed under a red or green candle, and then visualized with positive thoughts can be effective. Surrounding yourself with items that bring about good memories of the person can further the feelings.

Ask for help in rebuilding the relationship from those who were with you during that time, but have passed on. Promise to do something meaningful for them and keep the promise. Also, call upon a god or goddess of love for help as you give them an offering.

Binding and knotting are the best for reuniting partners. Use items from each person, letters, photos, etc. to represent each. Once bound in a ritual, bury the items under a strong healthy tree. TO break a knot, toss the items in flowing water.

Cook a meal or bake sweet treats for the one you love to bring them closer. Take their tastes into consideration, but sweets are best. Whenever possible, add spices such as chili pepper to stimulate desire. If you do not cook well, practice and learn, the effort will be noticed. When using a ritual above, you can also add a single drop of your own blood.

Fruit, apples and oranges, are also great as gifts for the partner of your dreams. Before gifting the items, imbue them with your positive thoughts and pure intentions of love. Cherries or strawberries are also highly effective, but if your potential partner does not care for fruit, dark chocolate will work.

When casting spells of love, it is best during the waxing moon as love grows while the moon grows. Friday is also the best day, as explained above. Take the seasons into consideration and practice after sunset only when you are physically and psychically completely well. If you are unbalanced and cannot be alone then love will not find you with any spell.

Calling Your True Love

For those who are single and wanting to attract a good partner, you must first know exactly what you want in a partner so you can have clear and precise intentions.

  • Gather a nice romantic card that represents your love for a partner and write out all the qualities you wish for. Also gather a green candle and lighter.
  • Starting one day after the new moon, to continue until the second Friday, light the candle and let it burn during the ritual, then blow it out. This is repeated daily.
  • Make sure you are relaxed and focused during the ritual. Concentrate on the card and your potential partner, feeling what it would be like if they were by your side in that moment. Say aloud, “In the name of the goddess of love, Venus, come to my life”. Once again focus on the qualities written on the card and feel them toward yourself. DO this for each quality. End the ritual and repeat the next day.
  • On the second Friday, burn the card to ash and bury those ashes under a strong tree. Then forget about it and wait.

Relationship Harmony

For those in a relationship who are suffering from lack of harmony that want to find harmony again, try the following.

  • On the first day of the waxing moon, take two fast growing beans and whisper the names of you and your partner into each. Then place them in the ground.
  • Care for the plants daily. As they grow, twist the vines together as you visualize harmony growing between you and your partner. Take care to think of your partners needs as well as your own.

Candles and Roses

  • Using a photo of yourself and your dream partner, on a Friday, light a white candle or a red candle.
  • Pray the Lord’s prayer and then praise Mary Magdalene, Shiva, or Erzulia.
  • Place a fresh red rose on the alter while speaking your love wish and then sticking the photos together with candle wax. Immediately put the photos under the candle and meditate in a positive way about the dream relationship.
  • Once meditation is complete, take the candle, rose, and photos to bury under a strong healthy tree.

Power of Attraction

To increase the power of attraction for yourself, try the following.

  • Gather the best photo of yourself or have one professionally made, a goblet, honey, chili powder, water, a lighter, and green and dark blue candles. Keep together until a waxing half moon, preferably on a Friday or Sunday.
  • Cast a magic circle and purify the space. Start by lighting the green candle and saying the following: “Powers of love, please come to and awake through me”. Pray to a goddess of love of your choosing if desired.
  • Light the dark blue candle and speak, “Awaken the powers of attraction within me”. Start to fill the goblet with water as you speak, “May my powers of attraction arise with this water.” Add honey and chili powder for fire and sweetness.
  • Observe your photo as if you are looking at a stranger. See yourself as attractive and think of all the ways you can imagine, adding at least one you wish to become. Visualize yourself entering a room and hearing the nice things others are saying about you. Write these things on the photo. Now visualize exactly what you want in a partner, but be very specific for this ritual.
  • Once the image is fixed, breathe it into the filled goblet as you feel the energy within it. Drink the mixture and the ritual is finished. Place the photo near your bed where you can stare at it every evening and morning. On the full moon, burn everything into ash and let the ask fly into the air so the wish may be manifested.

Tape Spell: Getting an Ex Back

If your desire is to get back together with an ex, then this spell is for you.

  • Gather an oil burner with tea light, 2 teaspoons of water, ylang-ylang oil, light, a green or red candle (for love – 15-20 cm tall), an elastic band, a red and green tape, each 1 meter long.
  • During the second half of the waxing moon, best in springtime, create a magic circle. Place the water and 6 drops of oil on the burner and light the candle while praying to Mary Magdalene. Holding the green/red candle in both hands repeat the following, “I am offering my complete love to the maypole I hold in my hands so true love may come into my life just as spring follows winter”. Place the elastic band tightly around the lower part of the candle. Place the red tape under the rubber band and say, “My love is carrying and balanced”, then do the same with the green saying, “My love is lasting and strong”.
  • When this is done, say “Bring my true love to me”. Light the candle and pray with gratitude for what will be. Meditate on your love, then remove the tapes, bind them together and wear on your wrist. Continue wearing them until your dream partner is in your life.

Attraction Amulet

When wanting to attract someone, try the following.

  • Gather a jewel that you like to wear, a green candle, a nail, a lighter, and a sacrifice to Venus. Wait until a period of the waxing moon, best on a Friday or Sunday.
  • Cast a magic circle and purify the space. Call to the four archangels of the elements to help in the ritual. On the green candle draw the symbol for Venus and write your name with the nail. Light the candle speaking, “The power of love, Venus, please join this ritual”.
  • Hold the jewel in your hands as you visualize each of your attractive attributes one at a time. See them coming into the jewel to make it shine. Ask the archangels to charge the amulet with their four elements and ask Venus to make it shine for attraction.
  • When you feel it has been charged enough, place the jewel under the green candle. Thank Venus and the archangels as you meditate, then end the ritual by undoing the circle. Repeat this ritual as needed until the full moon. On that day, offer a sacrifice to the goddess of nature.

Protection from Unwanted Love Spells

To protect yourself from unwanted magic, self-knowledge is best. Ask yourself why you love or hate a specific person and know the answer. Knowing your own feelings protects you from magic, but being unaware opens you up. Meditate regularly to get to know yourself better. This daily introspection can help you grow in self-knowledge and remain protected.

There are times when unwanted magic is to blame for breaking up with a partner. Do not argue because this can make things worse. Try truth rituals to reveal what has happened during the full moon. Attraction caused by manipulation will never last. Wearing a magical amulet can also be very helpful for protection.