Magic Love Spells

Magic Love Spells

Magic Love SpellsFalling in love with someone can be great but what is even better is if someone you like feels the same about you as you do them.  Nothing can bring you as much happiness as when the person whom you love, loves you back.

Love Spells

Love spells can make someone fall in love with you and can bring you happiness in your life.  These work by rituals that causes the love to flow between people.  When the heart and soul of the two people come together and the energies have removed the blockages, then they can fall in love with you.

A spell can make you look better and attractive in their eyes.  This can work well if they have not noticed you.  What will happen if the spell begins to wear off?  Magic spells can make someone fall in love but there has to be real love for it to work

Free Will

These spells have bene thought to be manipulative by sopping a person free will but love spells don’t work this way and they cannot cause harm.

Law of Attraction

Love spells make people fall in love with you by your emotions and by the energies around you.  When there is power and emotions from the universe, it can reflect back on you and you can think positive and attract that person. When you have to do a love spell, you must be able to use your emotions and put faith into the spell.  If the energy becomes weak, it can ruin the spell.

A love spell can have its own thoughts and can help you get the person only if they are the right one for you.  A love spell with the right person will bring them to you.  If the person thinks that they are perfect for you then nature will help you get what is right.

There are love spells that can change free will but if you do that then you don’t really love that person.

Witchcraft Spell

This kind of spell can use witchcraft to make someone fall in love with you.  IT works by getting the person to see their true feelings for you.  This works better if the person already has some love for you but can work without love for you in their heart.  Witchcraft spells do not bring negative emotions because they work with the persons feelings and thoughts by opening up their heart for love.  The feelings they feel will be real and not forced.

Witchcraft can cause a person to figure out their feelings that they do not know about.  You can use the spell without worrying about feelings and about if they person desires you or not. The spell is of Wicca which sees all divinity in all things.  Witchcraft can help you to reach a higher self and can make you fall in love with someone by reaching your higher self.


There are some ingredients that are needed to make someone fall in love with you such as:

  • Parchment paper
  • Large parchment paper
  • Pencil
  • Candle that is Pink
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Quartz
  • Jade
  • Cinnamon incense
  • Matches
  • A red ribbon
  • Emerald

Casting the Spell

You have to stand in a circle and anoint the candle with the sandalwood oil.  Light the candle and the cinnamon incense.

Sit down and put your name on a piece of paper and your loved one’s name on another piece of paper.  Draw a heart with the pencil around each name.  Take the candle in the right hand and drip it with wax on the hearts.  Tell your wishes and get energetic.  You will know when you should stop.

Write down your wishes on the large parchment paper and take your time so you get it right.  When you are finished, put the small pieces of paper and wrap them with the large paper.  Tie it closed with the ribbon with three knots.  Put the quartz, emerald and jade on the package and charge it with love by attracting crystals.  Let it sit on the alter until the candle burns out.  When it has burnt out, hide the package without the crystals in your room so no one can find it.

Wiccan Love Spell

The love that you have for your partner will grow over as time goes on.  There is nothing unnatural about this love.  Your love will work with the energy of the universe and into your life.

Most leading ladies will wait for their prince to find them and fall in love, but life is not a fairy tale.  Sometimes, people are lucky to fall in love but if you are tired of waiting, you need to use the forces of the universe to help you.

Most of the time, people want to be loved by someone that is special to them. Sometimes they know who it is and they just need a push and that is where a love spell comes in.  They can use the love spell to speed things up.

The spell takes seven days and you should start on a Friday during a waxing moon.

Ingredients for Wiccan Love Spell

  • Candle (white or gold) if looking for a man
  • Candle (black or silver) if looking for a woman.
  • Green candle
  • Tool to carve the candles.
  • Green cloth

Casting the Spell

Cast your call in the circle and call quarters.  Use the candle carver to cut the candle in two so that it can mean the other person.  Mark the green candle so it is divided in seven.  Put the male candle to the right and the female candle to the left around a foot apart.  Put the green candle between them.

Focus on who you want to love you.  Light the candle that is you and then the other one and the green one.  Sit quietly and think about the person you want to love you.  Let the candle burn until it is out.  Put the candles out in the order you lit them.

On the second day, move the candles closer together and do the steps above.  Light the candles in the same order as before.  Do the steps for seven days until the candles are touching each other. On the last day, let the candles burn out themselves.  Wrap the wax in green cloth and keep it safe.

Black Magic

Love can make people do crazy things, so you need to have your thoughts together before you do a magic spell.  If you are obsessed with someone then that isn’t the reason to cast a love spell.  You can only make someone fall in love with you through black magic.  Don’t let sex be a reason for the spell.

Black magic love spells are powerful if done with the right heart.  You need to use them carefully.  It takes simple ingredients to increase the power and the energies, but you have to meditate and concentrate.  Believe in your love spell so that it can work.

Black Magic Ingredients

  • 3 candles (Black)
  • Cypress Oil
  • Chicken Wing
  • Red Pepper flakes
  • Needle
  • Your blood
  • Black yarn
  • Pen with red ink
  • Pen with black ink
  • Matches
  • Parchment paper

Casting the Spell

Take the black candle and put cypress oil on it and arrange it in a triangle.  Use the red pen to write down your loved one’s name on the parchment paper 13 times and the black pen to write your name on top of their name.

Drip wax from the candles on the lover’s name so they will fall in love with you.  Have energy.  Put the chicken wing on top of the names and add the pepper flakes.  The pepper is for attraction so add as much as you want.  Prick your left finger with the needle and put 3 drops of blood on it.  Focus on your wishes.  Don’t let your thoughts go somewhere else.  Add more wax.

Put parchment paper around them and the yarn and tie 13 knots.  Let it sit in front of the candles for an hour.

Casting Spells

If you believe in these spells and someone falls in love with you then you need to be happy.  Put down what you desire and who you love and why.  This seems simple but make sure that you are looking in yourself for the right answers.  These spells only work with what or need and how to the power.  IT is good to meditate before casting a spell.  This will help you to focus and be calm.

How Fast Do They Work?

Spells work differently on different people and sometimes it can be seconds or even months.  You need to keep patient and wait until you see the person you love.  Remember if you want to control someone then you do not have real feelings for them, and this can make you suffer.  Don’t force things to happen, time will let things work out for your own good.