Using Techniques to Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

There are different techniques that you can use to change your mind and to help you to embrace your psychic giftings. These things can help you to meditate better and help you to be stronger in all that you do.

Some psychics will see that they have these special abilities even when they are a child. They can talk with the spirit world and see things around them that others cannot see.

Alpha Mind

The alpha mind is measured in the EEG where the mind will go 14 to 7 different cycles each second. This is how your brainwaves move and how the alpha brain will come. Most people lose their alpha brain past age 7 and this is a time when the brainwaves will get faster, and the thinking skills will become stronger.

Once you learn how to slow your mind down and to stay calm, you can figure out how to train your brain. Psychics are able to manage their brain through their alpha waves. They can do this without realizing that they are increasing their giftings.

The brain waves of the alpha will open up the mind and will help you to be more creative. It will help you to find life full of coincidences and synchronicities.

One of the best ways that you can increase your giftings is to learn how to keep your mind in the alpha state. You can train your mind to help you to increase your giftings and this can be done with hypnoses and other techniques.

Being in a semi-hypnotic state can help you to get information that can help you to build your subconscious mind. You can see that you can reach your alpha state and you can use mind techniques to help you to move forward in your life and your gifts.

Formulating different alpha techniques can help you if you have clairvoyance as a gift. This can help you to function better and to live a happier life.

Meditation Tips

If you want to reach your alpha state of mind, there are different things that you can do in order to be stronger in your giftings.

Meditation with Red

Imagine that you see red coming all through your body and from your body. Imagine that the color absorbs every part of your being.

Breathe deeply and let the color embrace you while you talk about reaching our alpha mind.


Imagine that you are seeing the color orange running through you. Imagine it filling your whole body.


As you breathe deeply, imagine the color yellow coming out of all parts of your body and filling your room.


Let the green color come from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Imagine the color going all over your body.


Let the blue color embrace you and flow through your body as you absorb it. Imagine a blue mist around you.


Imagine that a purple mist is covering you all over your body and is coming as you breathe in and out.


Let the color violet come up from your feet and out of your belly. Imagine a mist around you covering you.


Make sure as you are imagining the colors that you relax and that you keep your eyes gently focused on what your mind is imagining.

Alpha Meditation

When you use the alpha state of mind tips you can reach a place that helps you to meditate and have all the power that you need to be strong.

Alpha State

You can know that you are in an alpha state when you find that you can meditate and be calm. You can also get an EEG machine and use the band to tell you where your brainwaves are.

Muse Brain Sensing

You can find a Muse Brain sensing headband if you look online. These can come with different sounds like ocean sounds that allow you to wonder into a state of mind that is beyond where you are.

Pay attention to your progress and make sure that you are finding the right products to help you reach where you want to be.


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