When to Cast a Spell

When to Cast a Spell

Picking the right time to cast a spell is important but it doesn’t need to be involved and is a hard process to make happen. Magic never has a real guarantee, and you have to be forgiving of your own skills when casting a spell.

It is always important to try the spell your own way to see which works the best for you. When the planets shift and the stars align and the moon is there, your spells can use these energies to work.

Most of the time of doing a spell has to do with the energies of the planet. This is why casting a spell on a certain day can make the spell stronger. You might see that using the moon phases such as the waning or waxing days can be the best when it comes to the spells. You can also use different days of the week, solstices, equinoxes, the signs of the Zodiac and more.

Once you want to perform a magic spell and you choose a certain day, plan ahead. Know if this is going to work with you because using this kind of magic will give you more confidence in your spell casting. You sometimes will even have to plan further ahead such as if you need to do the spell on the winter solstice because this only happens once a year.

Timing and Moon Phases

When the moon is moving it takes 27.3 days to revolve around the earth. It goes through different phases, and this is a big part of the Wiccan religion. The different spells and rituals that you know will use the Maiden or the waxing moon, the full or the Mother moon, the waning, or the Crone moon. These moons work together, and they represent the different faces of the goddesses to bring about liberty, fertility, new beginnings, sensuality, intelligence, consideration, and respite.

New Moon Phase

This is the beginning of the cycle of the new moon. The moon is in line with the earth and the sun, and it can barely be seen at this time. This is a time of newness and new life. Spells that need something new to happen, beauty or health spells, new jobs, etc., will use this phase of the moon. It also represents youth.

Casting Spells in the New Moon

If you want to cast new beginning spells, this is the time to do it. Here is what the New Moon brings:

  • Color: Black.
  • Herbs or plants: Locust or Vervain.
  • Animals: Panther, hawk, tiger.
  • Runes: Inguz.
  • Chakras: Crown chakra and heart chakra.
  • Holidays: Samhain.

Waxing Moon Phase

This phase of the moon is when the moon starts getting bigger but isn’t a full moon. You can do spells that will work good at this time if you need courage, healing, elemental magic, or friendship. These are positive spells that work when the moon is getting bigger.

Powers of the Waxing Phase

No matter if you are looking to have a child or if you want to start a new love interest, you can do spells best by starting with a New Moon and letting it go into the Waxing moon phase. When the moon gets bigger, there are things that can bring increase and if you want to manifest something new in your life, do it during this phase.

Casting Spells in the Waxing Moon Phase

Cast spells to bring friendship, love, to help motivate someone or to increase their strength and their courage. It can also attract money, bring luck and more.

  • Chakras: Sacral chakra and Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Holidays: Imbolc.

The Full Moon Phase

This is one of the most powerful of all the moon phases. You can do your best spells in this moon, and this can be a time that you are most successful. You can get as much energy as you can when the moon is full. If you do the spells a couple days before or after the full moon, then you will still be able to use this energy.

During this cycle of the moon, doing psychic spells, fertility spells, love spells or decision makings spells will work best, and you can get guidance that you need.

Casting Spells with the Full Moon Phase

When you want to have love, romance, fertility, an increase in your psychic gifts, creativity, guidance, goals, beauty, money, divination, manifestation or more, do your spells during the full moon:

  • Color: Green or red.
  • Metals: Silver.
  • Animals: Cows, Tiger, Peacock, Goose.
  • Runes: Othala.
  • Chakras: Root chakra and heart chakra.
  • Holidays: Festival of Luna, Beltane.

The Waning Moon Phase

This is the phase of the moon that the moon is getting smaller. It will get smaller each day. There are times that you need to get rid of things that aren’t helping you in your life, and this is the time. Get rid of addictive behaviors, troubled relationships, and other things during the Waning moon.

Powers of the Waning Moon

This is a moon phase that you need to release and let go of things as much as possible. The light from this moon will be less and less and depending on what is going on, you can use this time to get insight into your life. You can search your shadow self and you can find out what problems that you have. If you have negative influences from others, block their influences from this time.

Casting Spells with the Waning Moon Phase

You can cast spells if you need to give up some kind of addictive behavior, or you need to get rid of your troubles, worries or your relationship is ending. You can also use this to get rid of things that are blocking your spiritual being such as emotions, feelings, or other negative things. You can use this time to break a curse, increase intuition, creativity, transformation, and wisdom.

  • Chakras: Throat chakra.
  • Holidays: Lughnasadh

Blue Moon Phase

This can be power that comes when a special blue moon is there. This is the second time that a moon goes into the full moon, and it happens in one month. This doesn’t happen often, and you can do powerful spells during this time.

Dark Moon Phase

A dark moon can happen 3 days before a new moon comes. Some witches don’t use the dark moon, but this is a very powerful time for healing and future.

Timing Your Spells During Waning

The sun and the moon play a huge role in how effective your spells will be. There are different energies that can increase and decrease according to what is going on and you need to use these as a tool.

Use the energies to help you to be able to cast your spells stronger and make your spells more powerful. You can do a ceremony or ritual that will work with your goals during dusk, night, sunrise, midday or whatever you feel drawn to.

Dawn and Sunrise

This is a time that people are awakened and renewed. This is a place of new beginnings. It is a good time to do spells for hope, life, purpose, youth, new love, vitality, romance, fertility and more. Dawn is a very strong time because it is when spring comes. It is a time that you can get rid of curses, find friends, success, business, forgiveness and ask for good weather.

A rising sun can mean strength and influence and it is a place of creating.

  • Element: Air.
  • Direction: East.
  • Animals: Rabbit, fox, or rooster.
  • Angels: Raphael.
  • Gods: Brigid, Helios.
  • Planets: Venus.
  • Tarot: Suit of Swords.
  • Runes: Thorn, Beorc or Hagal.
  • Holidays: Ostara.

Midday and Noon

When you see the sun at its highest place, you can use the power of the sun for your advantage. This is a strong energy. Midday and noon are times when there is a lot of strength and light of the sun. When the energy is high and most powerful, the energy can help you to do your magic.

You need to do this spell casting to get rid of problems, to bring money and success, to bring motivation and confidence and to bring power. 

  • Element: Fire.
  • Direction: South.
  • Animals: Dog.
  • Angels: Michael.
  • Gods: Belabor.
  • Planets: Sun.
  • Tarot: Suit of Wands.
  • Runes: Sigel, Rad and Dag.
  • Holidays: Litha.

Sunset, Dusk and Twight light

Dusk and twilight are times when the underworld comes out and it can bring endings. You should do magic spells to banish people and to stop problems and get rid of pain in your life during this time. Dusk is a great time to talk about the spiritual world, to the spirits and to increase your intuition.

When the sun sets, it is a time that you can get rid of obstacles out of your life and remove things and heal things. The waxing sun will give you strength in your body and the waning sun will get rid of bad influences and infections. It is also a time to get rid of addictions.

  • Element: Water.
  • Direction: West.
  • Animals: Doe and Beaver.
  • Angels: Gabriel.
  • Gods: Venus.
  • Planets: Venus.
  • Tarot: Suit of Cups.
  • Runes: Jera, Perth, Reoh.
  • Holidays: Mabon.

Midnight and Dark

Midnight is considered the witching hour and a time of changes, darkness, and endings. It is a good time to cast spells that can get rid of negative people and things out of your life. Midnight is a good time to cast spells for dreams.

When the dark night comes, it can increase your psychic gifts, bring healing, divination, and other things:

  • Element: Earth.
  • Direction: North.
  • Animals: Owl.
  • Angels: Auriel.
  • Planets: Earth and Venus.
  • Tarot: Suit of Pentacles.
  • Runes: Ur, Is and Tyr.
  • Holidays: Yule.

Seasons and Spells

The seasons can change the way that your magic works. Pay attention to the seasons and how they affect your spells


  • Element: Air.
  • Direction: East and Southeast.
  • Animals: Lion, Duck, Frog and Rabbit.
  • Stones: Emerald and Amethyst.
  • Zodiac: Taurus and Aries.
  • Tarot: Suit of Swords.
  • Gods: Hermes, Flora, and Ostara.
  • Holidays: Ostara and Beltane.


  • Element: Fire.
  • Direction: South.
  • Animals: Eagle, Bear and Lion.
  • Stones: Opal, Ruby, and Garnet.
  • Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.
  • Tarot: Suit of Wands.
  • Gods: Cicada and Apollo.
  • Holidays: Lughnasadh and Litha.


  • Element: Water.
  • Direction: West.
  • Animals: Deer, Moose and Turkey.
  • Stones: Red Zircon and Sapphire.
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio.
  • Tarot: Suit of Cups.
  • Gods: Dionysus.
  • Holidays: Samhain and Mabon.


  • Element: Earth.
  • Direction: North.
  • Animals: Swan, Panther, and Ox.
  • Stones: Diamond, Clear Quartz.
  • Zodiac: Capricorn and Pisces.
  • Tarot: Suit of Pentacles.
  • Gods: Hephaestus and Bertha.
  • Holidays: Ule and Imbolc.

Casting Spells By Day

Doing spells on a certain day can make the spell more potent. You will see that this can make it more successful. There are days that are magical and there are days that aren’t as magical.

Fridays, for example, are great days to cast love spells and then when you want to do a money spell, Thursday would be the best day.

Doing the wrong day won’t really hurt your spell but it can be more powerful if you do it on a certain day.


This day is emotional, and it is a time for casting love spells. If you want to have dreams, psychic giftings, astral traveling or more, this is a time for it.


  • Gender: Female.
  • Colors: Gray, Silver or Blue.
  • Numbers: 2 and 9.
  • Element: Water.
  • Planet: Moon.
  • Herbs: Catnip, Sage, Lily, Moonwort or Jasmine.
  • Metal: Silver.
  • Gods: Aegir, Luna, Diana, or Thoth.
  • Crystals: Moonstone, Emerald, Aquamarine, or Clear Quartz.
  • Incenses: Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Wormwood.
  • Zodiac: Cancer.
  • Tarot: The Moon or The High Priestess.
  • Rune: Lago.
  • Basic Energy: Emotions.
  • Basic Magic: Protection.


This is a day that you need to take action and that you need to be strong. You need to face challenges and make sure that you are being a real leader and having justice and honor.

  • Gender: Male.
  • Colors: Red, Black, or Orange.
  • Numbers: 5.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Planet: Mars.
  • Herbs: Chili Pepper, Pine, Thistles, or Holly.
  • Metal: Iron.
  • Gods: The Morrigan, Tyr or Mars.
  • Crystals: Bloodstone, Garnet, or Emerald.
  • Incenses: Ginger, Black Pepper, or Dragon’s Blood.
  • Zodiac: Scorpio or Aries.
  • Tarot: Strength.
  • Rune: Tyr.
  • Basic Energy: Taking action.
  • Basic Magic: Change and War.


When you want to look deep inside and you want to have good business or good ventures, this is a great day to do your spells. This day is associated with criticism or discrimination.

  • Gender: Male.
  • Colors: Yellow, Gray or Purple.
  • Numbers: 3.
  • Element: Air.
  • Planet: Mercury.
  • Herbs: Lavender, Hazel, Jasmine, or Dill.
  • Metal: Mercury.
  • Gods: Hermes, Athena, Woden or Odin.
  • Crystals: Opal, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, or Ruby.
  • Incenses: Sweet pea, Lavender, Mercury Oil or Jasmine.
  • Zodiac: Gemini.
  • Tarot: Wheel of Fortune or the eight of Pentacles.
  • Rune: Odal.
  • Basic Energy: Speed.
  • Basic Magic: Communicating.


This is a day that you should honor others and that you should be a good leader. You should work towards good luck and desire. You should see that you are confident, generous and that you indulge in what you want.

  • Gender: Male.
  • Colors: Blue, Purple, or Green.
  • Numbers: 4 and 8.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Planet: Jupiter.
  • Herbs: Cinnamon, Sage, or Laurel.
  • Metal: Tin.
  • Gods: Zeus, Juno, or Thor.
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Turquoise, Peridot or Malachite.
  • Incenses: Cinnamon, Musk, Jupiter Oil or Oakmoss.
  • Zodiac: Pisces or Capricorn.
  • Tarot: Nine or Ten Pentacles.
  • Rune: Thorn.
  • Basic Energy: Expanding.
  • Basic Magic: Prosperity.


Friday is a day that you need to have strong emotions and be wise. You should have love, passion, sex, relationships, friendship, and happiness spells ready to cast. This is a day that is associated with art, peace, and feminine energies.

  • Gender: Female.
  • Colors: Green, Pink, and Blue.
  • Numbers: 6 and 9.
  • Element: Air.
  • Planet: Venus.
  • Herbs: Rose, Apple, and Birch.
  • Metal: Copper.
  • Gods: Eros, Frigg, or Lakshmi.
  • Crystals: Ruby, Amber, or Emerald.
  • Incenses: Roses or Sandalwood.
  • Zodiac: Taurus.
  • Tarot: Empress or The Lovers.
  • Rune: Peorth.
  • Basic Energy: Socializing.
  • Basic Magic: Friendship and Love.


This is a day that you will have freedom and peace in your life. When you want to cast spells, do business, justice, money, karma, banishing or binding spells. This is a day that deals with patience and authority.

  • Gender: Female.
  • Colors: Grey, Purple and Black.
  • Numbers: 7.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Planet: Saturn.
  • Herbs: Thyme and Myrrh.
  • Gods: Saturn, Fates, Loki.
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Obsidian or Jet.
  • Incenses: Cypress, Myrrh and Saturn Oil.
  • Zodiac: Aquarius.
  • Tarot: Knight of Swords, Two of Swords, and Temperance.
  • Rune: Dagaz.
  • Basic Energy: Restriction.
  • Basic Magic: Banishing.


Take action on this day and have hope. This is a time to cast spells for friendship, healing, prosperity, success, confidence, attraction, creativity, and growth.

  • Gender: Male.
  • Colors: Orange, yellow and gold.
  • Numbers: 1.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Planet: Sun.
  • Herbs: Ash, Sunflower.
  • Metal: Gold.
  • Gods: Brigid, Helios, Apollo.
  • Crystals: topaz, diamond.
  • Incenses: Lemon, Cedar, Frankincense, Cinnamon.
  • Zodiac: Leo.
  • Tarot: Sun and Chariot.
  • Rune: Sigel.
  • Basic Energy: Will.
  • Basic Magic: Success

Spells with Solstices and Equinoxes

These have strong power for the spells such as:

Vernal Equinox

This is also called the Spring Equinox and is a great time to cast spells for new things, for home, family, fertility, and love. Wiccans celebrate Ostara during this time.

Summer Solstice

This is a great time when you want to do spells for male fertility, male energies, marriages, contracts, or other things. Wiccans celebrate Litha during this time.

Autumnal Equinox

Go ahead and cast spells that are related to ending something, harvesting or contracts. Wiccans celebrate Mabon during this time.

Winter Solstice

Cast spells for family, home, new beginnings, and connections. Wiccans celebrate Yule during this time.

Signs of the Zodiac

The sun will come to the zodiac at certain times, and it will pass through each of the signs within 30 days. It will then start the signs of the zodiacs again. This is a 12-month rotation.


This is from March 21 to April 20th. This is when the Sun is in Aries and is a time of positivity, pleasure and is a time to cast spells for business, leadership, growth, and new things.

You should start new things during this time because it is related to being strong and to having strength. Get rid of bad habits during this time.

  • Element: Fire.
  • Mode: Cardinal.
  • House: 1.
  • Day: Tuesday.
  • Seasons: Spring.
  • Colors: White, Red, and Pink.
  • Plants: Holly and Juniper.
  • Incense: Dragon’s Blood.
  • Animals: Goat or Hawk.
  • Stones: Bloodstone, Jasper, or Topaz.
  • Metal: Steel or Gold.
  • Planet: Mars.
  • Tarot: The Magician or the Suit of Wands.
  • Runes: Berkano or Fehu.
  • Energy: Yang.
  • Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus or Root chakra.
  • Holiday: Spring Equinox.
  • Angel: Michael.
  • Gods: Amun-Ra or Hecate.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon.


This is between April 21 and May 22. This is when the sun is in Taurus. This is a time of pleasure and sensuality. This is a time to do spells that relate to life, patience, stability, and religion.

This is also a time of creativity and a time of bringing good habits into your life. Spells for lust and passion can make your life better.

  • Element: Earth.
  • Mode: Fixed.
  • House: 2.
  • Day: Friday.
  • Seasons: Spring.
  • Colors: Green and Orange.
  • Plants: Lilac or Cherry.
  • Incense: Storax.
  • Animals: Beaver or Ox.
  • Stones: Amber, Rose Quartz, or Garnet.
  • Metal: Brass or Copper.
  • Planet: Venus or Earth.
  • Tarot: Temperance or Suit of Pentacles.
  • Runes: Uruz.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Throat or Root chakra.
  • Holiday: Spring Equinox.
  • Angel: Auriel.
  • Gods: Flora, Bast or Isis.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Snake.


This is between May 20 and June 21st. This is when the Sun is in Gemini. You can have balance and community during this time. It is best to cast spells related to knowledge, truth, prosperity, and money.

  • Element: Air.
  • Mode: Mutable.
  • House: 3.
  • Day: Wednesday.
  • Seasons: Summer.
  • Colors: Blue or Silver.
  • Plants: Lily or Hazel.
  • Incense: Wormwood.
  • Animals: Eagle or Rooster.
  • Stones: Agate, Citrine, or Emerald.
  • Metal: Mercury.
  • Planet: Uranus or Mercury.
  • Tarot: The Magician or Suit of Swords.
  • Runes: Ehwaz.
  • Energy: Yang.
  • Chakras: Throat.
  • Angel: Raphael.
  • Gods: Hermes or Odin.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Horse.


This happens between June 22 and July 22. This is when the Sun is in Cancer. This is a time of emotions and beginnings. You can do spells that have to do with family, relationships, sympathy, and compassion.

This is a time to show your family respect and to stop boundaries that are hurtful to your life. This is a time to get rid of family problems and to do garden and kitchen witchcraft.

  • Element: Water.
  • Mode: Cardinal.
  • House: 4.
  • Day: Monday.
  • Seasons: Twilight and Dusk.
  • Colors: Summer.
  • Plants: Blue, Green, Gray and White.
  • Incense: Onycha.
  • Animals: Seagull and Crab.
  • Stones: Emerald and Peral.
  • Metal: Silver.
  • Planet: Pluto and Moon.
  • Tarot: High Priestess and Judgement.
  • Runes: Algiz.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Heart chakra.
  • Holiday: Midsummer’s Eve.
  • Angel: Gabriel.
  • Gods: Isis and Luna.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Sheep.


This is between July 23 and August 22nd. This is when the sun is in Leo. This is a time of energies, action, and enlightenment. Do spells that bring growth, communication, and willpower. 

This is a time for sex related spells and making your passions stronger. This is also a time that you can do spells to help your pets to feel better. Spells related to willpower, determination and strength are powerful during this time.

  • Element: Earth.
  • Mode: Fixed.
  • House: 5.
  • Day: Sunday.
  • Seasons: Midday or Noon.
  • Colors: Summer.
  • Plants: Gold, orange, or red.
  • Incense: Lavender and Sunflower.
  • Animals: Peacock and deer.
  • Stones: Clear Quartz and Amber.
  • Metal: Gold and iron.
  • Planet: Sun.
  • Tarot: The Sun and Suit of Wand’s
  • Runes: Wunjo.
  • Energy: Yang.
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Heart chakra.
  • Holiday: Midsummer’s Eve.
  • Angel: Michael.
  • Gods: Freya and Helio.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Monkey.


This happens from August 23 to September 22nd. This is when the sun is in Virgo. This is a time of cycles and new things. This is a time to do spells for money, abundance, love, and purification.

All the ritual altars and tools should be purified and consecrated during this time. Any health-related spells will be great during this time.

  • Element: Earth.
  • Mode: Mutable.
  • House: 6.
  • Day: Wednesday.
  • Seasons: Summer.
  • Colors: Brown and gold.
  • Plants: Aster and Walnut.
  • Incense: Narcissus.
  • Animals: Pig, Bear and Squirrel.
  • Stones: Moss Agate and Jade.
  • Metal: Mercury.
  • Planet: Earth.
  • Tarot: The Hermit and Wheel of Fortune.
  • Runes: Berkano.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Sacral, Heart, Throat and Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Angel: Auriel.
  • Gods: Iris and Vesta.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rooster.


This happens between September 23 and October 22nd. This is when the sun is in Libra. This is a time of peace and harmony. This is a time to do spells that work for grace, love, and beauty.

Do rituals that are for weddings, marriage and relationships and make sure that you bless the relationships at this time.

  • Element: Air.
  • Mode: Cardinal.
  • House: 7.
  • Day: Friday.
  • Seasons: Autumn.
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, and Green.
  • Plants: Rose and Thyme.
  • Incense: Galbanum.
  • Animals: Snake, Elephant, and Hare.
  • Stones: Peridot and Jade.
  • Metal: Copper.
  • Planet: Venus and Saturn.
  • Tarot: Suit of Swords and The Empress.
  • Runes: Tiwaz.
  • Energy: Yang.
  • Chakras: Sacral.
  • Angel: Raphael.
  • Gods: Isis and Njord.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Dog.


This is between October 23 and November 22nd. This is when the sun is in Scorpio. This is a time of changes, darkness and looking deep inside of yourself. Do spells that are for creative gifts, psychic gifts, clairvoyance, renewal, and control.

Rituals that have to do with jealousy, sex, lust, and secrets are powerful doing this time. You can also do obsession spells during this period and protection or self-defense.

  • Element: Water.
  • Mode: Fixed.
  • House: 8.
  • Day: Tuesday.
  • Seasons: Autumn.
  • Colors: Red, black, and blue.
  • Plants: Ivy and Palm.
  • Incense: Opopanaz and Benzoin.
  • Animals: Eagle or Scorpion.
  • Stones: Carnelian, Topaz, or Ruby.
  • Metal: Iron or Steel.
  • Planet: Pluto or Mars.
  • Tarot: Suit of Cups or Death.
  • Runes: Eihwaz.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Root or Sacral chakra.
  • Angel: Gabriel.
  • Gods: Isis or Set.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Pig.


This is between November 23 and December 21st. This is when the Sun is in Sagittarius. This is a time of unity and freedom. You should do spells for making your magic better, beauty, improving yourself and enlightenement.

Rituals that have to do with honest, independence, freedom and spirituality are important at this time. This is also a time to get rid of danger or fear.

  • Element: Fire.
  • Mode: Mutable.
  • House: 9
  • Seasons: Autumn.
  • Colors: Orange, Purple and Blue.
  • Plants: Vervain or Anise.
  • Incense: Cinnamon.
  • Animals: Deer or Monkey.
  • Stones: Topaz and Sapphire.
  • Metal: Tin.
  • Planet: Jupiter.
  • Tarot: Temperance and Suit of Wands.
  • Runes: Raidho.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Root and Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Holiday: Yule.
  • Angel: Michael.
  • Gods: Thor and Mars.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rat.


This is between December 22 and January 20. This is when the Sun is in Capricorn. This is a time of stability, and you should do spells that are for success, willpower, determination, success and more.

This spell should relate to male fertility and its best done and related to your father. You can also use a banishing spell during this time. It is also a great time for lust, intuition, and love magic.

  • Element: Earth.
  • Mode: Cardinal.
  • House: 10.
  • Day: Thursday.
  • Seasons: Winter.
  • Colors: Green, brown, or black.
  • Plants: Poppy or Jasmine.
  • Incense: Civet and Musk.
  • Animals: Dog, Dolphin, Donkey or Elephant.
  • Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian or Carnelian.
  • Metal: Silver or Lead.
  • Planet: Saturn or Earth.
  • Tarot: The Devil and Suit of Pentacles.
  • Runes: Nauthiz.
  • Energy: Yang. 
  • Chakras: Root chakra.
  • Holiday: Yule.
  • Angel: Auriel.
  • Gods: Juno, Loki, or Thor.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Ox.


This is from January 21 to February 18. This is when the Sun is in Aquarius. This is a time to show compassion and hope to others. It is a time to cast spells for creativity, desire, healing, honesty, and hope.

When you work with people or in an organization, you can meet new friends and have more magic during this time. You can also have more wisdom with your magic.

  • Element: Air.
  • Mode: Fixed.
  • House: 11.
  • Day: Saturday.
  • Seasons: Winter.
  • Colors: Green, Blue, or Yellow.
  • Plants: Iris, Pine, or Anise.
  • Incense: Galbanum.
  • Animals: Dog, Eagle, or Sheep.
  • Stones: Agate, Opal or Sugilite.
  • Metal: Silver or Aluminum.
  • Planet: Saturn or Uranus.
  • Tarot: Suit of Sword or the Hermit.
  • Runes: Haglaz.
  • Energy: Yang.
  • Chakras: Throat, Third Eye or Crown chakra.
  • Holiday: Imbolc.
  • Angel: Raphael or Gabriel.
  • Gods: Nut and Ea.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Tiger.


This is from February 19 to March 20. This is when the sun is in Pisces and is a time to have clear thinking and spirituality. This is a time to perform spells for creativity, returning lost love, romance, or healing.

When you want to have psychic abilities and growth, this is a special time for this, open up your boundaries.

  • Element: Water.
  • Mode: Mutable.
  • House: 12.
  • Day: Thursday.
  • Seasons: Winter.
  • Colors: Green or Blue.
  • Plants: Lavender or Catnip.
  • Incense: Lavender or Nutmeg.
  • Animals: Dolphin or Fish.
  • Stones: Jade, Clear Quartz, or Ruby.
  • Metal: Tin or Silver.
  • Planet: Neptune or Jupiter.
  • Tarot: Suit of Cups or the Hanged Man.
  • Runes: Gebo.
  • Energy: Yin.
  • Chakras: Third Eye or Crown chakra’s
  • Holiday: Ostara.
  • Angel: Gabriel.
  • Gods: Neptune or Aphrodite.
  • Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit.

Full Moons with the Months


  • Old and Quiet Moon.
  • Use this for protection


  • Wild and Quickening Moon.
  • Use for planning.


  • Plow and Moon of Winds.
  • Use for fulfillment and goals.


  • Planting and Budding Moon.
  • Use for gardening and planting.


  • Willow and Bright Moon.
  • Use for jobs and success.


  • Honey and Mead Moon.
  • Use for balance and spirituality.


  • Blessing and Hay Moon.
  • Use for progress and future.


  • Sturgeon and Corn Moon.
  • Use for wellbeing and health.


  • Fruit and Harvest Moon.
  • Use for family, Thanksgiving, and herbs.


  • Hunter’s and Blood Moon.
  • Use for dreams and divination.


  • Beaver and Dark Moon.
  • Use to get rid of negativity.


  • Oak and Wolf Moon.
  • Use for strength and gemstone magic.


  1. The importance of timing when casting spells is articulated well in this article. Understanding the phases of the moon and their influence can certainly add depth to one’s magical practice.

  2. The article does a good job emphasizing the need for personal adaptation in spellcasting. It’s interesting to see how celestial movements like moon phases can influence magical outcomes.

  3. The detailed sections on each moon phase are quite comprehensive. The inclusion of associated colors, herbs, and chakras provides a holistic approach to spellcasting.

  4. Planning spells according to moon phases and celestial events is a noteworthy approach. The article’s inclusion of various moon phases and their specific uses helps clarify their roles in spellcasting.

  5. The breakdown of moon phases and their corresponding energies is both informative and practical. It serves as a useful guide for scheduling spells to align with specific intentions.


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