The Risks of Manifesting a Specific Person in Your Life

The Risks of Manifesting a Specific Person in Your Life

You may have been eying a particular person in your life for some time and you wish you could find a way of making them become enamored with you.  Although, it sounds like a movie, there are many risks involved with manifesting this person to be your next great love or dearest friend.  It doesn’t matter if you already know this person or have merely glimpsed them from across a café.  The risks will still be there; however, it may be a bit lower if you know them because you may already have an idea if they would be open to this manifestation of your dream.

Reasons to avoid manifestation

The biggest concern is that you can never truly know ahead of time if this person will be a good influence in your life.  Regardless if you know them personally, or if they are currently a stranger to you, you only know a portion of this person’s personality and motivators.  Someone can be incredibly polite socially, but could carry toxic baggage that would make having an intimate relationship with them near impossible.

  • People need free will: There are many people who subscribe to the Law of Attraction in spirituality that will say manifesting a person in your life is a direct violation of their free will. Other facets in the spiritual community may claim that manifestation will only attract the version of them that desires to be with you as well.  Therefore, you may want this person as your lover, and they don’t have romantic feelings towards you, in this case they will come into your life, but will only stay in the friend zone.
  • Lack of harmony: You can never be sure if a person you attract into your life will be a good fit for your lifestyle.  With manifestation you may get along fabulously, or you may endure an endless series of fighting.  In extreme cases you may end up with toxic relationship that you could struggle to end.


Manifestation a particular individual is risky, but it should stop you from pursuing your ideal relationship.  Instead of focus on “them,” manifest the “it.”

  • Identify desirable traits: Focus on what makes a person a good fit for you and your lifestyle rather than coveting a particular individual.  Write a list about what aspects you want in a friend or lover and then prioritize these traits.  When the “right” person enters your life, you will know they are healthy for you because they embody the skills, goals, and personalities that you are attracted to.
  • Love yourself: Maybe you are fixated on external love because you haven’t connected enough with what makes you so awesome.  Self-love is a complex, but worthy pursuit.  Only when you can love yourself can you fully love another person.  You will know what makes a person healthy or toxic to your life and will save you from heartache.  Only let people into your life that reflects the love you have towards yourself and the world.  Prioritize spending time with yourself and your self-care routine.  Whatever you are looking for in a lover or friend show that to yourself first.  When you embody this self-love, you’ll attract others into your life that can reciprocates this respect and affection.