Follow A Spell That Spells Love


     It’s been debated if spells are effective or we’re just wasting money on it. The quick love spells are the ready at hand solutions for love related issues. It is said that the quick love spells are safe and very effective, though their impacts are short lived. A well known psychic offers you a detailed account of quick love spells to cast on your lover.

Dream Come True
To make your dream come true we provide you with a very handy love spell which can be done in a short time. Take a chunk of any pink stone (supposedly rose quartz or pink marble will do) accompanied by pink candle and better if rose incense is used.

In the absence of rose incense you can meditate by looking at a rose picture and imagine about the rose scent. Once the materials are collected and gathered, light the candle and chant the spell, “I Am Open To Love”, “Love Will Come To Me, Bring My Love To My Life”. After you have said this, hold the pink stone in your power hand (the one with which you write) and see it glowing with pink light and feel the aura of love. Repeat this thrice and make sure you carry the pink stone with you always and you will feel the result within a month.

To Attract a Love
Play your romantic music and make sure that the music is purely associated with the person you want to attract and not with some one else. It is important to keep a few specific people out of your mind while you perform this love spell. Light a colored candle that represents you through your favorite color, on a sheet of cardboard, and light red or pink candle to identify the love of your life. Draw a heart with a red crayon or a magic marker around the red candle. Rekindle the candles in the evening and as soon as you light the candle move them closer to each other, so that on the last day the candles are closest to each other. Continue to do this for approximately a week or until you get the desired result.

Romance Magnet Oil

2 drops of ylang ylang oil, 2 drops of sandalwood oil, 2 drops of clary sage oil.

Rub Romance Magnet Oil on a pink candle and burn it for 3 hours a day to attract your lover towards you. Continue this process, until the person shows some interest or makes an advance. If this is used for an existing relationship, then it can be ended with the establishment of harmony and stability. If there’s no one special in mind then you can just burn the candle until a real relationship is established. Remember to snuff the candle instead of blowing it off as the spirit residing in the candle may get affected and blowing off the candle will also blow away your wishes and prayer at the same time.

You can follow the instructions that are mentioned below regarding the Instant Love Spells. This love spell is only meant for those people who want to win the love of the person whom they admire.


  1. 7 Rose petals
  2. 7 Drops of rose oil
  3. 7 Seed kernels
  4. A stone or dirt
  5. A metal/silver ring
  6. 7 of your hairs and the hairs must be plucked out
  7. Leaf (fresh/dried) of a tree or a plant and it should be 23/4 inches in height.
  8. A flowerpot
  9. Thin thread or rope
  10. Thin paper
  11. A picture of your lover
  12. Any object that has been or is still used by your lover or has been touched by your lover.
  13. Cloth bag (optional).


  1. Roll the seven hairs in the leaf.
  2. Wind the leaf with the thin thread and while winding be careful to leave a length of the thread in order to tie the ring with seven knots
  3. Place these items into the thin paper or cloth bag.
  4. Place the 7 rose petals on the top, then place the picture of your beloved and then place the object that is used or has been touched or used by your lover and then finally, place the dirt or the stone.
  5. Tie the bag, tightly.
  6. Place the bag into the flowerpot and cover it with dirt
  7. Plant the seed kernels in this dirt
  8. Put 7 drops of rose oil on the dirt.
  9. On the right side of your window keep the flowerpot and each and every week water it seven times.
  10. See instant results as soon as the seeds begin to grow.