Love Spells and Chants to Make Someone Miss You

Love Spells and Chants to Make Someone Miss You

If you miss someone such as a lover or an ex-partner, then you need to know that there are love spells that can make them miss you.  There are also chants that can be used to make them think about you.

Someone that has strong intuition can make the love world go around and when everyone has feelings about someone, they are just direct or indirect.  There are people that love and are not loved back and there are those that love and never get noticed at all.  Some people get rejected while others decide to be alone because they are afraid of being hurt.  Some will think that their loved ones don’t even miss them but that isn’t real.

We all want someone to love and miss us and even if the feeling is not mutual, there are ways that can reverse this situation.  There are ways you can change the situation, but you have to have faith in the supernatural.  Some people have this, and others do not and with there being so much technology and machines that are available, many people forget that they need to rely on the spiritual world in order to get help.  There is a force of nature that exists and that is why love spells can make things better.

Some love spells will require you to have some ingredients like candles, water, spells and other things while some of them do not need anything.  Of course, you don’t want to end up turning into a bunny and so when you go to cast spells you need to make sure that you know how to do it.  There are many people that can teach you to chant and to do love spells and you just have to find the right person to do that for you.


The easiest way to do a love spell is to chant.  Not all love spells require chanting but some of them do and they send vibrations into the universe.  This is all you need for some love spells and all you have to do is to clear your mind and make sure that you put emotions into it.  You want someone to love you and miss you, so you have to make sure that you are full of love and not hate when you do this.

Chanting is something special and if you have negative emotions then you will not be able to cat a love spell.  Learn to channel positive vibrations into the universe and to have positive emotions.  Clear your mind from any negative thoughts and think about how special the person is to you and how much they make you love them.  When you feel that your infatuation is at the biggest part, chant and let the spell work.  Do a simple chant and just say “call me” and send it into the universe.

Candle and Chant

Candles and chants go hand in hand and are important for most love spells.  People have been doing these easy love spells for ages and they are used to match you with someone you love.  Get rid of your negative feelings and make sure you have positive feelings of love.  Use a needle and write your loved on one the candle before lighting it or chanting.  Light the candle and wait for it to burn completely up and then put the needle through the wick while thinking about the person you want to miss you.

Chant his or her name and believe in what you are doing.  Think of that special loved on and think of them calling you while you carry out the spell.  Make sure you have the ingredients before you begin the love spell so you can be ready to make it work.

Water Spell

If you think love spells are hard, they are not.  You can use things that are already in your home and it is a good idea for you to cast your spell in private.  You want to make sure that you do not have issues with your spells and many people are against these things.  Make sure you do a simple love spell and all you will need for this one is salt and water.

You also need to have a positive mind and emotions.  Put the ingredients in front of you and sprinkle salt in the glass of water and then chant that you miss that person and they will call you.  You must believe in what you are saying, and you must channel positive energy.  Chant thee times and then drink the salt water.  If you do it right, your love will contact you sooner or later.

Imagination Spell

When you’re missing someone, you want them to miss you as well.  Imagine them missing you and have a positive mindset.  Make the spell longer by chanting and completing the ritual.  Use a piece of red paper and a needle and happy vibes to make this one work.

This is simple because you will not be able to send wrong vibes to the universe and your actions must be kind.  You need to make sure that you truly love this person, so you don’t end up with a frog.

Write their name down on the paper twice and circle their name.  Take the needle in the middle of the circle and think about how much love you have for them.  Chant their name and this will make the spell stronger.  Be careful with your intentions and make sure you have no negative in your feelings.  Doing this out of love will call them to you.

Cinnamon Spell

This spell is not for someone who does not like to wake up early.  The early bird spell makes you leave your phone alone for at least a day.  You need your phone and some cinnamon to make this work.  There is no chanting here so if you can get up early and you can give up your phone then this can be easy for you to do.  When your batter is fully charged, find a table and put your phone down and sprinkle cinnamon around it.  Promise that you will not touch your phone but instead think about your love and about them contacting you.  Remember you have to have a positive mind for this to work.

Love Messages

If you love chanting, then this spell is perfect for you.  All you need is a piece of paper and red ink.  You must know something about your chakras which is the energy around your body.  This represents passion and love.  Make sure that you chant positively and that you have authority in your chant.  Call them to miss you and write a short love letter to them.  Make sure your feelings match what you are writing.

Do this before you chant and then ask the universe to send your love spell to them and that it will work.  Finish the chant by saying, “so it is,” and repeat it until you fall asleep.  Be patient and use the right words with a positive mind.  Make sure you have a good attitude.

Bay Leaf Spell

Use a bay leaf and chanting to connect with your chakras in the universe.  Make sure that you speed things up by using a charm.  When you do this correctly it will mean that you mean each word that you say.  If you don’t mean it then it will not happen.  Make sure you think of the words before you say them and include the bay leaf by your table.

You don’t have to have a candle but put the bay leaf and the phone on a table and chant the love spell.  Find your third eye chakra in your forehead and put the paper with your loves name on it while you chant.  Close your eyes and put the bay leaf on the paper and put it on your head too.  Ask the universe to make your love miss you.  Do this and you should see results in a few hours.

Ex Spell

If you want your ex to miss you there are chances that your ex does not want to miss you.  You can still do a spell to try to bring them back to you.   You need to do this spell on Thursday because that is when love flows the strongest.  Put a picture of your love and a piece of paper and write down their name.

Make sure this is not for someone else and that you are doing it only for you.  You have to make sure your thoughts meet your desires.  Do this with chanting and send out good vibes to them.  This can work without having a positive mindset and the chanting will kick start your love.  Light a candle and place the photo of your love in front of it.  Write down their name and chant.  Ask the universe to make them miss you and call you.  Channel your thoughts so that you will see the spell take place.

Call Me Spell

This spell is easy, and you can make it stronger by using a candle.  If you have fought with your love and you need to clear this up, this is the perfect spell for you.  The chant can be simple, and you can memorize it.  Use the queen of hearts tarot card when you chant because it represents love and relationships.  Once you gather these things, you can chant and think of the person you miss.  Ask the universe to protect you both from getting hurt feelings.

Lunar Spell

Use the full moon and understand that this is powerful.  This is the only ingredient that you will need.  Wait for the full moon and chant while you think about the person you like.  Do this on Thursday if you can because it is the day of love.

Chant and believe everything that you are saying to the moon.  They may call you sooner than you think.


If you think that loves spells are in vain then they will not work for you.  You have to choose to believe them if you want them to work.  If you don’t believe in yourself then the spell will not be effective, and you are wasting your time.

Remember to get all of the ingredients together before you do the spell and then proceed with doing the spell.  Doing this can save you time.  Remember, you might need a candle, water, cinnamon or other things.  Love chants are specific in spell casting.

There is no way that you can say the wrong words and that the spell can make you a master and if you don’t make mistakes then you should be able to make the spell work.  You can always ask a psychic for guidance if you need to have help making the spell work for you.