Using Crystals to Do Magic Spells

Crystals to Do Magic Spells

As time has passed, people have found value in different things such as rainbows, the moon and even crystals. Crystals have gotten the attention of many people across the globe. This is because of their different patterns and the different make up of the crystals and how they affect the spiritual world. Crystals are used for spell casting because they are full of energies, and they help to make spell casting more powerful.

Not only do they bring beauty to the world around them, but the stones also allow us to have the things that we need to live on and with. No matter what kind of shape the crystal is in or is fashioned into, it has its own vibration. The crystals are there to help people, animals, plants and more. The energy in the stones is more than someone could imagine.

Regardless of what the purpose is, each crystal has its own magic behind it. As you learn to understand the different stones, you can see that you can find them everywhere.

What is Crystal Magic?

Crystals pick up the energies around them. They are part of nature, and they are different with different makeups and different energies. They can be charged to have a stronger purpose and even if you aren’t experienced in crystals, you can use crystal magic. The size of the crystal isn’t what makes them special but the energies that they carry.

Using Crystals in Magic

You need to make sure that you charge and cleanse your crystals before you use them. Use your intuition to guide you on how to charge them. The crystals that are meant to be in your life will be there and you will have crystals that are looking for you. When you go into a store, use your intuition to see if the crystal is calling you. You don’t even have to have training, just listen to what your heart and mind tell you.

Explore each crystal and pay attention to what you feel when you hold it and what energy comes to you. Feel the different feelings that the crystals give you and learn to understand how each of them work. You can clean the crystals of negative energy and you can use the crystal magic to make you stronger.

Crystals and Their Powers

Here are some crystals and what their powers work best in:

Astral Projection:  Carnelian, Moss Agate, Quartz, Zircon.

Bringing balance:  Amethyst, Calcite, Obsidian, Moonstone, Quartz, Tiger’s Eye.

Make things beautiful: Chalcedony and Alabaster.

Binding: Agate, Black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Onyx.

Getting rid of blockages:  Jasper, Kunzite, Malachite, Quartz, Ruby.

Business help:  Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Tourmaline and more.

Bring luck:  Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz.

Cleansing:  Peridot, Quartz, Selenite.

Controlling:  Hawk’s Eye, Sapphire.

Courage:  Diamond, Jade, Ruby.

Getting rid of enemies:  Aquamarine.

Energies: Andalusite, Jasper, Rhodonite.

Problems in families: Carnelian.

Friends: Agate, Iolite, Ruby.

Fertility: Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz.

Grounding: Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, Zircon.

Happiness: Moss Agate, Ruby, Zircon.

Healing: Amazonite, Amber, Flint, Malachite, Moss, Tourmaline.

Job and career: Obsidian, Scapolite.

Justice: Serpentine, Jade.

Karma: Onyx, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye.

Using Love Magic

When you want to have love, some of the best stones include:

• Calcite.
• Agate.
• Alexandrite.
• Amethyst.
• Aventurine.
• Bloodstone.
• Pink diamond.
• Lepidolite.
• Lodestone.
• Malachite.
• Pink Sapphire.
• Sugilite.
• Tanzanite.
• Zoisite.

Attracting Love:

• Dioptase.
• Lapis Lazuli.
• Amber.
• Beryl.
• Clear Quartz.
• Rose Quartz.
• Topaz.


  • • Aquamarine.
    • Rhodonite.
    • Danburite.

Unconditional Love:

• Kunzite.
• Jade.

Being Open to Love:

• Apatite.
• Labradorite.
• Moonstone.
• Pink Clear Quartz.
• Rose Quartz.
• Ruby.
• Jade.

Increased Sexuality:

• Opal.
• Sodalite.
• Obsidian.
• Sunstone.


  • Aquamarine.


• Agate.
• Amber.
• Bloodstone.
• Lodestone.
• Obsidian.
• Spinel.
• Zircon.


• Agate.
• Cinnabar.
• Jasper.
• Opal.
• Quartz crystal.
• Ruby.


• Agate.
• Aquamarine.
• Bloodstone.
• Chalcedony.
• Emerald.
• Green Tourmaline.
• Jade.
• Opal.
• Sapphire.
• Turquoise.


• Agate.
• Amethyst.
• Beryl.
• Cat’s Eye.
• Epidote.
• Holey Stones.
• Jasper.
• Jet.
• Obsidian.
• Ruby.
• Sapphire.
• Sunstone.
• Tiger’s Eye.

Psychic Giftings:

• Agate.
• Beryl.
• Crocidolite.
• Fluorite.
• Jet.
• Mica.
• Obsidian.
• Tiger’s Eye.


• Quartz crystal.
• Tourmaline.

Stopping Black Magic:

• Amethyst.
• Onyx.
• Peridot.
• Topaz.

Speeding Up Spell Results:

• Crystal Quartz.
• Carnelian.


• Diamond.
• Sapphire.
• Amber.


• Andalusite.
• Obsidian.


• Hematite.
• Pyrite.

Cleansing Crystal Energy

Some crystals have strong vibrations right when you get them but as you use the stone, you might see that its power seems to change. This can mean that it doesn’t shine as much or that it feels drier than it did. Sometimes they even will feel dirty when you handle them.

These things show you that it might be time to cleanse your stone. There are other things that you might feel that can tell you that it is time to cleanse the stone, and this can repair its energies and bring its vibrations higher. You need to keep your crystals strong so that they can protect you and help you in weak areas.

There is no rule for cleansing a stone and this should just happen when you notice something different about it. You need to take time on the winter solstice to clean stones that you use for special projects and then let them rest until the spring equinox. You can use the moon or the sun to charge your stones and then put them away until you use them again.

Cleansing the energy of your stone is important and the best way to do this is to do a simple cleansing such as putting it to one of the four elements to get rid of negativity. This allows your crystal to be cleansed easily.

Using Salt and Earth to Cleanse

Make sure before you ever use salt water to cleanse your stone that you know that the stone won’t be ruined in water. Some stones such as calcites and Angelite can lose the luster that they have if put in saltwater. You need to prepare to make sea salt if you are going to use this method and make sure that it comes from the sea.

You will do better to cleanse your crystal by just running it in water and then drying it off and putting it in salt for 3 days. Then you can rinse them again and let them sit for 30 days before you use it. If you do it during the solstice, you can put the stone underground until the spring solstice starts.

Moon and Sun Charging

Don’t put stones that are purple, blue, or brightly colored stones in the sun because this can cause them to fade. It can also cause them to crack if it gets too much heat. You can put the stone in the sun early in the morning for about an hour and it can charge the sun. You can also do this by putting it out in nature like in the grass while it charges.

Using the moon to charge is safe for all stones. This is often used to charge the stones because it works well, and it has strong spiritual energy. To use the moon to give your crystals energy make sure that you put the stone in the window so that it can be in direct view of the moon. You can even put it outside in the garden at night to charge.

Air Cleansing

You can wash your crystal in the air by putting it outside. You can leave it for 3 days. You can also burn incense with your crystal to get rid of negativity. If you want to really cleanse your crystal, do smudging.

Smudging a crystal is when you take sage, and you burn it and let the smoke surround the crystal. This is a gentle cleansing process and is safe for stones that are delicate. The smoke can get rid of any negative energy or built-up energy that needs to be removed. You can use sage, sandalwood or even cedarwood.

  • Do this for 30-40 minutes at a time.
  • This will work for any stone.

Water Cleansing

You can clean it with water by taking the stone to a lake or stream and letting it be in the water up to 3 minutes. If you don’t live close to one though, you can put pure water in a clay bowl and you can let the stone soak for 24 hours. Water can get rid of negative energy in the stone.

Water sends negativity back into the earth and if you have a new crystal, you can add sea salt to the water to make the negative energy go faster. After you cleanse it, clean it with a cloth.

  • Do this for 1-3 minutes in a stream or 24 hours when soaking.
  • Great for stones such as Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Tiger’s Eye.
  • Don’t clean a stone that has metal or water such as the Opal or Pyrite. Don’t cleanse this way with brittle, porous or soft stones.
  • You can cleanse your crystal by leaving it outside and letting rain wash and cleanse your stone. This is often done in covens.

Fire Cleansing

You can cleanse your stone with fire by facing to the south and passing the crystal through the flame of a candle. The fire will get rid of negativity and impurities as it passes through. This should only be done with strong stones. It is recommended to do this form of cleansing if you have magical goals of passion or strength that you need to use.

  • Do this for 1-3 minutes.
  • Use for strong stones.
  • Be safe and use tongs so you don’t burn yourself.
  • You can leave the stone out in the sun after a fire cleansing. This is done by covens.

Earth Cleansing

To cleanse the earth, you can bury your stone in the sand or soil. You can take it to a space and bury it or you can fill a cauldron with soil and sand and bury it there. Do this for at least 24 hours. This gives it time to get rid of negative energies and puts the crystal close to its natural source.

  • Do this for 24 hours.
  • Use with strong stones.
  • Bury the crystals during the full moon and then get them out on the next new moon. This can benefit you if you need grounding or growth. Some covens do this.

Smudging and Cleaning Regularly

People that want to cleanse their stones can smudge them wish sage or can use different incense to make this happen. Some incense are made just to clear negativity. When the stone feels heavy or gross, you should smudge the stone.

Some people believe that the stones need to have more than just a run through the water to get rid of dust. When you use stones for strong purposes, you need to make sure that you are removing energy that is negative that the stone can pick up. If you feel that your stone needs to have a strong cleansing for no reason, you need to look at the magic that you are doing and see if you are doing it with the highest good in mind.

Charging the Crystals

Charging your crystals helps to reset the intentions that you use with the crystals. Make sure that you are thinking positively and that you are filling the stone with positive thoughts and energies. You can change and say positive things. Talk right to the crystal and tell it what you want to do.

Your crystal will be ready to use for your magic. You can even let the crystal sit in a sunny spot in your window to charge it with the sun or you can charge it with the full moon to use the power of the lunar energies.

Stones and Spells

Casting spells uses tools and your conscious mind to work. Using a stone can help you to get good results when casting spells. If you want to cast a spell to get money, you can wrap something around the stone and use it as a pendulum to give you answers.

If you are strong in your stone spirits, you can figure out if they want to work with you or not. This can be known by the temperature changes when you hold them, their sparkles, visuals, insights, or vibrations. Once you start asking questions about what the stone will do for you, you can find that you can work with them during a spell.

Energies in Stones

People use stones and herbs together when they do spells. Sometimes this is to form medicines and sometimes this is to do spells to get rid of problems. You need to understand how each of these things work with your magic.

You can use herbs and stones together to make potions and you can use this to treat different symptoms and problems that you might have. You can find that crystals have energy that can be stored, and you can send this energy out when you cast a spell. Problems usually start when things are unseen, and the stone can help you to know these things and know what you need to do next.

Stones and the Highest Good

We have strong advances in medicine, food, housing, and other things. The stones help to make these things happen. We would not exist if there weren’t stones and over time the stones have been changed due to erosion and other things.

As we continue to see things and see how the planet helps us, we can see that the stones can be used for the highest good. There are some people that need help, and they need to rely on things that are in the magical world such as crystals.

There are good ways that you can work with crystals in your life and in your magic and as you do this then you will see that you can be full of beautiful things and abundance. You will have your own thought and ideas and each person has their own unique experiences that they will go through.

Crystals and Science

Science has shown people that crystals are unique and important in life. There makeup works with the structures and different aspects in nature. These structures are used in different things, even devices such as watches and radios.

Quartz crystals even have six sides and if you break part of it, a pure crystal will break on the same lines that the prism is aligned. The patterns of the crystals are not always easy to explain and even though sciences has studied this, it doesn’t tell us why they are something that is so enchanting to people.