Want Your Ex Back? Try This Spell


Did your relationship end prematurely? Well, good news: there is a White Magic spell that can help to return your ex-partner back to you. This spell, which operates in conjunction with Wicca, acknowledges and utilizes the presence of divinity that surrounds us at all times. Don’t worry; divinity cannot be manipulated into harming other people, so this spell is completely safe for you and your lover.

To make this spell work, you will be combining natural elements with the power of actions and thoughts. Only through this will your ex come back to you. The way it works is by raising an awareness within your ex of their feelings for you, reversing the repression of thoughts and feelings that sometimes happens in life. Only if the feelings are there, however, will it remind your ex about them and cause you to experience true happiness once again.


  • Tea lights x 14
  • Baking soda x 7 tsp
  • Wooden cooking spoon x1
  • Water x 3 quarts
  • Cooking pot x 1
  • Chamomile x 7 tsp
  • Photo of your ex-partner x1

Casting the spell

The spell should be performed in the bathroom. Collect water in the sink (one that has a plug). It is better to perform the spell when your ex-partner is asleep, because this will make it more effective overall. As you need to give the spell your complete attention, be sure to make sure there are no distractions such as music or the TV; you should also light 7 candles in the kitchen and 7 in the bathroom. Then, fasten the photograph to the sink in the bathroom.

Boil the water in the kitchen, then add 7 teaspoons chamomile; let the chamomile boil in the water for 7 minutes. Once you have done this, take the pot off the heat and spend 30 minutes stirring the chamomile water. Through this therapeutic activity, you should concentrate all your energy on your partner, mentally tuning into them if you can. It helps to meditate in order to build up the energy you need for this task.

Once you have done this, return to the bathroom and pour the boiled chamomile water into the sink. Then, add the baking soda.

Hold your hands over the water with your palms down (facing towards the water). Observe the photograph and allow it to enter your mind. Once you have done this, close your eyes; allow the energy to build up in your solar plexus. Begin to wish that your partner should return to you and repeat these wishes over and over again. Shortly, you should enter a trance; let it last as long as it needs to. When you feel accomplished, unplug the sink. This causes your energy to be released and to travel to your ex-partner. Don’t allow the energy in your solar plexus to drop before all the water has gone; keep your eyes closed, and keep your desire going.

Using clean water, rinse the sink while visualizing your ex-partner.