What You Need to Know About Voodoo Love Spells


Voodoo is a set of diverse belief systems and practices filtered through different parts of the world.  Popular culture, portrayed for generations through TV, the cinema, and music, leaves one to think that Voodoo is a violent, scary practice filled with sorcerers who use “voodoo dolls” and zombies. But the ancient religion has a much lighter side. The so-called “Voodoo dolls” are not used by most of priests and priestesses. It is the Voodoo love spells that can produce amazing results.

maxresdefault (1)Voodoo History

The Voodoo religion originated in ancient Africa and traveled with the slave population throughout the world. It was brought to North America by way of the Caribbean. Heavily influenced by Catholic rituals and Native American Indian nature traditions, modern forms of Voodoo, including Santeria, are still widely practiced in Haiti and New Orleans.

Most modern-day priests and priestesses (also known as hougans and mambos) are fairly isolated from their peers (even their most devout followers). Like all forms of magic, Voodoo is powerful. And those that practice it should protect and preserve their soul evolution.

Its followers use Voodoo mainly for individual empowerment and positive manifestation. It is community-oriented and has a large component involving rituals and spells.

Image source: Moi of Ra on Flickr

Voodoo has many variations in different places. It also varies depending on the hougan or mambo’s specific practice within a community. Even today, there is still a dark side to Voodoo. Santeria is most identified as a negative or black magic practice. For many years, it was banned in South America and used only by small cults.  There are some Voodoo practitioners who abuse their power or use it to increase their wealth. Black magic can be seductive.

Most Voodoo spells and ceremonies involve the use of music, chanting, oils, candles, and dancing. Naming wishes or people or writing on parchment paper are developed from the ancients writing on banana leaves. Voodoo rituals often also use visualization and meditation techniques, as well as natural and homemade artifacts.

Most artifacts are made from human hair, twigs, scraps of clothes or a blanket, grass, etc. Voodoo dolls can even be used as a surrogate for a person. In white magic, they are never supposed to be used to harm someone.

voodoo-doll_163About Love Spells

No matter what spells that you are thinking of using, consider the risks. Particularly, a Voodoo love spell is supposed to bind your soul with another person. So if you cast a love spell and you’ve put it on the wrong man or woman, there may be no turning back.

Love spells can be about seduction, or about getting a lover to come back after they leave. The most powerful magic results when positive energy transforms a transient relationship to a forever one.  Voodoo love spells can have the desired results. Just keep in mind that if you are bringing someone back, bending of someone else’s will could be involved.

Voodoo can be white or black magic. White magic is supposed to be based on positive energy. Black magic has darker purposes. No one should ever practice black magic.

2 Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

#1 Become a Love Magnet — Attraction Spell

If you are uncertain about casting a love spell on someone else, you may want to stir the love energy within yourself. By becoming a true love magnet, you are not practicing a spell on anyone else.

This spell takes a little time to work (30 to 45 days). All you need is a lock of your hair, two teaspoons of brown sugar, some parchment paper, and a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Cut a small amount of your hair and place it in the plastic bag along with the sugar. On the parchment paper (any color heavy stock paper will do), write four wishes. For instance, you could write…”I want to be in a happy marriage,” or “I want to be loved by a good woman.”

Fold the paper and place it in the bag.

On a night of a full moon, take your bag outside and face North. Repeat the wishes while holding the bag. Meditate on happiness and bringing the love energy into your life.

Now bury the bag on the North corner of the home where you live. The sweet of the sugar and the power of the meditation should be working on you as you go through the day. Some practitioners suggest you repeat the four wishes every morning when you get up. This should attract love into your life.

#2 Bring Him/Her Back with Candles — Reuniting Spell

reunited-SINGLE-DATING-DIVAOver the years, happy relationships have been destroyed when an old lover uses Voodoo. If he/she has moved on and is currently with someone else, you might want reconsider this spell.

Worse yet, if two people are using a Voodoo love spell on the same person, a tragedy could result. There are some risks involved, so be sure of what you are doing. Clear out any dark purposes or fear that you may have.

You will need some parchment paper. Use heavy stock paper of any color. You will also need a purple candle and a red candle.

Fold the paper in half. Now open it up. Write the name of the lover you are “calling back” to you on the left half of the paper four times. Now write your name four times on the other half of the paper.

Light the purple candle. Seal his/her name with four drops of the purple wax. Make sure the wax is on his/her name.

Fold the paper back together so that both names touch and are sealed together with the purple wax.

images (19)Now put the folded paper in a bowl. Cover the paper with water. You only need enough water to cover the folded paper. Now put a red candle in the bowl on top of the water covered paper.

Light the red candle. The spell is supposed to melt you two together, or seal your souls.

This brings your lover back to you with an open heart. The Voodoo love spell is supposed to take effect quickly. Within 3 to 4 days, they should be back in your arms.

Voodoo is most famous for bringing back the lover who has rejected you. Please keep in mind that if you perform this spell, it should be done with the best of intentions for everyone.