Love Spells

Love Spells

Whether you are looking for a new lover, a boost to your relationship, or to heal your broken heart, a bit of magic can go a long way. This is what love spells are made for and just what you need. Throughout history, those such as witches, goddesses. warlocks, and fairies have used love spells to bring affection or cast away someone’s attention. Through the generation, this knowledge has been passed down and shared. If you have been on the fence about witchcraft, feeling it taboo or even dangerous, then these love spells can remove the stereotype.

Love Spell Defined

A love spell is a magical formula that is intended to trigger an effect on people or an object after it is sang, spoken or chanted. This does not have to be a big production, but is typically quiet and laid back. It is a method of aligning personal energy vibration with desires. When you ask for guidance from higher spirits with sincerity, you are tuning vibration to exterior forces and asking their will come to pass. You are causing yourself to be a medium between two worlds as a way to resolve issues.

When you are struggling with your love life, a love spell can work miracles. This can effect things like:

  • Getting back your ex
  • Attracting new partners
  • Making someone love you
  • Freeing yourself from an old relationship
  • Strengthening what you have
  • Move your relationship toward marriage

On the other hand, a poor love spell will show no results. Below you will find five actual, working love spells and explain what you will need to consider before starting.

What It is Not

A spell is not just some random utterance of words without intention. If you intentionally perform a spell when fully sober and with the understanding of the depths of your actions, then a spell has been cast. There is no need to worry if you have said something while drunk, even with intention. Spells only count if you are able to be accountable and are aware of your senses.

Make sure to consider your intentions as good and genuine before spell casting because you are trying to change events in the universe. Be clear about your goal and know the consequences of what you desire. If you would not ethically or spiritually want someone doing the same to you, then let it go. Remember, using black magic will come back three times worse on you.

According to the law of attraction, the more energies ripple across to do your bidding in the universe. The same is true for spells in that if you do not believe, they will not work. However, expectations should be realistic. Casting a spell for someone to totally change their feelings will not work, but asking for more abundance and love can be beneficial.

A spell can be cast at any time, but some times are a bit better than others. As an example, a full moon is always a perfect time to spell cast, but to end a relationship, cast during a waning moon. For new love, try a waxing moon.

Love Spells

Before you start a love spell of any kind, make sure you have guarded against negative energies and cleansed the space to make it protected. One simple way is a salt circle around yourself as you chant “I consecrate this place for the Goddess within and without with only good and love remaining, the rest are cast out.” Other cleansing options work just as well, so find what works for you.

Spell for Attraction

If looking for love and attraction in your life then gather the following: a piece of paper, a pen with red ink, and a small red candle.

  • Light the candle while focusing on the smoke that rises
  • On the paper, write down what you deeply want in your romantic life
  • Dip the pen in the melting wax and let it drip on the paper.
  • Bind the spell by calling upon Venus

Spell for a New Romance

If looking for a new romance, gather the following: photograph of the desired lover, rosewood incense, blue and red candles.

  • Wait for a Monday, preferably at the beginning of a lunar cycle
  • Light both candles: blue for luck, red for love
  • Burn rosewood incense for your senses to be prepared
  • Facing the photograph, kneel in front of it and say ”I seek affection from you by the star’s guidance”
  • Meditate for at least fifteen minutes in the same position, focused on that goal alone

Rose Petals

This is a simple spell with two ingredients, rose petals and moving water (stream, ocean, or sink).

  • Visualize the person who possesses all the qualities of the perfect partner
  • Take the rose petals and toss them into the moving water while saying “As the rose moves, so true love will come”
  • Repeat twice while visualizing, but make sure the rose petals are flowing toward you to symbolize coming love

Spell to Bring Back a Lover

If you are looking to bring back your ex, gather the following: a fresh lemon, small piece of pink paper, and a length of red ribbon or yarn.

  • On the paper, write your name and your ex’s name
  • Cut the lemon in half
  • Fold the paper so the names are touching and place it between the two lemon halves (sandwich style)
  • Wrap the red yarn or ribbon around the lemon to keep it together
  • While all of this is happening, focus on how happy you will be when you are back together
  • Place the lemon in the back of the freezer for a month

Spells for Heart Love

For this spell there are no ingredients needed. Draw a heart shape with your hand while visualizing the perfect love and relationship as you chant “bring my desired love, thanks be for hearing me”. Perform this any time, but it is extra powerful during the full moon.

After the Spell

After the spell has been cast, be patient and trust that things are in motion. It may take awhile before reality catches up as your intention has to find the best route. If you obsess, you are putting negative energy out and this can negatively affect the manifestation. Believe in yourself and then let go to allow the universe to work.

To protect yourself from unwanted love spells, increase awareness of your vibes. Intentions and deeds matter to spell success. Continue to spell cast and avoid black magic and you have no need to worry. The same is true for others, spells will be ineffective if cast with less than pure intentions.


  1. The historical use of love spells demonstrates an intriguing intersection between mysticism and human desires. It’s fascinating to reflect on how these practices have evolved over time.

  2. The detailed steps for each spell provide clarity for those interested in attempting them, though it’s important to approach such practices with a respectful mindset towards their origins and implications.

  3. While the effectiveness of love spells can be debated, the concept of aligning personal energy with one’s desires resonates strongly with principles found in various psychological and philosophical frameworks.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive guide on love spells but reiterates the importance of ethical considerations and clarity of intentions, which is essential advice for any kind of mystical practice.

  5. The emphasis on intention and sincerity in spell casting aligns notably with broader spiritual practices. This makes one ponder the universal principles that govern different belief systems.


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