Using the Moon for Spells

Moon for Spells

There is all kinds of magic when it comes with the moon phases. Everything in the universe though can effect magic in a good way. The power of the lunar energies can make your spells stronger, and it can determine the outcome of the spells you cast.

There are different ways that you can use the moons energy with your spells. You can schedule your spells to be done at the different moon phases and you can see that this can work.

Moon Phases

One thing to remember is that the moon is very powerful. Casting a spell at a certain moon phase can help your spells to be strong. Even the Farmer’s Almanac will tell you when to plant and when to use the moon to your advantage. The moon can determine things such as the tides and so it can even influence your magic.

There are eight different moon phases that are very influential, and each phase will last around 3.5 days, and this is enough time to cast a spell.

Moon is waxing and increasing from the New Moon to the Full moon and the energy builds and gets stronger so when you are wanting to increase your power, remember this. Also, as it goes from the Full to the New to the waning, the power is getting smaller with the size of the moon.

Using the New Moon

The first phase is the New Moon phase, and it is when the moon is the smallest. This is a time to do magic that relates to doing something new such as a new job, a new relationship, new creativity and more. This is a time that you can imagine your intent and you can open up your mind to what you want to accomplish.

This moon will look like the letter D, or it can look like part of a parenthesis. It will go on for 3.5 days, and it works at new beginnings, birth, creativity, dreams and more. The moon at this time is from 0-45 degrees and it is right in front of the sun.


Here are some magic things it can work for:

• New job.
• New ventures.
• Gardening.
• Health.
• Careers.
• Romance.
• Improving yourself.

New or Dark Moon

Some don’t agree with this phase of the moon, and they interchange the terms. The Dark Moon is a time when the moon can’t be seen and usually happens between 21-26 hours before the New Moon can be seen.

Waxing Moon

If you want to see things happen in your life or if you want to grow a mature plant, the seed starts little but it gets bigger as time goes on. The moon will also grow from a New Moon to the Full Moon, and this is when spells have a lot of power.

As the moon gets bigger and bigger, the energy grows as well. This can bring power, success, love, money and more to your life. As you want to grow, you will see that the power of the moon can help you to focus on this growth.

The strength of your spells can change during this phase of the moon. This phase starts with the waxing Crescent which is 45-90 degrees in front of the sun and goes to the First Quarter which is 90-135 degrees from the sun to the Waxing Gibbous which is 135-180 degrees from the sun. This is divided into 3 different phases for this reason.

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is a time to be brave and to have faith to see your dreams and goals be meant. If you want to see something change and you need to face challenges and move forward, this is the time to do that. You can have new beginnings, self-improvement, strong emotions and more.

This moon looks like a sliver and happens 3.5-7 days after the New Moon comes. It works towards expanding yourself, having faith, courage and facing challenges. This is 45-90 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Waxing Crescent Moon:

• Emotions.
• Changes in life.
• Strength.
• Love and romance.
• Career.
• Animals.

First Quarter Moon

This moon is a time that you need to face challenges and get rid of barriers. You should commit to things at this time and stop looking at your past. If there are things that you need to face, if you need friendship or motivation, do your spells at this time.

This moon looks like a half moon and appears 7-10.5 days after the New Moon. It works with separating yourself from your past, committing to things and being confident. It is 90-135 degrees in front of the sun.

First Quarter Moon Magic:

• Luck.
• Friends.
• Bravery.
• Intuition.
• Motivation.
• Elemental magic.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Stay on track with this moon and if you have messed up then this is a time to start again. This is the last phase before the moon gets full and this is a time to bring luck and abundance to your life.

This moon looks 50.1% to 99.9% bright. It happens 10.5-14 days after the New Moon comes. It is a time to develop and to overcome problems. The position of this moon is between 135-180 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Waxing Gibbous Moon:

• Peacefulness.
• Romance.
• Patience.
• Wealth.
• Harmony.
• Peace.
• Bravery.

Full Moon

Most spells will work powerfully during the Full Moon. This is a time to look at things such as your dreams, your relationships, creativity, fertility, money, health, beauty and more. This is a time that your gifts can get stronger, and you can mediate and increase your intuition.

This phase of the moon is a great time to cast spells and the spells will have the most power during this time.

This moon looks 100% bright. It will happen 14 to 17.5 days after the New Moon comes. It will help you with your fulfillment, vision and having results. The position of this moon is 180-225 degrees in front of the moon.

Magic of the Full Moon:

• Romance.
• Beauty.
• Changes.
• Dreaming.
• Goals.
• Protection.
• Relationships.
• Psychic gifts.
• Creativity.
• Motivation.
• Improvement.

Waning Moon

The Waning moon is a time when you can cast spells that stop evil influences. This is a time that you need to stop having bad habits and the times that you need encouragement. It can also be a time that you need there to be less energies around you.

The moon will go from a place that is Full to something smaller at this time and it is a time to get rid of bad habits such as smoking, to start losing weight and to get rid of bad habits.

This is a phase of the moon that starts with the Waning Gibbous and moves into the Third Quarter moon. The Waning Moon can be divided into different phases.

Waning Gibbous Moon

This is the moon that it is time to do something new. You need to look at what is going on in your life, correct anything that is wrong, settle problems, break bad habits and be a good influence.

This moon is ¾ full and it comes 17.5-21 days after the New Moon. It helps to get rid of destruction and to help you mature. It is found 225-270 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Waning Gibbous Moon:

• Protection.
• Protection from breakups.
• Addiction.
• Stress and anxiety.
• Inner workings.
• Decisions.

Last Quarter Moon

When you need to make new things and you need to stop banishing things, this is a good phase for you. Get rid of any negativity in this phase of the moon such as addiction, relationship problems and problems with people. Cast protection, addiction, health, and banishing spells at this time.

This moon will be half full and it happens 21-24.5 days after the New Moon. This is a time for harvest, assimilation and to get rid of destruction. It is found 270-315 degrees ahead of the sun.

Magic of the Last Quarter Moon:

• Protection.
• Freedom from addiction.
• Health.
• Ending something.
• Stress and anxiety.
• Banishing.
• Ancestors.

Balsamic Moon

This is the Balsamic or the Dark Moon and it is a time to get rid of things that are harming your life. Use your spells to get rid of enemies, blockages and more.

This moon looks like a small crescent and is hard to see. It shows up 24.5-28 days after the New Moon and this is a time that you can get rid of death, release things and find your destiny. The moon is 315-360 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Balsamic Moon

• Divorce.
• Removal.
• Stopping thievery.
• Getting rid of stalkers.
• Addiction.
• Justice.
• Changes.

Lunar Events

There are different moons such as the Blue and Black Moons, Eclipses, meteor showers and other things that can make your spells stronger.

Blue Moon Magic

This kind of moon happens after a second full moon in the same month. This doesn’t happen often and only every couple of years. This is a potent moon, and it is a great time to use the lunar energies.

The purpose of this moon is that it is a second Full Moon in one month. It is 180-225 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Blue Moon

  • Anything that needs extra energy.

Next Blue Moon

  • August 19, 2024.
  • August 31, 2023.
  • May 31, 2026.

Black Moon Magic

The Black Moon comes when there are 2 New Moon’s in the same month or when there is a fourth New Moon in one season. This is an increase in power, and it has strong powers that can bring truth and mystery to your life. This is a time to cast spells for truth, future, and divination.

The second New Moon in the same month or the fourth New Moon in one season. The moon will be at 0-45 degrees in front of the sun.

Magic of the Black Moon

• Inner workings.
• Truth.
• Soul searching.
• Future.
• New things.
• Divination.


When a New or Full moon happens in a perigee, this makes a Supermoon. This is when the moon is closest to the Earth. It is the largest size of the lunar disk that you can see from Earth. To use the magic of this kind of moon, you need to do your spells.

The purpose of this moon is that it has more energies. It is 0-45 degrees or 180-225 degrees in front of the sun. It is a time to cast spells that need more strength.

Lunar Eclipses

A Lunar eclipse effects your magic in a good way. It is a time where male and female energies become balanced. This can happen about once a year. The light and dark concept can compare to the rebirth cycles, and it makes the magic work well. This kind of magic is strong and balanced.

Magic of the Lunar Eclipses:

• Money.
• Relationships.
• Career.
• Business.
• Romance.
• Health.


This is considered the Moons of the Year and it is usually one full moon but, in this time, there will be two full moons in one month. Each has their own energies and their own magic workings. The Esbat Lunar Cycle has unique energy.

Wolf Moon

This is a moon that can bring cleansing and can renew your life. It is a time to start over new and get rid of bad habits. It can help you to be protected and to have strength and prosperity.

This moon happens in January and is known as the Ice, Frost, Quiet, Cold, Snow or Winter moon.

Magic of the Moon Wolf:

• Family.
• Relationships.
• Newness.
• Beginnings.
• Getting rid of spells.
• Discovering.
• Strength.
• Getting rid of bad habits.

Ice Moon

This kind of moon is a time to use energies when you need to work on your finances or wealth.

This moon is also called the Snow, Ice, Starving, Wild or Hunger Moon. It works to bring fertility, healing, forgiveness, and prosperity.

Storm Moon

After winter is over and it is a time for renewal, it will be time for this moon. It can bring creativity and help to change and purify your life.

This moon is also called the Seed, Death, Worm, Chaste and Wind Moon and it happens in March. This moon can hep you to grow, increase your imagination, be honest, explore and balance your life.

Growing Moon

This is a moon where you should start sowing your seeds. It is also a time to have new opportunities to reach your goals and to have balance.

This moon happens in April and is also called the Grass, Pink, Water, Seed, and Awakening Moon. It is a time to open up your growth, love, strength, changes, opportunities and to be confident.

Hare Moon

This is a moon that promotes sexuality, fertility and being happy. This can be a time to do spells to make your relationships stronger.

This moon happens in May and is also called the Merry, Flower, Grass, Bright and Milk Moon. This moon can bring creativity, intuition, psychic gifts, faerie magic, and connections with the spiritual world.

Mead Moon

This moon can help you to have romance and marriage. If you want to attract love and have stronger inner power, use this moon.

This moon starts in June and is also called the Horse, Strawberry, Flower, Lovers, Merry, Dyad, Planting and Honey Moon. It works to help your relationships, love, communication, and personal issues.

Hay Moon

This is a moon where you mature, and you can fulfill things in your life. This is energy from the summer sun and is good for casting protection spells.

This moon comes in July and is also called the Blessing, Rose, Raspberry, Wort, and Hay moon. It is a time to reach your dreams and to do spells on strength, goals, protection, and growth.

Corn Moon

The Corn moon is a time to be thankful and to have abundance. It is a time to harvest, and it will work great to bring you health, friendships, marriage and to help you reach your goals.

This moon comes in August and is also called the Harvest, Gathering, Barley, Red and Dispute Moon. This moon helps with friendships, marriage, harvesting, being thankful, health, goals, and abundance.

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon can reward you for the hard work that you have done. This is a time to bring your dreams and goals to life, to start projects and to use your wisdom to get what you need.

This moon comes in September and is also called the Sturgeon, Wine, Singing and Spiderweb Moon. This moon can help you to find peace, to complete things and to cleanse your life and your spirit.

Blood Moon

This is a time to renew your life and to have peace inside of yourself. If something is in your way, get rid of it now.

This moon comes in October and is also called the Leaf-falling, Shedding, Hunter’s, and Harvest Moon. This moon can bring balance, renew you, help with death and rebirth, karma, reincarnation and more.

Snow Moon

This moon can help you to have abundance in your life and to connect with the spiritual world and your inner self.

This is a moon that comes in November and is also called the Fog, Beaver, Mourning and Dark Moon. It can help you with guidance and wisdom and to see the future and to start changing.

Cold Moon

When the nights are longer, this moon will come. It can help you to get rid of obstacles that are holding you back and can help you reach your spiritual life.

This moon comes in December and is also called the Oak, Wolf, Dark, Long Night Moon. This moon can bring balance. Can break bonds and stop silence.

Moon and Astrological Signs

There are 12 different zodiac signs, and you can use the energy from these signs to make your spells even more powerful. Here are some of the energies from the signs that you can use:


This is a time that you should use the Aries Moon in order to be independent, to start new ventures, to rely more on yourself and to do things without thinking about them. This can give you strength and courage during this time.

Magic of the Aries Moon

• Learning.
• Making plans.
• Starting new projects.
• Becoming confident.
• Getting rid of fear.
• Taking risks.
• Making new friends.
• Relationship strength.
• Social situations.
• Honor.
• Music.

Avoid doing rituals in a rush or doing them wrong and watch your temper during this time.


This is a moon to attract romance, sex, peace, and affection. You can cast this spell if you need to prosper or have financial security.

Magic of the Taurus Moon

• Peace.
• Harmony.
• Healing.
• Romance.
• Goals.
• Investing.
• Spells for love.
• Meditation.
• Investments.
• Finances.
• Success.

Avoid missing out on opportunities and make sure you are careful of being too stubborn.


This is a moon that helps you to communicate and to heal. It can also help to get rid of curses.

Magic of the Gemini Moon

• Clearing out old things.
• Finding new things.
• Balancing.
• Learning.
• Meditating.
• Divination.
• Family situations.
• New career choices.

Avoid casting spells that cover too many things at once. Don’t deny yourself.


This is a time that you can cast spells for fertility, pregnancy, children, finding a new home and motherhood. This energy is good to find your past life and your psychic gifts.

Magic of the Cancer Moon

• Pregnancy.
• Emotions.
• Protection.
• Feminine situations.
• Psychic gift development.
• Dreaming.

Avoid thinking that the spiritual world owes you anything. Don’t be too emotional during this time.


Leo Moon is a time to be a leader and to work towards prosperity. You can also do spells for the heart, for kindness, strength and more. This kind of energy should never be used for love spells or spells that have strong emotions because it can have a bad effect.

Magic of the Leo Moon

• Courage.
• Positive thoughts.
• Loyalty.
• Strength.
• Fun.
• Winning.
• Talents.
• Success.
• Goals.
• Humanitarian situations.

Avoid buying too many magical tools. Be careful of bragging about the spells and magic you do.


During this time, you should notice details. You can use spells for fitness, healing, and stability. Work to purify yourself and to have good results.

Magic of the Virgo Moon

• Inner workings.
• Problem solving.
• Mistakes.
• Research.
• Magic skills.
• Intuition.
• Divination.

Avoid focusing on the details of the spells and don’t be too critical of things.


Use magic to bring back marriages and partnerships, for true love and beauty. This energy that is great to bring peace, balance, friendships, contracts, and justice.

Magic of the Libra Moon

• Romance.
• Partnerships.
• Friendships.
• Communication help.
• Decisions.
• Justice.
• Social problems.

Avoid making enemies during this time and being indecisive.


This is a time to find out the mysteries in psychic tools. Look into rebirth, scrying, karma, and other things. Use this energy of the moon to help have a better libido and to have better sex and passion.

Magic of the Scorpio Moon

• Emotions.
• Power.
• Change.
• Karma.
• Wisdom.
• Endings.
• Rebirth.
• Past lives.
• Transformation.
• Power.
• Energy.

Avoid secrets and don’t be resentment.


This energy is about adventure and going on a journey. You can use this for hope and for religion and it can be a time to experiment with new things. Be honest and generous during this time.

Magic of the Sagittarius Moon

• Being aware.
• Having faith.
• Understanding.
• Hope.
• Talents.
• Generosity.
• Communication.
• Knowledge.

Avoid rushing through spells and missing details. Don’t hide from making commitments.


This is a time for stability, to discipline yourself, to reach your needs and to take care of spiritual situations.

Magic of the Capricorn Moon

• Magic.
• Home.
• Work.
• School.
• Saving money.
• Being responsible.
• Self-discipline.
• Science.
• Justice.
• Authority.

Avoid emotional spells and don’t be ruthless to get what you want.


This energy can help you to have stronger spiritual gifts. It can help you to reach your goals and your future without a lot of effort. You can also have intimacy and friends.

Magic of the Aquarius Moon

• Loyalty.
• Courage.
• Worth.
• Independence.
• New thoughts.
• Individual.
• Finding out about who you are.


The energy behind the Pisces is psychic energy. You can use this time to be creative, compassionate, and understanding. This is a time to be empathic.

Magic of the Pisces Moon

• Meditation.
• Dreaming.
• Divination.
• Peace.
• Compassion.
• Imaginations.
• Visualization techniques.
• Spell work.
• Ancestor work.
• Helping others.

Avoid doubting yourself and not being logical in your reasoning.