3 Quick and Effective Love Spells You Can Cast Without Ingredients

Effective Love Spells

When you are drawn to a person it can be painful when it seems like they are slow to warm to your advances.  You might feel so lost that you want to investigate using a love spell to win your intended.  There are a variety of love spells and as such you must be clear with your motivations and intentions.  Magick is most effective when it pure of heart and free of any manipulative behaviors.  However, if you are looking to improve the flow of love in your life, spells are a great way to hasten this blessing to you.

You can promote love around you without the use of ingredients!  If you are new to magick then chants are a great place to start.

Here are three type of chants you can do today in your home:

  1. Use Imagination Love Magick to Attract a Particular Individual

This is a simple spell that be done by any person at any age.  Use this spell if you are looking to increase attention from a special someone and can finally get out the Friend Zone.  Begin by focusing on a picture of the person.  It can either be in the form of a photo or an image conjured in your mind.  Make sure you see the face clearly and you sustain focus.  Manifest this picture of your intended like it’s their actual self.  Place this picture in a place of prominence so you can revisit it later.  Give it tokens of appreciate in the form of gifts the person most enjoys.

See the picture immediately upon waking and immediately before falling asleep.  Greet this picture with the same tone and sincerity you would with their physical body.  Call your love’s name and chant the following: “My beloved, you live close to me as you do in my life, come and bless me with a hug and kiss, for I will treasure you always, showering you with gifts.  Come to me, come now and let us love.”  Repeat this spell again during the next two waxing moon for considerable benefits.  During this time ensure no negative thoughts distract you from your focus.

  1. Visualization Magick

This is a speedy spell that can produce results within 24 hours!  Begin by finding a quiet peace to focus your mind on your beloved.  Allow a clear and detailed picture of them to form in your mind.  When you see them, tell them about their importance in your life and how you value your time together.  Precisely state that you love them and desire to be in a romantic union with them.  Don’t along any negative or doubting feelings to linger in your mind.  Let your ideal relationship together unfurl and be as detail as you can.  End with gratitude and a sincere prayer to enjoy a long-lasting love together.

  1. Heart Chant

This spell is ideal when time is of the essence!  However, it is advised you do this frequently to maximize your power and options!  Begin by drawing the shape of a heart on a piece of paper or something you can keep close to you.  Stare deeply at the heart and allow your ideal relationship to manifest in your mind.  Chant the follow either in your mind or out loud: “Bring me my love.”  End with sincere gratitude for being heard and allowing your love to find you.  It is especially help to do this Heart Chant on a Friday night during the full moon.


Love spells can be simple and done with ingredients.  However, magick must never seek to manipulate a person and the caster must maintain pure intentions.  Love spells require heart and positive thinking.  Any negativity, doubt or distraction will only delay a successful outcome or produce drastic unintended outcomes!  If you are looking for easy spells to facilitate you finding true love, perform one of the spells listed above.  Discover how powerful magick truly can be and enjoy the blessing of more reciprocal love in your life.