Get anyone to fall in love with you with these 10 strong voodoo love spells

voodoo love spells

voodoo love spellsFinding true love is not easy. There is always someone you have a crush on, with or without their knowledge. And we know that love can make us do crazy things. You can always try a voodoo spell to get someone to love you. They are usually used to clear obstacles from your love path. Voodoo spells are cast by people with the power of LOA. During the spell casting, they open themselves to the power of LOA, which in turn assists them to get in connection with the spirits and channel their powers to cast a spell.

An object belonging to the person involved is also a requirement, and it has to be personal. However, most of the time hair sample is used. The effect of the spell come sin form of an amulet or portion that is issued to the person being bewitched, however, at times it works without if the spell is strong enough.

You should always ensure that the spell does not bring about negative effects on an individual. Some of these symptoms could be irreversible. With voodoo love spells, they should take effect immediately. Make yourself aware of the involved risks and below you will find some that you can actually try out.

  1. Spell by use of the name as your number

It requires one to know the first and last name, and exactly the number of letters they are made of.  These are your lucky numbers and you will need to engrave these numbers on the inner side of each underwear you own. This lucky number will enable you to draw and be in control of his energy. However, don’t tattoo the number on yourself as this would create a permanent bond and the consequences might not be so good.

  1. Spell by use of anointing voodoo oil

You can actually use normal cooking oil. Pour some in a cup, and drop one of your eyelashes in it and let it stay overnight. Next day you have to make him stick his index finger in the oil, and of course come up with an excuse like, am just trying to test your pulse. After that take his hand and place the same finger on your lips, applying the oil as you would do your lipstick. Then kiss him with both your lips locked.  This will make him kiss you more and treat you as his soulmate.

  1. Voodoo spell by candle wax

Script his name on the left half of a paper, four times as four is considered a power number in voodoo spells. Then you have to write your name five times on the other half. After that, you have to light a purple candle and ensure that four drops of wax fall on the paper with his name. fold the paper so that your names can touch and the wax will hold them together.  Purple represents red and blue colors in voodoo spells

Red is for the blood of humans bound together with the sky, which is blue. Place the paper in a disposable container, add water to cover up the paper then light a red candle on top of the paper. As the wax is melted and drips into the water, so will he be melting into your arms

  1. Using a voodoo doll

Considered one of the most powerful of all these spells. The doll should include his hair and clothes during construction. Look for clothes that have not been washed and glue his hair on the doll.

This doll works magic. It will have him under control and prevent him from having contact with someone else. If you can acquire a small lint from his belly button, this will make your spell even stronger. Whenever a woman feels like she needs her man, she can use this doll and pin it next to her pillow.

Exchange words with the doll as you go to bed and your man will get the message irrespective of the distance.

  1. The peacock lover spell

Another powerful one and is guaranteed to deliver true love to you.

You have tow rite the name of your loved one 13 times on paper, of any color. You will require a peacock feather for this one. Place the paper and the feather under your pillow and for 3 nights you have to mention the name of your loved one 13 times and on the fourth day, shower at night with proper oils.

During the shower focus on your strongest desires. After, you can remove the paper and feather and hide them. Then you have to ensure your loved one finds the feather. And if the spell required a touch to ensure the individual you’re bewitching is the first to touch the feather.

  1. Love spell voodoo

Very easy and popular and has immediate results. You will require a red rose and write the name of your crush on the petals. Then dip the petals in rose water and then throw them outside the house of your crush.

  1. Love spells from Haiti

You will require the victim’s hair. Place them in a plastic bag, face north and create a visual representation on the victim in your mind. Ensure the plastic bag is airtight and with the paper inside, throw it into a waterbody as you think about the victim. This takes about forty days for results to start showing.

  1. Love spells for bringing back the love that you lost

This is not for beginners in spells. It can, however, be used to bring back lost lovers.

Ignite a white candle and request Loa Erzulie for assistance with the love spell. Staring at the flame, ask Loa Erzulie to eradicate the negative energy between the two of you. Ignite a red candle and place it next to the white one

Use fruits, perfumes as offerings. Place them on a plate. Then pick the two voodoo dolls representing each one of you and place them as they face each other. Then request Erzulie to make your crush love you stronger.

As all these go on, bring the dolls together until their faces touch. Then use a red ribbon to bind the dolls together. Burry the dolls somewhere and forget about eh spells. Store away the candles and never use them then place a crystal below your bed.

  1. Try the Pombra Gira Spell

A very powerful one from Brazil. Light a candle and place offerings next to it like champagne or chocolates. You then need to dive into meditation as you imagine how you want someone to love you. Just remember it’s not reversible and results are almost instant.

  1. Fall in love spell form Egypt

The requirements are pink and red candles. Light hem them then on a piece of paper, indicate the name of your crush. Use gauze to tie the paper and add a drop of wax from each candle. Meditate and picture the other individual falling in love with you. Then you will hide or get rid of the candles when your wish finally comes true. This one ensures the almost immediate outcome.

Voodoo love spells are quite common nowadays and becoming a solution to many and their problems. When not used correctly they do have negative effects. Understand your spells correctly and consult professionals if need be. Ensure these spells do not cause any harm.


  1. The historical context of voodoo spells and their usage in matters of love is an interesting subject. It would be great to see more academic references.

  2. I’m intrigued by the specificity and complexity of these rituals. It raises questions about the ethical implications of using such spells.

    • Ethical considerations are indeed vital. The potential for irreversible effects mentioned in the article is especially concerning.

  3. While the descriptions are thorough, it’s important to approach such practices with caution. The potential psychological impact on both parties should not be underestimated.

  4. The notion of using personal objects and hair samples strikes me as invasive. One must consider the privacy and consent of the individuals involved.

  5. The article provides a detailed overview of various voodoo love spells. Fascinating to see the different cultural approaches and rituals described.


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