How to Do Cheaper Witchcraft


Doing witchcraft does not always have to cost a lot of money and some people choose to not do crafting because they are afraid that they will not be able to afford it. There are many magical spells that you can do that will not cost you anything. Here is how you can make your witch crafting cheaper:

Lessen Your Focus

When you want to make your witch crafting cheaper, one thing you can do is to focus more on traditions rather than spellcasting that includes all kinds of products. You can focus on one kind of magic such as manifesting, money magic, love magic or a magic that uses a certain tool of divination rather than many.

People that are new at crafting will often never find the magic that they love because they do not narrow down their magic and they are trying to do all different kinds of magic without having boundaries. This means that they will spend a lot of money trying to find the different mediums to base around their magic.

You may need to be a witch that only uses things such as plants or herbs or you might need to do things such as grow things in your garden. Find books that can work for you to save money and find resource that can help you to cut down on your costs.

Even though you are restricting yourself, this doesn’t mean that you have to do that forever. Once you start narrowing your magic and focusing on one certain subject, you can buy new things along the way without spending a lot at first and find new magic along the way.


Cornerstone practices are magic that you can use in almost all crafting. You can do rituals that use the full moon or ones that come each and every month. You can focus on this kind of magic and then you will see that you do not need to buy anything but focus your intentions on the moon.

You can do things such as cleansing rituals and other practices and you can find new things that are trending. Cornerstone practices allow you to try out new rituals and allow you to use your magic while you interact with the world around you. The magic will come from within you, and you will be able to do rituals and set your intentions as you use spells in your life.

Each week you can do things that are good for you such as taking salt baths or doing magic work that week. You can find different cornerstone magic to try, and you can find out what you need to do to make this happen. Here are some things you can follow to be stronger:

  • Do periodic practices, something that you can rely on such as weekly, monthly, or daily magic.
  • Set magical goals and if you don’t want to use your lunar cycle, then you should not use things such as the full moon to do your rituals. Don’t use ancestral practice as your cornerstone if you don’t want to talk to the spiritual world.
  • You need to do magic that you can access easily. This will make it cheap and easy for you and there are many crafting that do not require a lot of money.

Make a list of different cornerstone practices that you want to use. Try one and if it doesn’t work, don’t do it again and try something else until you feel that it works right for you. Some witches will use this process and will do it to practice things such as calling forth abundance.  This will help you to feel like you are living in your craft.

Work With Your Own Supplies

Everyone has things around the house that they can use in their magic. Find what you already have and see what kind of spells you can do with what you have. Even if you have non-magical tools, you can use them for things. If you have a soup pot, you don’t need a cauldron, use what you have. What kind of things can you grow in your home or in your garden that you can use when spellcasting? There are plants and weeds that you can use by just going out in nature and finding them.

Go out and look for rocks, crystals, and fossils. Go hiking and see what kind of supplies you can find for free. You can use things such as paint, knives, twine, and other things for spells. If you don’t have tarot cards, you can use bibliomancy with any books that you have at your house. A pendulum can be made with your favorite necklace and something hanging from it.

Stop thinking that you have to spend money to get what you want and find things around your home that can help you with your crafting. You will be surprised at the things that you can use to make your life and magic easier and less costly.

Make Goals

Many witches spend too much money because they don’t have good goals.  You need to have clear intentions when you go to do your magic. Just going out and buying things can end up costing you a lot of money and if you are going from one kind of magic to the next without setting real goals, chances are that you are going to spend much more money than you expected.

Set your goals and make sure that you spend less money on things and that you spend more time understanding your goals and your ideas.

Focus on your magic that allows you to increase abundance and to call love to your life. Once you reach your goals, you will see that you can do things such as money magic and you can learn to get more money to buy new resources. Sometimes you can use magic with the things that you have and as long as you use the tools that are available to you, you will not need more money for your magic.

Everyone has the chance to be creative. You can set goals and do lots of experiments and you can focus on your magic without spending all kinds of money along the way.

Buy The Things You Need

There might be some things that you really need to do your magic, and these are the things that you should go and buy. There are many witches that have many different tools, but they hardly use them. Unless you are an advanced witch, you do not need things like millions of unheard-of herbs or a wand and a robe to do your magic. You will see that as you make a list of the tools that you need, you probably can get away with buying a pencil, paper, and a candle to do your spells.

List the tools that you think that you really need and then get them. Make a list of things that you might like to have, and you can buy one thing at a time. You can do things that do not cost money such as carve your own symbols in your candle or use a stick to burn your incense. You don’t need to buy a bunch of herbs that you have never heard of because you probably will never even use them.

The best way to go about buying tools and ingredients is to first find out what you already have. Look at the places in your home such as your kitchen and your closet. Find out what kind of goals that you want to set and what kind of crafting you want to do.

Find spells that use what you have in your hands and then practice that spell. You might find that you only need an herb or two that you don’t already own. Choose a spell that allows you to buy herbs that you can get at the store or at the local farmers market. Find out what you have in your drawers that you can use as fancy tools.

When you are doing ancestor work, get some water out and know that you can replace a ritual chalice with a glass of water because water can be put in something that is fancy or something that you have in your cupboard.

You do not have to go out and buy every book that you can get and spend money on tools that you can use right from your house. Crafting is not about the books and not about the tools as much as it is to do with what is inside of you.

You have the power as a human being to do spells without having to spend a lot of money. Find ways that you can reach out and use these spells without going overboard in your spending habits.