Which Candle Should You Use?


images (46)One of the simplest forms of magick is candle burning. It is simple because it employ’s little ritual and few ceremonial artefacts. The items required can be purchased in many shops and it’s ritual’s can be practiced in the comfort of your own home.

The candles you use for any type of magick should be virginal (new and unused). Candle’s which have already been used may have picked up vibrations which will distract from your purposes.

The size and shape of the candles you use is unimportant, in fact the simpler the better. What is important is the colour of the candle you use. Brief guidelines are shown below:

WHITE CANDLE: Represents Purity, Spirituality, and Peace. In some cultures it is the color of Death and Mourning.

RED CANDLE: Represents Health, Energy, Strength, Sexual Virility,Courage,and the Masculine Principle in Nature.

PINK CANDLE: Represents Romantic Love, Affection, Friendship

YELLOW CANDLE: Represents Intellect, The Powers of the Creative Imagination, Memory, Communication, and Mental Agility.

GREEN CANDLE: Represents Abundance, Fertility, Good Luck, and Harmony.

BLUE CANDLE: Represents Healing, Truth, Inspiration, High Wisdom, Occult Power, Psychic Protection, Understanding, Good Health, and the Feminine Principle in Nature.

a1ba4e0679daa08b85333968048263a9PURPLE CANDLE: Represents Success in Financial Affairs, Psychic Ability, Idealism, Spiritual Powers.

GOLD CANDLE: Attracts Positive Influences, and it’s connected with Justice and Career Matters.

SILVER CANDLE: Represents Clairvoyance, Astral Energies and Channeling. Also the faculty of long term memory and remembering past lives.

BLACK CANDLE: Can be used for grounding negative Energies and also can be used for protection.

BROWN CANDLE: Used for feeling of Self Esteem.

ORANGE CANDLE: Represents Attraction, Stimulation, Control, Personal Strength, Authority, Luck, Ambition, Property deals.

MAGENTA CANDLE: Energizes rituals where immediate action and high level of power or spiritual healing is needed quickly. Quick changes, Exorcism, Spiritual Healing.

LAVENDER CANDLE: Represents Intuition, Dignity and Spiritual Shields.

COPPER CANDLE: Represents Financial goals, Business, Career Strategy and Professional Growth.

INDIGO CANDLE: Represents Color of inertia, stops situations or people, use in rituals that require a deep meditation state.

ROYAL BLUE CANDLE: Represents Promotes laughter, happiness and loyalty, use whenever an influence needs to be increased.

LIGHT BLUE CANDLE: Represents Spiritual color, helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations, brings peace and tranquility to the home, employ where a situation must be synthesized.

candlesEMERALD GREEN CANDLE: Represents the Attraction of Love, Social delights and Fertility.

DARK GREEN CANDLE: Represents the color of ambition, greed and jealousy, counteracts these influences in a ritual.

GREY CANDLE: Represents Neutral color, useful when pondering complex issues during meditation, in magic this often sparks confusion, it also negates or neutralizes a negative influence.