Using Pentagrams in Spells


Pentagrams are one of the most known symbols for witchcraft. It is something that has been around since 3500 BC and was seen in ancient Mesopotamia. It has five points and a star that is equilateral, and it has an inscribed single circle that is upright. It shows questions that aren’t answered in the universe and mysteries.

The Pentagram is something that symbolizes spiritual power and control of the elements. This is a five-pointed star that has a single point at the top and a circle that connects the points. Witchcraft uses the pentagram as a symbol that represents the mysteries of creation.

This is used with spells, rituals and can be etched into items that are magical. They are often made out of wood, gold, silver, clay, and other things. You can put this in a central place in the altar that is made and then you can call on the spirits to come to you while getting rid of negativity.

Using Pentacles

Pentacles can be plain and people that do witchcraft will often make their own pentacles. They will use different materials and glass or gems. Some runes can be put in the pentacle to make it more personal. Some will wear a ring or necklace with this shape so that people will know that they are a witch.

Some are charged to be talismans or amulets and they have their own magic behind them. You can get a pentacle made form silver and this can mean feminine energy and represent psychic energies. Gold pentacles represent male energies and are powerful.

The materials in a pentacle have a special place. Silver is part of the moon and means healing and femineity. Gold is part of the sun and is associated with wealth, fame, and male energy.

If you make your own pentacle, you should do it as a ritual. Some tools that are magical will have a connection to the spell caster. The materials that need to be used will be different and you need to make sure that the shape is right.

They don’t have to be fancy or decorated and they can be personalized if that is what you choose. The runes should have power connected to the one that is making it. Dagaz is shaped like a butterfly, and you can use this rune to connect with that kind of power.

Symbol of the Pentagram

Putting runes on the pentagram is significant to help you remember what the pentagram means to you. It can be at the point of the star and there are four elements and a fifth one that is the spirit element. The fifth one goes on the top of the pentagram.

When you go clockwise there is an upper right point of the star that means water or intuition, the lower right is the fire and represents getting rid of fear and courage, the lower left is earth and means stability and endurance and the upper left corner star is air and is one that shows intelligence, creativity, and communication.

Using the Pentagram

You can use the pentagram to do spells. These are used to influence the spirits and call on friendly spirits to help make the spell work. This can also be done to get rid of negative spirits. You can draw another pentagram when you create a circle.

The Power of the Pentagram

When you do a spell, pentagrams are drawn in the air with a sword or your hand. There are 4 of the points that represent water, air, earth, and fire and the fifth one means spirit. The circle means a sacred space with the spirit that controls the elements.

You can ask the pentagram to come to you and you can write this out on your forehead from the forehead to the left foot and from the left foot to the right shoulder, the right shoulder to the left shoulder, the left shoulder to the right foot and then right foot to the forehead. The circle is then made that circles the star.

Banishing Pentagrams

Banishing pentagrams are drawn in reverse. When you draw this, it protects you and has power. You can imagine the different points of the star as you draw them and think of the four elements and the power behind them. You can be successful in casting your spell with this ritual.

You can use this while you meditate, and you can see the spirit ruling over the elements in your life. Imagine the spirit coming to help you reach your higher self. You can see that you can explore the universe and the power inside of it by using the star points. You can focus on each of the elements and then move to the points while you focus on the energy and meditate.

Other Uses for the Pentagram

The pentagram can also be used without drawing or having a phyiscal pentagram. You can trace out the pentagram with chalk on a surface where you are casting the spell, or you can trace it with your finger.

Drawing a pentagram starts at the lower left corner, and then draw the line to the point and then to the lower right corner, the left corner, the right corner and then back to the lower left corner.

Inverted Pentagram

An inverted pentagram is known and is often confused with an upright one. The reversed pentagram can mean a connection with the devil instead of other spiritual beings. This is why pentagrams are often thought to be devil worship because they get confused within the way that the pentagram faces.

Pay attention to where the pentagram comes from and how it is made. Magic can be used for both positive and negative things and pentagrams prove that.