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Real Love Spells That Rock!

Love Spells

Love spells are used to help people to figure out their relationship situation from a breakup to negative energy that surrounds them in love. Some people will use white magic which is a positive thing while others use black magic which is negative.

There are different kinds of love spells, and some are binding, obsession, marriage and other spells that change relationships. Spells can require certain ingredients or items but there are also love spells that just use words.

You should make sure that you are using the love spell wisely because it can come back to you, and you should find a professional spellcaster to help you if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

Spellcasting is a service that psychics do, and you can find them on psychic websites. Not every psychic is going to be able to do love spells but there are many that know how to do certain rituals.

Tarot card readings, for example, are done by a psychic and they have to use the cards to help you find direction, but spellcasting is something that takes action and makes something happen or change in the universe. This can sound exciting, but you should always be careful.

Free Love Spells

Love spells are used in the spiritual world and can help to change your love life. There are things that can be done in almost every category of love when it comes to magic. Some spells are more popular than others and there are many people that know these types of love spells such as:

  • Marriage spells.
  • Obsession spells.
  • Attraction spells.
  • Crush spells.
  • Commitment spells.
  • Honey jar spells.
  • Candle spells.
  • Picture love spells.
  • Paper love spells.
  • Rose love spells.

Marriage Love Spells

Marriage love spells can make your partner propose to you if marriage doesn’t seem close or it can help to rekindle your romance.

These spells work by using things like flowers that are white such as spathiphyllum that represent or symbolize a wedding dress. You also use these flowers to make a tea for your loved one that they will drink to make the spell work.

Obsession Spells

These are often seen as negative spells because they take away the free will of someone. If you are desperate for love, you can use a picture of the person that you want to fall for you and do this spell.

This spell works by taking a picture of the one that you want to love and putting it behind a red candle. Write the spell down on paper and then burn it with the red candle and let the smoke go over the picture. Do this at midnight to make it more powerful.

Attraction Spells

Attraction spells use the Law of Attraction which says that you can connect someone that is alike you in certain ways. You have to know the person that you are using this spell on for it to work.

It is best to do this when the moon is in its first lunar cycle. You will need to do this when the moon is growing like you want your love to grow. Pick a small sachet and put in paper that has the spell written on it, a psychic item like a flower or a crystal that is relative to what you want the spell to do and then put the sachet under your pillow for seven nights.

Crush Spells

Rather you have someone that likes you or you want someone to crush on you, you can use the bathtub spell to help you and to get your crush closer to you.

You need to put water, a glass of milk, essential oils and rose petals in your bathtub. You can also use rose quartz crystal to make the spell stronger. Find a pink candle that has never been used and put everything in the water but the candle. Get in to take a bath and relax as you think about you and your crush being together. Light the candle and stay in as long as you need to.

After your bath, take the rose petals and let them air dry and then put them on a plate or a sachet in your room, hidden.

Commitment Spells

Some people feel the need to use this spell because their partner no longer seems committed to them. If you’re married, you might want to use this spell so that your partner doesn’t get distracted about your relationship or if you aren’t, you might want someone to commit to you.

This is an effective spell that uses no ingredients and all you have to do is to clear your mind and use visualization to imagine you and your partner in a committed relationship for the long-term. Do this spell when the moon is full and on a Friday night and repeat it for a month each time the moon is full.

Honey Jar Spells

One very known spell is the honey jar spell. This is one that uses a chant to make your relationship with your partner sweeter.

You take a piece of paper and write the name of the person you like three times and what you want to happen in the relationship. Make sure you are very clear. Then fold the paper three times and put it in a jar of honey. Mix the paper and the honey and then put the spoon that you used in tea and sip the tea while you say, “Be as sweet as honey to me.”

After you drink your tea, put the lid on the honey and bury it where no one will find it and close to flowering plants to symbolize love that is blossoming, if possible.

Candle Spells

Candles are often used for spells, and this is white magic. For this one, use a pink candle to make your relationship stronger.

Take a pink candle that has never been used and light it. Write your name and your partners name on paper and put a circle around it. Close your eyes and imagine that you have such passion with your partner and together your love is amazing. Say, “we are together, and we are united in your mind, body and soul.” Take the paper and burn it in the candle. Do this for seven nights in a row to make it more powerful.

Picture Love Spells

One of the best ways to do a spell is to use a picture. This can help to rekindle love and can help to make you and your partner have a strong connection.

Wait until midnight before you do this spell because that’s when the energies are strong. When you are in a dark room, put a picture of your partner close to you and then light a pink or red candle. Let this be the only light in the room. Say and write on a piece of paper, “We are the best partners romantically and we love to hug and kiss.”  Burn the paper in the candle and when there is no smoke left the spell is set.

Paper Love Spells

Love spells on paper are very powerful and all you need is a piece of paper and a candle to make the love spell work. This can be used to help attract a partner for you. This doesn’t require any hard-to-find ingredients.

Light the new candle that you have bought, red or pink, works best because this candle means love, and add some essential oils such as rosemary or lavender to call forth positive energies. Write down what you want in a soulmate and even how they look and act. Write down how you and your soulmate will meet each other and be very detailed.

Burn the paper in the candle while thinking about the love that you will have with this person and then wait for it to happen.

Rose Love Spells

Roses are often used in love spells because love and roses go together. This is a love spell that can make your relationship more loving and romantic.

Put water in the tub and put rose petals, vanilla extract, and a piece of rose quarts in the water. Put four candles, preferably red or pink, at each of the corners of the tub. Get in the tub and light the candles and then relax as you imagine what you want in your partner.

After you get out of the tub, put the rose petals in a bowl and let them dry out while they are by your bed and you’re sleeping.

Where Did Love Spells Come From?

Love spells are something that have been around since ancient times. They use either white or black magic and it is a craft that many people are focused on.

Love spells were first mentioned in the East around 2200 BCE. There were also records in Ancient Egypt, Roman Britain, and Germanic tribes. Later, during the Renaissance, witchcraft and spells became popular again and was practiced.

In the 20 and 21st centuries, people became interested in spellcasting again and there were many books written and songs made such as “Love Potion No. 9” and many more. This was built around spells and magic. Then movies such as “Hocus Pocus,” and “Harry Potter,” became popular making the craft even more exciting.

Why Use Love Magic?

Love spells are there to help you if you’re marriage is failing or if you need your partner to be more romantic. It can be exciting to have your partner propose to you and sometimes a spell can make that happen even faster. Here are some of the reasons people use love magic:

  • Failing Relationship: When love and passion leave a relationship or there is a chance of divorce, some will turn to love spells so that they can regain interest in each other.
  • Getting Back with an Ex: When you want to get back with someone that the relationship ended, using a spell might help. There can still be a connection there that the love spell makes stronger.
  • Getting Revenge: This isn’t a great reason to use a spell because it can come back to you, but some will use a spell to get back at an unfaithful partner or to hurt someone. It’s best not to use black magic at all.

Casting Love Spells

There are right and wrong ways to do love spellcasting and you should always seek out the right way or find a professional spellcaster when you are deciding to go this route. They are people that know how to use magic and how to make it work the right way without any repercussions.

Here are some other things to consider before casting a spell:

  • Research It

Make sure that you know everything about the spell and the risks of it before you ever consider casting one. Also, you can seek a psychic that can help you and this doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Make sure that you do all the research you can before you ever start.

  • Clear Your Mind

You need to make sure that you have a clear mind before you cast a spell. You shouldn’t smoke or drink before doing a ritual and some professionals believe that you should do a ritual on an empty stomach.

  • Believe

One of the most important things to doing a spell is believing that it’ll work. If you don’t believe that it will work, don’t waste your time. Be positive and keep a positive mind even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

  • Be Realistic

Don’t expect a love spell to have some kind of crazy outcome. Also, you might have to try and try again to make it work. Don’t expect that the spell will work every time or even the first time.

  • Be Ethical

There are ethics when it comes to spellcasting just like everything else. You shouldn’t do magic to take away anyone’s free will and you should make sure that you are being ethical when you do a spell. The universe can use the “threefold law” and send whatever you cast on someone back to you. Always be careful and never use negative energy to do magic.

  • Set Your Intentions

Even if you get a professional to help you, you will have to set your intentions on what you want. You need to make sure that the spell that you are casting is going to fit in with your life and your goals. Using a professional spellcaster can help you to avoid outcomes that are negative.

Risks of Spellcasting

White love spells are not going to have negative energies associated with them and so they should be relatively safe. Spells that are going to harm others can come back to you negatively and you should never use them.

You should know what you are doing, what your goal is and what spell is the best before you ever start so that you avoid anything negative.

Love spells can go wrong even if they have white magic and here is why:

  • Backwards Spellcasting

You might have a crush on someone and use the spell and they might already be attracted to you. Once you do the spell it can take away their attraction and they might not ever notice you again.

  • Obsession

Some love spells are so strong that it can cause someone to have an unhealthy obsession with you. If this happens then you will make a mistake and they will only be able to have eyes for you.

  • Dependency

Sometimes love spells make people too dependent on love and they aren’t able to grow and take care of themselves. When there is too much love it can cause you to feel bothered and annoyed.

  • Mental or Physical Issues

If a spell backfires it can cause you to have mental or physical issues. You might have mental problems like stress, depression or anxiety or you might have problems with your heart, kidneys, or liver.

  • Different Spells

The person that you are casting a spell on might have other love spells already cast on them. If they do it can cause, there to be wrong attitudes and cause the person to become ill.

Do Love Spells Work?

Some love spells work right away for some people and some love spells don’t work for people at all. It is hard to say if your love spell will work or not.

How to Pick the Right Spells

You need to really think through what you want before you pick a love spell to cast. This is why it is good to get a professional to help you decide.

Love Spells at Home

You can do love magic anywhere that you’re at. Some spells don’t need anything but your energy and these are spells that are easy to use.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is a popular spellcasting technique and can help you to reach your goal. Red and pink are the two love candles that you should consider when casting candle magic for love.

How Long Do Spells Last?

Love spells can last a long time or a short while and it depends on the spell and how often the spell is repeated.

Finding Love Spells

You can find love spells online or you can talk to a love spell caster to help you to find the right spell for you.

Breaking Love Spells

If you don’t want to be a love spell anymore then you can break it, but this is harder to do than even casting a love spell. The best is to talk to a psychic to help you.

Final Thoughts

Love spells are something that have been around since ancient times and they are very popular now. Doing love spells can help to make your love stronger but you need to make sure that you are doing the right spell and that you know what you’re doing. Set your own priorities and goals and make sure that you are desiring just what you are asking the universe to do.

Relationship spells are popular for psychics, and you can always connect to a psychic to help you to reach your goals and to do spellcasting. As long as you have a good attitude, and you approach the spell with clear intentions then you can probably see good results.

Why to Not Use a Honey Spell

Honey Spell

Spells are something popular and many people turn to spells to find love. There can be dangers when using a spell and this is when you use magic to manifest love and people into your life. Some believe that you can have bad karma when you turn to using spells.

Honey Spell

Honey spells are spells that can help you to attract love in your life. If you do it right, the person might become obsessed with you. People will use honey and they will draw a cross on their tongue. When this happens, the honey will get someone to start thinking about you.

When you get the honey out, you should be thinking about the person right away and who you want to be obsessed with you. Say things like, “They are going to be obsessed with me,” or, “they are going to keep texting and calling me.”

The honey is then put on the tongue in the shape of a cross and this is a popular spell that is being seen all over TikTok and other social media outlets. When doing this spell, you have to make sure that you don’t doubt what could happen and that you are being positive.

Hispanic and Latino People

This new trend is saying that the spell is only for Hispanics and Latinos. They are warning that those that are not of these cultures should avoid doing these spells. This is a kind of witchcraft that is native to Afro and Latin Americans.

They believe that if you aren’t Hispanic then you won’t be able to do the spell and you will get in trouble with it.

Bringing Negative Karma

Doing this spell can bring negative karma and can backfire. The person that is thinking about the spell can cause it to backfire by bringing negativity to their life. The spell can cause negativity and doing the spell is not recommended because it will bond the person to you forever.

There are some people that have done this spell and seen that it backfired. It can cause a person to obsess over you and think about you all the time. What happens when someone is constantly thinking about you and can’t eat or sleep? This can make them sick, and this is one way it can backfire.

You can undo or fix this spell by emptying the jar of honey to stop the person from having to be obsessed with you. By taking all the honey out of the jar and putting it on the earth, the spell can be broken.

Final Thoughts

There are people that believe that the spell works for them and that it doesn’t always cause there to be an obsession. Other people believe that the spell can backfire and can cause the relationship to be hard.

Getting Rid of Love Spells

Getting Rid of Love Spells

Have you ever felt like a love spell was put on you and you want to figure out how to reverse it or get rid of it? Sometimes when someone casts a love spell or when we cast our own love spells, we realize that we might not want this spell on us after all.

Getting a tarot card reading can help you to know if you have a spell on you or not. Here are some differences in removing, reversing, or breaking a love spell completely:

  • Removing a Spell

You remove the curse from yourself or from someone else.

  • Reversing a Spell

Do this by sending the spell back to the person that cast it on you.

  • Breaking a Spell

You can order the spell to break.

When to Get Rid of a Love Spell

Here are some times to get rid of a love spell:

  • Moon Phase

During the moon phases magic is more powerful. You can do your best removal of spells during the waning or full moon phase. The reason that people will use the full moon sometimes is because it is a time of endings. When you are ready to move on and to end something in your life that is toxic for you, the full moon can help.

Full moons can be emotional, and this is what can help to make your spell more successful. Other people will do a removal during a dark moon.

  • Removing a Love Spell

You can do removals of love spells, but this isn’t always easy. You have a better time removing one from yourself than removing one from another person because you are the one that is in control of your own body, and this makes a connection to the spell.

If you are trying to remove a spell from someone else, it might take time and there has to be different forms of separation.

Removing the Spell On Yourself

You can use this spell with dirt or salt so that you can make the energies neutral, and this can allow the energy to be absorbed. 


  • Dirt or salt.
  • Mirror.

Doing a Removing Spell On Yourself

Here is how to do a removing spell on yourself:

  • Sprinkle the dirt or salt in the tub.
  • Put the mirror in it.
  • Say, “Dirt or salt, I need you to reverse this spell from my body.”
  • Let the bath water out and clean the tub.
  • Bury any remains outside.
  • Put the mirror under a tree and face the reflect away from the house.

Removing Spell on Someone Else

You can do this spell on a different person to remove a love spell. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Rose petals.
  • Pink and white candle.
  • Picture of the person with the spell.

Doing a Removing Spell on Someone Else

Here is how to cast this spell:

  • Light the pink and white candles.
  • Put the picture of the person with the spell between the candles.
  • Hold the rose petals in your hand and say, “I release you,” three times and then say, “so mote it be.”
  • Put the rose petals in a jar and put it by the bed until the spell is broken.
  • Let the candles stay lit until they burn out.

Then What?

Once you do a removal spell you need to wait. Here are some things that you can do to make things stronger:

Close the circle:

Make sure that you always close your circle after doing a spell. Tell it to close and thank the spirits for helping you.

  • Cleanse Your Area

Cleanse your space by smudging and smudge yourself. Use sage to cleanse.

  • Protection Circle

Cast a protection circle to keep yourself safe. You can sprinkle salt around your house if you need extra protection.

  • Black Tourmaline

When you feel that you need extra protection, try to keep black tourmaline around you or wear it as jewelry.

Do Love Spells Work?

Yes. Love spells work and that is why sometimes they need to be broken. Make sure that you are being safe when you cast magic so that you don’t get yourself in a mess.

Do You Have a Spell On You?

It can be hard to know if you have a love spell or any other spell cast on you. The best way to tell is if you start acting different and you don’t feel in control of yourself. It can also show you this if you seem out of character.

Your actions will only change slightly, and this is why it can be hard to know. Talk to a psychic if you feel that you are under a curse.

How Long Do Love Spells Take to Work?

Love spells can take different times to work, and it depends on the spellcaster and the spell.

Using Black Magic

Black magic can be used to cause problems in someone’s relationship, but this is dangerous to use, and you need to be careful because it can come back on you.

Can You Put a Love Spell On Someone?

Yes. You can cast your own spells, but you need to make sure that you know how to do them before you ever start.

Can Love Spells Backfire?

Yes, love spells can backfire and that is why its so important to know what you’re doing. Make sure that you cannot change a person or force them to do anything and by trying this, you are trying to take away free will.

Using Manifestation or Wish Spells

Manifestation or Wish Spells

Witches believe that you can create magic and make your life more positive. This happens because they know that the world is made up of energy and the frequency that they send out can improve the energies around them.

People cast spells to make changes happen in the spiritual and the physical. Casting a love spell means that you want to see something change in your life. Other people cast spells for luck or for money, hoping to see changes.

Wish spells are one of the easiest and most effective spells that a person can cast. This kind of spell says that you can wish for anything from finding someone to fall in love with you or to help you come into some money.

Wish spells are the same as manifestation spells because you are sending a desire into the universe to see something happen. You can make the spell work for whatever is going on in your life.

What to Know About Wish Spells

Before you ever cast a spell, here are some things that you need to know so that you can cast your spell and see results:

  • Set Specific Intentions

Write down your wish on a piece of paper or even on a bay leaf. Don’t make your wish too long but be as specific as you can. You can do this and when you add what you want exactly, you can see that you can get what you want.

  • Is Your Wish Possible?

Some wishes are physically possible, and some might not be. If you are trying to cast a wish that uses so much energy that it is physically impossible, it won’t work. Energy will go where it is easiest to go and if you want your wish to work, make sure that your intention is possible.

You should also cast wishes that are reasonable. Don’t ask to find a million dollars tomorrow because this wish uses too much energy to see it work. You should keep your dreams big but not impossible.

  • Be Positive

Always make sure that you are positive even when you are casting your wish and saying it. Here are some things you can say to make your wish positive:

  • I want a partner that loves me.
  • I want a job where I can be challenged and enjoy it.
  • I want to find the perfect place to live.

These wishes are just examples, and you can make a wish on money, your job, or anything. Be careful how you word your wish and make sure that you are wording it in the present tense. Don’t eve include negative things such as, “I hope I can find someone that isn’t difficult.” Instead say, “I hope I can find someone that loves me or that is fun.”

Wishes That Work

Wishes want to cast spells that are going to work just like they wished but the spell doesn’t always go that way. A spell or a wish should be something that is up to you, but you need to make sure that you are focusing on what you want.

Some spells will work well, and others might not work as easily as others. You have to find what you desire and reach your own reality.

Casting a Wish or Manifestation Spell

You can cast a manifestation or wish spell by sending it into the universe. Here is one that you can cast easily:


  • White candle.
  • Dried bay leaves.
  • Pen or marker.
  • Fireproof bowl.

You can also choose a different colored candle depending on what you are wanting. You can substitute a black candle with the white candle if you don’t have one and the spell can still work. The power of the candle works on your intentions. Here are some candle colors and what they can do:

  • Red: Passion, love, and action.
  • Orange: Fertility, self-esteem, abundance, and safety.
  • Yellow: Kindness, memory, logical, safety.
  • Green: Money, fertility, prosperity.
  • Blue: Calmness, safety, depression, success.
  • Purple: Power, psychic gifts, memory, dreams.
  • Pink: Love, affection, trust.
  • Brown: Stabilization, protection, finding lost things.
  • Grey: Emotional balance, compromising.
  • Black: Negativity, forgiveness, relationships.
  • White: Purity, protection, clarity, healing.
  • Gold: Recognition and success.
  • Silver: Awakening of gifts, visions, goals.

You can use a pink candle to get love, but you can also use this for friendship. You can also use yellow to replace the pink and still get the same thing if you don’t have a pink candle when doing your spell. Use your intuition to guide you when you are choosing the color of the candle.

Casting the Spell

Make sure that you find a quiet place to do your magic and make sure that you and your space are cleaned. You can do whatever cleansing method you like. Always cast your circle and make a bubble for protection.

Some spells require you to do them at the full moon to make the magic stronger and when you cast spells, you need to make sure that you follow those rules. The universe will always help you.

If you have a spell that requires you to burn things in the candle, always be careful that you don’t burn yourself or start a fire. Keep a bowl of water close just in case.


Start by getting out your bay leaf and writing your wish on the leaf. Be as specific as you can be and then:

  • Light the candle.
  • Concentrate on the energy of the candle.
  • Put your hands over the bay leaf.
  • Meditate for about 5 minutes.
  • Say your wish out loud.
  • Hold the leaf carefully and burn it in the candle.
  • Put the leaf in the firesafe bowl.
  • Let the candle burn until it burns out.

If the bay leaf doesn’t completely burn out, try to light it with a match or a lighter to get it all burnt up. It should just be ashes when you are done. This is important because it’s the only way to release the intentions into the universe.

Once the spell is cast, let nature take over. This spell can be done multiple times and you can use it for different topics by changing your candle and your intentions. Wait for a while though before you repeat the same spell because you need to give it time to work.

How to Make the Spell Stronger

Someone that uses positive affirmations can make this kind of spell stronger by using them. This can help you to believe in the spell even more and can help you to manifest your desires. You can charge this spell by using the affirmations and by saying what you wrote on the left.

This can be done out loud so that you can get it into the universe stronger. If you want to say it to yourself, you can do that as well but just listen to what the universe is telling you.

You don’t have to do this part but sometimes this can make the spell more powerful and full of energy and if you want to see the spell come to life, this can be a good thing to try.

You can also draw a sigil on your candle before you do the spell. Some people don’t do this, but some will do it to make their intentions stronger and to raise their energies. You can also use your own oil to anoint your candle before you do the spell. Find oils online that work with the kind of spell that you want to cast.

What if the Spell Doesn’t Work?

There can be many reasons that a spell doesn’t work. This can happen for different reasons but just because the spell doesn’t work right away doesn’t mean it isn’t working. You can manifest changes in your life, and you can keep meditating to keep the spell circulating. There are some different reasons that your spell might not work but here are some tips:

Practical Wishes

The first reason that a spell might not work is because it might not be practical. You might have done the spell right but asked for a wish that was impossible to come true. Always be mindful about what kind of wishes that you send into the universe.

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Witchcraft


Witchcraft is something that has been around since ancient times. When you first start learning it, it can be hard because there is so much information. There are some mistakes that people first learning witchcraft often make. Even though making a mistakes is a learning thing, these things can cause your spells to not work and cause other problems in your life.

Here are some mistakes to try and avoid:

  • Not Putting in the Work

A spell won’t work if you don’t put the work in. If you are waiting for your spell to work and to be perfect but you don’t want to put any work into it, chances are that the spell won’t work. You have to make sure that you aren’t ignoring opportunities that come your way because this can be the universe sending the opportunities so that you can get what you desire.

When you cast a spell, make sure that you are putting as much effort into it as you can so that it will work.

  • Spending Too Much Money

Some beginner witchcraft workers think that they need to have every supply that has ever been made before they ever cast a spell. Instead of spending a bunch of money on different ingredients, try to just start out with candles, some string, crystals and maybe some incense.

Once you have cast some spells, you will know more what kind of ingredients that you need. Try out different ones and find out which ingredients are a must have.

  • Not Having Enough Ingredients

Just like buying too many ingredients, you need to make sure that you have enough. You need to make sure that you aren’t trying to substitute ingredients and that you are using what the spell calls for. Some will tell you that substituting is okay and if it says it is then that is fine but if it doesn’t then don’t do the spell until you have everything it calls for.

  • Inner Energy Work

There are some witches that are strong but some need to make sure that they are keeping their energies up before doing any kind of spell. It is important that you raise your own energy so that your spell will work.

Try to meditate or use crystals to help increase your energies before you ever start doing any kind of spellcasting.

  • Keep On the Defense

You need to make sure that you are strong and protected when you are doing any kind of magic work. Defensive spells are there to help you to be strong and to be safe. Always cast your circles when you are doing magic. Do this so that you will be protected and do it before every spell even if you are confident in yourself.

  • Casting Boring Spells

If there is a spell that you don’t care anything about or you find boring, the best thing is to not cat it. You have to put energy behind your spells and if you feel that you can’t do that because you are bored with it, you probably won’t get a true outcome.

  • Doing Readings But Not Increasing Your Gifts

There is so much out in the world that you can learn and if you are reading but you aren’t taking any action to better yourself or to increase your gifts then you probably aren’t learning what you need to learn.

There are different readings, tools, and other things out there about spellcasting and you can learn so much. Make sure that you are doing your best to become the best witch ever.

  • Wanting Spells to Work Right Away

You can want a spell to work instantly but you shouldn’t expect that to happen. Magic takes time to work and if you are casting spells then you need to know that sometimes they won’t work right away, and this is okay.

  • Finding Random Spells Online

Some spells online are not good spells, and they aren’t even logical. Before you do a spell, look into what is being used and what kind of magic it is. You need to make sure that you are using spells that are specific and that feel right in your intuition.

Use your intuition and logic before you ever pick a spell to cast. If something don’t feel right, don’t do it.

  • Believing Everything You Read

Everything that you read isn’t true. If you didn’t know that then you do now. There are many sites and online information out there that is not going to be true. Make sure that you are paying attention to what you are reading and that you are being smart in what you believe.

Don’t expect everything that you find online to be true and use your intuition to guide you in these circumstances.

  • Using Positive Affirmations Instead of Using Witchcraft

Witchcraft is magic and practicing spells and other things. Some people will fall into the idea that saying positive affirmations is going to get them what they want but that isn’t always the case.

To cast a spell, you need to do some kind of action to make it happen. It doesn’t always have to have tools or ingredients, but it will call for some kind of action to release the energy into the universe.

Some beginner witches will think that saying positive affirmations means that they are casting spells. You have to get energy from different sources, and this can be from herbs or from a candle and these energies will combine with your own internal energy to help you cast spells.

Final Thoughts

If you are new and you are doing witchcraft, don’t worry about mistakes that you might make. Everyone will make mistakes when they first start out but just learn from it. Everything that you do is going to be part of your journey so embrace it and learn from it.

How to Know Your Spells Are Working

Change in Mood

Love spells are a great way to get the love of your life or to get your crush to notice you. If you want to be with someone and you don’t think that they notice you, spellcasters can cast spells on you that can make them notice you exist.

Spellcasters can do spells that start working right away and others will give you advice and do love spells that take a little time.

Understanding Love Spells

Love spells are spells that use white or black magic. They are forces of nature that can make someone more attracted to you. This is something that has been around since ancient times, and it has been passed down from generation to generation.

There are love spells that can make someone fall for you but sometimes they don’t work. You can find love spells that do work and there are spellcasters that will help you to do these spells. The good thing about finding a spellcaster is that they can do their spells right over the internet.

Before you do a spell, you need to understand the spell and how spellcasting works. Notice that spell casting isn’t a joke and isn’t a trick and you need to make sure that you are following the spell step by step and that you have all the right ingredients. If you can’t do this, then talk to a spellcaster.

Do Love Spells Really Work?

Love spells have been around for many years, and they do work. A spellcaster will provide a service for you and you will start to see signs that the spell is working.

You need to know that for a love spell to work that you need to make sure that you have a strong intention. You can look for signs that your love spell is working and sometimes the signs are big but sometimes they will be very subtle. Here are some signs they are working:

  • Change in Mood

A love spell that works right away will make your mood change. If you feel happy out of nowhere and for no reason, chances are that this is the spell working. This is a good sign that you have picked the right spell.

Finding love spells that work will make you feel joy in your heart and will cause there to be mood changes that bring you peace and happiness. Notice your emotions and see what you are feeling.

You should never overreact when your crush talks to you and make sure that you are being calm and kind and that you are keeping your emotions in check. You don’t want them to know that you are doing a spell on them. If you feel tired and weak after you get a love spell cast, this is something that happens because of the energy that you use at the time.

  • Dreaming

Another sign that the love spell is working is that you will have dreams. You might start dreaming of your crush or you might be having the same dream over and over again.

The dream world is important because it allows you to sometimes see things into the future. It can help you to predict the future and to know what is going to happen. A love spell is something that you can see in a dream and then you will know that it is working.

Note what happens in your dream and if you have found your true love. This can be a sign that the spell is working, and it can help you to know that things are going in the right direction.

  • Smelling Perfume or Hearing Voices

Some people will smell the perfume of their crush, or they will hear voices calling their name. This can be a sign that your crush is coming to you even if it isn’t by you.

It is important that if you smell the perfume of your love then love can be coming to you, or it can be someone that is wearing the same kind. Don’t get confused.

Sometimes when a spell is working, a person will hear their name being said even if no one is there. This can be a big sign that the spell is working. It can be something like an echo or something that comes to your mind. You need to notice if these things are happening to you.

  • Sleeping Problems

There are times when a spell is working that will lead to sleeping problems. You might be having a hard time sleeping and when this happens it can happen because of the spell that has been cast. You know in your mind that things are working and when this happens you might be too excited or worried to sleep.

Why Would a Spell Not Work?

There are some spells that work and there are some that don’t work. Sometimes a spell will cause you to be disappointed and your crush still won’t notice or like you. This sometimes happens because there are different things that are thought about during the spellcasting instead of following the ritual and setting good intentions.

One of the things that you need to know is that if you haven’t cast a spell before that you might need to hire someone to help you. Someone that isn’t used to doing spells might not be able to do them the right way.

A spell might not work because it is bringing negative energy into the situation instead of something positive. Always make sure that you aren’t trying to hurt anyone when you are doing a spell.

Final Thoughts

Some spells will work, and others won’t. Don’t be upset if your spell isn’t successful but just try again. Keep doing spells until you can get what you want in love and in life.

Make Someone Love You Spell

Love You Spell

Being in a relationship or wanting a relationship that seems to be one sided can be hurtful and heartbroken. If the love that you are in suddenly feels that there isn’t much love at all, you might need to try something new. Some will see that they should do magic spells to make their love strong again.

How to Cast a Love Spell That Works

The best thing about a love spell is that it can work as long as you set your intentions and your heart on what you want. Make sure that you are truly in love with this person and that you are putting your heart and your head into the love. No matter what happens, you need to make sure that you aren’t hurting anyone.

Always have a clear heart and a clear spirit before you are doing any kind of spell work. If you have someone you want to spend your whole life with, make sure that you are keeping this spell casting strong.

Why Do Some Love Spells Not Work?

There are some love spells that take time to manifest, and they won’t work right when you do them. Even if someone is good at casting spells, don’t believe that all spells will work right away. If you hire someone, make sure that they aren’t taking advantage of your money.

Superficial Love Spells

You should never do a love spell that is superficial because looks fade. Make sure that you put your whole heart into the love spell so that you can get what you want without causing yourself or others trouble.

Working Love Spells

If you are hiring someone to cast your love spell for you, make sure that you know the website that you are reaching out to. Then if someone gets hurt, you can message this person and find out what happened with the spell.

Casting Your Own Love Spells

Here are some ways that you can cast your own love spells:

  • Make sure that you have love potions that work. These aren’t like things that you see on television, and you should make them and not leave out any ingredients.
  • Consider if it is easier to do the spell yourself or to have someone else do it for you. You will see that those that are used to doing magic will be more confident. If you feel nervous, find someone to do it for you.
  • Choose the love spell that is easiest and most effective for you to cast. Start with one that is easy to do and one that you know that you can attempt and make it work.
  • Don’t make a mistake and make sure that you memorize the spell and that you have all of the right ingredients before you even start.
  • Having all the ingredients and the items you need is essential when casting a spell. Read the directions over and over again and make sure that you are doing the spell at the right time. Doing a love spell wrong can make you feel lonelier.
  • Do a meditation or fortune telling session before you do a ritual that is going to affect your life and the life of others. Test a spell on yourself and know how it is going to affect you.
  • Put all of your tools and objects close to you. Don’t have the stuff all over the kitchen.
  • Create a date for you to do your love spells. If you are doing a moon spell and need a full moon, make sure that you have the right time frame.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or have sex close to the spell casting day.
  • Cleanse your energy when the moon is fading.
  • Set your love goals.
  • Do a 3 day fast on the new moon’s day. Don’t smoke, eat, or drink things that aren’t healthy.
  • Cast a love spell during the waxing moon.
  • Perform a fortune telling session to know if the spell is going to work for the lover that you want it to work for.
  • A spell caster cannot guarantee that a love spell is going to work and won’t backfire.

Strength of a Wiccan Love Spell

Wiccan love spells can end up with love spells that are strong and love spells that work, or you can have spells that don’t work and end up with someone that tries to control you or hurt you. Make sure that your love spells don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Spells that Work

Love spells are part of the life of a wiccan, and they put a lot of time and energy into doing love spells. Make sure that you are being realistic when you want to cast spells and that you are using the abilities that you have to cast the correct spells.

Advice of Love Spells

Don’t spend your time-wasting money on a spell that you buy or going online to find spells to cast. You should find someone that has been doing this for a while and someone that you can trust. Look online and speak to a psychic that can help you if you need help spellcasting.

Using Spells to Make Better Your Love Life

Love Spell

Do you know how to make love happen for you? How can you look at love that is so addictive and so exciting but yet can be so painful and know how to make it work for you?

Love can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Love isn’t something that is always logical or understandable and it can show you who you are and what you want in your life, but it can end with something painful and with great loss. If you need to figure out how to make love work in your life, one of the best things that you can do is to see a psychic.

People don’t always find one love that they want, and people change their minds often. They are humans and they seem to get into things that they don’t really know about. When it comes to love, someone will take a chance on getting their heart broken but at the same time, they might be the one that is breaking hearts.

How do you make love happen for you? There are things that you can do and there are spells that you can cast that can make love stimulated. 

Using Love Magic

Someone that has love magic experience knows that there are objectives when it comes to casting any kind of spell. Here are some characteristics of these spells:

  • Versatility: This love spell can be used for different situations.
  • You need to have knowledge in order to make the spell work.
  • How complex the spell is can make it harder to cast.
  • Harder spells can defy nature.
  • Spell practice means that you are choosing the right spelling to make it work.

Best Love Spells

Love spells are used to make someone love you or to make your love stronger. These spells can use rituals and they involve feelings, speaking words and sometimes different ingredients. Some spells are magical and can bring people closer together. Other spells can bring someone tier soulmate.

One person can conduct a love spell, or you can do this in a group. Love spells can make someone find a new lover or bring more love into a present relationship.

Love spells can be used with white or black magic, and it is believed that you should stick with white magic because this is positive and won’t bring negative side effects to your life.

You need to always be prepared when you are going to do any kind of spell. Make sure you know the spell and you have the right ingredients and the right location before you ever start casting.

Casting love spells is a way that you can get the love that you need in your life, or you can help others with love. These spells don’t go against free will or manipulate others. Make sure that you understand that love magic isn’t scary, but it is something that is good.

Magic is a force that works on the earth, and it is there to draw in energies that can make things happen.

A spell is something that is performed to make an outcome and can be a spiritual things. Spells have different uses, and they can be used for love, health, jobs and more.

Attraction Love Spells

Attraction love spells work to attract love towards your life. This mean that the love is focused on you and even if the attraction only lasts for a little bit, it can cause someone to commit to you.

Love and Attraction

Love spells and attraction spells are both good and they benefit each other. They can make love stronger, or they can make someone notice you. Some love spells can make a stronger bond between partners, and they can become attached to each other.

Here are some things an attraction spell can do:

  • Bring people close to you.
  • Attract energy to yourself.
  • Cast on yourself or others.
  • Release good energy.
  • Attract someone like you.
  • Boost your career.

One thing about these spells is that they are only for romance and that isn’t true. Attraction spells can attract money and other things. 

Forms of Spells

Here are some of the most popular spells:

Honey Jar Spells

These spells can be used to attract sweetness in your relationship. They use honey and other ingredients.

When you use this kind of spell, you have to focus your energy on the love that you want, and you will find that things will get sweeter with the person that you like.

Sachet of Dreams

This is a kind of spell that uses a sachet full of different ingredients including:

  • Rose petals.
  • Sage.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Lavender.

To cast this spell, you have to put the sachet under your pillow and see if you have sweet dreams.

Crush Spells

When you want to attract love to your life, there are spells that you can use to get your crush to like you or to attract someone.

Crush spells are very strong and if they fail, they can have consequences on your life. With a crush spell, the spell will last forever, and it is hard to get rid of if you decide later you want to remove it. 

Love Catcher Crush Spell

To start this spell, you need to have strong emotions on what you want from your crush. If you want to do this spell and you are a beginner, you can give it a try. Here is how:

  • Get paper, pen, and red thread.
  • Write the names of you and the person that you want to love you.
  • Draw a square on the paper and put each name in the square. You can draw circles over the names within each other if the relationship should not be intimate.
  • Once you finish writing, cut the paper into pieces, and put your own cologne or perfume on them.
  • Hold it close to you and put it under your pillow when you sleep.

This spell can make your crush start to notice you. Crush spells can cause love to happen, and you need to make sure that you aren’t putting this spell on someone that you just want to be friends with.

Commitment Spells

Commitment spells can help your partner to be more loyal to you. This can be done when someone is not married, and you want them to ask you to marry them.

Lunar Love Binding Commitment Spell

This spell is one that can make sure that your partner doesn’t cheat on you. Do this spell when the moon is full, and it can make the spell stronger. This spell can make your partner faithful to you. This is also a way to bind you together and to make you tied together.

Notice that the moon is an important part of this spell and make sure that you are paying attention to the phases of the moon and that you aren’t doing this at a different time. Also, you need to have strong desires in what you want when this spell is cast.

Since the new moon is a new start, this is a good time to start devoting yourself to this union. Here is how to make this spell work.


  • Pink or red candle.
  • Single red candle.
  • Long string of blue thread.
  • Two poppets, one representing you and one representing your love.

A poppet is a craft that represents people in a spell. You can use this as a target when you are casting a spell. Poppets can be made of wax, and you have to have two of them for this spell. You can mold them from the red and pink candle by melting the candle and shaping it into the shape of a poppit.

Casting the Spell

  • Put the red candle between the poppets that you made.
  • Wrap the blue thread around the poppets with the candle in the middle.
  • Tie the poppets together with a knot.
  • Let the thread hand down from the poppets.
  • On the next full moon, light the candle.
  • Focus on what you want and make sure that your intentions are pure.
  • Wrap the string around the poppets with the candle with the rest of the tread.
  • When you wrap them, say, “I am binding myself to you and I bind you to me.”
  • Let the candle burn for 20 minutes.
  • For the next 3 days, start where you light the candle and do the rest of the instructions for those days.
  • On the third evening, let the whole candle burn out.
  • Keep the wax safe after the spell and your love will be strong.

Marriage Spells

People that want to get married and they are ready to have this commitment might need to do a love spell to get their partner on the same page. Marriage spells are some of the most known and done spells for spell casters. 

A marriage spell will let a long-term relationship keep growing and this can help the couple to stay together. Spells for marriage are strong magic and they can be used in many rituals. Marriage spells require incantations, and you will see that these are sensitive spells to those that want to get married.

Ingredients for Marriage Spells

Here are some of the ingredients used for marriage spells:

  • Candles.
  • Thread.
  • Picture of the couple.
  • Water.
  • Altar.

You will have to do some chanting when you do this spell.

Obsession Spells

Another spell that is often done but that is seen in black magic is an obsession spell. This spell can make someone obsessed with you. If you are new at spell casting, you might want to talk to a professional before you ever try this spell on your own.

This spell will use different items, different symbols, and different kinds of chanting. Casting an obsession spell can make someone crazy about you and this can end up hurting you because they might become stalkerish. You need to be careful when doing this spell and don’t look at it lightly.

Where Did Love Spells Come From?

Love spells have been around for centuries, and they have been around since ancient Egyptian times. The magic grew since the 19th and 20th century, and it became popular around the world.

Love spells are seen in different kinds of books and in different cultures and they are linked with witchcraft and other religions. There are some other organizations that are rooted to spells and the spells are cast often in these groups.

There are different love spells that have different purposes, and they can help you with love, lust, marriage, binding and so on.

Doing a Love Spell

Casting a love spell takes practice and the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you are researching the spells and what you need to be successful. Pay attention to how you cast your love spell and consider that you are doing a spell out of a pure heart. 

Here are some things that you can do to keep yourself strong for spell casting:

Be Positive

Make sure that you have a positive mindset when it comes to magic and when it comes to putting yourself into spell casting. If you are being positive, then you will see that the spell casting can work and it can be good for everyone.

People around you will be affected by your energy, and you should always have positive energy to share with yourself and others.


You can share how you look, and you can be as beautiful as you can be. Some people discriminate against people based on looks and when you are trying to cast spells, you need to have an open mind and heart. Make sure that you look nice and that you keep yourself clean.

Good Behavior

On top of looking and caring for yourself, you need to make sure that you are behaving well, and you are treating people kindly. You shouldn’t change yourself, but you should be kind and loving towards everyone you meet.

How Long Do Spells Last?

There are different amounts of time that a spell can last, and this has to do with things like:

  • Experience of the spell caster.
  • Ingredients needed.
  • Tools needed.
  • Quality of ingredients that you use.
  • Calendar.
  • Lunar calendar.
  • Moon phases.

If you aren’t sure what to do, make sure that you talk to a professional love caster to help you.

Are Love Spells Dangerous?

There are risks that can come with casting any kind of magic. Make sure that you know what you are getting in to when you are doing magic and make sure that you are doing spells that are positive and that aren’t out to hurt anyone.

If you choose to do black magic, this kind of magic can come back to you in a negative way. The risks of casting love spells should be done after you do a protection spell on yourself. This can help you to get the desires that you want.

Love Spell FAQs

Here are some facts about love spells:

  • There are two kinds of love spells: ritual and energetic spells. 
  • Ritualistic spells are performed in a ceremony such as using tools and burning candles.
  • Magic spells need a lot of personal energies.
  • Energetic spell casting controls energy and manipulates it to get what you want.
  • Spell casting can be different.
  • Choosing the right love spell can be hard for beginners but you should listen to your intuition.
  • Know the type of magic that you want to do before you choose a spell.
  • Look at the magic and see if the spell is going to be kind and loving to everyone involved.
  • Know the purpose of the spells that you cast. 
  • Keeping your mindset strong can make the spell work.
  • Choose the spell and always follow the exact directions.
  • Repeat the spell if you feel that it didn’t work.
  • Try using candle magic to make your spells stronger.
  • Candle magic should be done at night.
  • Light the candle and make sure you imagine what you want.
  • Never do a spell when you are being distracted.
  • When the candle burns out, the energy goes into the universe.
  • Never blow out the candle.
  • There are different levels to all magic spells, and you can attract energy to yourself when you to magic.
  • Moon phases play a big role in magic, and you need to make sure that you use the right lunar phase when casting a spell.
  • Candle magic is one kind of magic that is great for beginners, make sure that you use the right color candle when doing this kind of magic.

Candle Colors

Here are some of the candle colors and what they mean:

  • Black: Protection, getting rid of negativity.
  • Blue: Health, emotions, and motivation.
  • Brown: Balance and trust.
  • Green: Luck and prosperity.
  • Pink: Love and affection.
  • Red: Passion, lust, and desire.
  • Yellow: Concentration and self-confidence.

One of the best ways to cast a spell is to talk to a spell caster to help you with this.

Final Thoughts

Love magic has many different aspects and when you want to make love magic work for you, you can do this. Love can be challenging and if you need to cast a spell and you aren’t sure how to do that, talk to a professional to give you advice or to help you cast the spell.

Working with someone that knows what they are doing can make the spell work for you even when it is hard to cast.

Using Break Up Wiccan Spells

Wiccan Spells

This kind of love spell is a spell that will never hurt anyone in the relationship. This is part of the Wiccan law. You will be separating two people that aren’t meant to be together. This will help you to change the way that your own love happens and will make your love stronger.

There are things that happen sometimes, and you can use different spells to try to get them to stop. You need to have love that is worth fighting for and if you are in a relationship or were in a relationship that you think is true love, you should fight for it.

A Wiccan break up spell is one that can help you to be more open to what is blocking you from having the love that you need. You can see if there are any things in your life that are blocking you mentally and stopping you from reaching your true love.

Wicca uses magic that is meant to get rid of negativity out of your life and it should bring positivity to you. This is a natural way to make changes and it can make your life happier. This spell can work with other spells that can help to make this work better.

Ingredients for a Break Up Wiccan Spell

  • Parchment paper.
  • Wood pencil.
  • Black candle.
  • 1 Tsp. Cayenne pepper.
  • 1 Tsp. salt.
  • 6 drops of garlic oil.
  • Columbine oil.
  • Wood matches.

Casting a Break Up Wiccan Spell

Start by cleansing your candle and casting your circle. You should anoint your candle with Columbine oil from the top to the bottom. Put the black candle on the altar and then light it, noting how important fire is to the spiritual world.

Write the name of the couple that you want to break up on the paper and then drip 6 drops of garlic oil on the names. Add 1 Tsp. Cayenne pepper and salt on top of the garlic oil.

Hold the black candle in your right hand and keep your mind open so that you can have the spell work for you. Hold the candle and then tell the universe what you want out of the spell. Make sure that you have the strongest energies that you can.

Drip wax on top of the names with the candle and the oil and the other things on the paper. While you are dripping this wax, think about the couple and how you want them to break up and let the energy be as strong as you can get it.

After everything is covered in wax, blow out the candle and say, “Transfer my will, the spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.”

Wrap up the ingredients in the parchment paper and then burn it or throw it into water. If you burn it, throw the ashes into the wind. On the next full moon, light the candle until it completely burns out.

Why Wiccan Break Up Spells are So Powerful

When you are using a break up spell, you are doing this by focusing on good energy and connecting with Mother nature. This kind of spell is never meant to be evil or to hurt anyone. Wiccans use magic that is good, and the love spells will never cause harm to anyone.

Using True Love Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft Spells

Most people want to find love. There are love spells that can help to attract love to your life through the energies of yourself and the spells. You can use these spells that have been around for years and years and they can create love in your life that lasts.

Where Did Witchcraft Come from?

Witchcraft has a strong history, and it began far back but it is often thought to not be around until modern times. People have documented using magic years and years ago and there are people that have used potions and energies to change things that were going on around them.

Spells don’t always work, and it can have a certain result. Witches have been in history as medicine women, healers and more and they were known and considered wise in their town. They were not always accepted but were still seen as wise. Some men were witches too but usually they are described in history as females.

Why Use Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is thought to be around for different reasons. Witch is a word that comes from wicce. This is someone that is able to change the will of something. No matter how witchcraft is worded or thought of it is something that takes the energy around and shifts it so that it can change the consciousness of what is going on. A witch can use the energy around them to help others and themselves.

How do Witchcraft Spells Work?

Since love is an energy, it is something that people need. By using spells, you can reach this love on a deeper level. You can work with the universe and then direct the problems and the wishes to the universe.

Witchcraft will help you to be able to tap into the powers of the world around you and change the consciousness of things going on. This can help to improve your life and the life of others.

Love spells can work in different ways, and they can help to get rid of problems that you are going through in your relationship. By harnessing the energies of the actions and thoughts and using the elements of nature and the world, you can find the person that you need to love you and stimulate their feelings.

The spells cannot work on someone that has no idea that you exist, but it can only take the feelings that a person has, and it can make them stronger. Or it can help them to realize that they have feelings for you. This is nothing negative but only a positive magic.

How Can Witchcraft Spells Help You?

Most of the spells that are done are love spells. This can be something that is easy or complex. They will need ingredients like a candle or some kind of oil. In love, witchcraft spells can help to draw love to you, help someone be more attracted to you or get love for someone that can’t find it.

The spells take away the challenges that cause a barrier to love. If love is there, the spell can bring people closer. It can make a lover be faithful to you and if love is lost, it can bring that person back into your life.

If you want your love to be stronger, you can make that happen and you can get people out of your life that are causing your love to fall apart.

You must be careful when you do a spell because if they aren’t done right then they can backfire on you, or they might not even work for you.

True Love Witchcraft Spells

When you want to find love and you know that it is there, you can use this spell and the love will come to you. The new love will be protected and drawn to you. This kind of love will help you to find the love and peace that you deserve in your life. You can then share this love with someone else. Love is an energy that is powerful, and it never dies.

Witchcraft is a kind of magic that uses nature and different rituals to work. It uses the divinity of things and works with spells that combine with your mind, spiritual and natural forces. Witchcraft notices that these spells are powerful, and they don’t use manipulation to hurt other people.

Witchcraft love spells will use your thoughts, words, and natural elements to get the desires that you want in love.

Ingredients for a True Love Witchcraft Spell

  • Parchment paper.
  • Rose oil.
  • Wooden pencil with no eraser.
  • Pink candle.
  • Wooden matches.

How to Cast a True Love Witchcraft Spell

Start by casting your circle and cleansing your candle. Anoint the candle with rose oil and light it. Put out the parchment paper and write your name on the paper and draw a circle in a clockwise fashion around your name. Beside your name, draw a circle that stands in for your soulmate.

Drip wax on the circles with the candle and while you are doing this, focus on what you want your spell to do for you. Once you cover the circles, say, “I am transferring my will, the spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.”

On that same day, give the parchment paper back to nature by throwing it into a water source such as a river, or burning it and throwing the ashes to nature.

On the next full moon, light the candle and let it completely burn out.

Make Someone Fall in Love Witchcraft Spell

You can use this spell to make someone fall in love with you. This isn’t going to work with anyone, but it works with someone that you are connected with and that you love deeply. The spell will let energies go into the universe and will show that person that they have been waiting for you.

You aren’t making this person fall in love with you, you are just showing them the best qualities that you have, and this will entice them to come to you. It will be the right person for you, and it will be someone that you have the truest love for. You will start a romantic relationship with them, and it will last forever.

Ingredients for a Make Somone Fall in Love with You Witchcraft Spell

  • Picture of you.
  • Picture of the person you like.
  • Red candle.
  • Primrose oil.
  • Knife or pin.
  • Large glass jar with a lid.
  • 3 feet of red string.
  • 6 red roses, dried rose petals.
  • Favorite perfume.
  • Cast this spell on a Friday or during a Waxing moon phase.

Casting the Make Someone Fall in Love with You Witchcraft Spell

Start by cleansing the candle and then take the pin and carve the symbol of Kenaz Rune into the candle. Anoint the candle with Primrose oil and then light it. Always think about how powerful the fire element is in the spiritual world.

Spread the rose petals out on your altar and put your favorite perfume on them. Focus on what you want the spell to do. Meditate and visualize the energy around you. Add the rose petals to the jar, drip wax on the petals and say, “(Name of lover) I love you deep and forever and with this spell I need you to love me back freely. Open up your heart to my love and desires. This spell is going to set your soul on fire, heart and heart, soul, and soul, be together forever. So, mote it be.”

You can then add some Primrose oil if you want it to be stronger. Take the pictures and put them together with the string, folding or rolling them, whatever you desire. The pictures need to touch each other when tied together is the only rule. Put the pictures in the jar, add more Primrose oil and drip more wax in the jar.

Chant: “(Name of lover) I love you deep and forever and with this spell I need you to love me back freely. Open up your heart to my love and desires. This spell is going to set your soul on fire, heart and heart, soul, and soul, be together forever. So, mote it be.”

Close the jar, snuff out the candle and repeat the last steps for the next 7 days. Light the candle, open the jar, add oil, wax, and repeat the chant. Do this until the 7th day and then at the end, let the candle burn completely out. Take the jar and return it to nature by burying it or you can burn the inside content and recycle the glass jar.

Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

This is a spell that is easy to work and can make the love stronger. Cast this spell on someone that you are already with.

Ingredients for an Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

  • 2 keys exactly the same.
  • Ambergris oil.
  • Musk oil.
  • Red silk cord.

Casting an Increase and Strengthen Love Easy Witchcraft Spell

Take the Ambergris oil and coat the keys with it and musk oil. Rub the keys on your body where you sweat. Tie both of the keys to the red silk and wear them around your neck but don’t let anyone see them.

When you see the person you love, rub the keys, and then touch him with your fingers. Do this by shaking hands, touching them, patting them, or hugging. This can give the oils to the target. Once you do this, hide the keys under the bed.

Using Witchcraft Love Spells

These kind of love spells can work in unexpected ways. They are not mechanical, and they are meant to bring goodness to everyone involved. Using these spells should never be done to manipulate or hurt other people. These should be done to bring you positive love.

Witchcraft love spells will use ancient wisdom and power through using tools such as crystals, charms, oils, words, and other things and through meditating. The main point of this is to reach your inner powers and then send them into energy into the universe. This should all be positive and never negative.

The magic will work by drawing the person to you that you love and will strengthen the love that you have for them. They can also return a lover to you. The spells work the best when you have strong emotions and intentions and when you really want to find love and make your love work out better.