Two Simple Love Spells to Increase Love in Your Life

Love Spells

Love spells are the art of drawing more love into your life. Love spells act to enhance romantic feelings that are already present in an existing relationship. They can’t force somebody to start loving you or to fall in love with you.

If you already share mutual feelings of affection with somebody, a love spell can help intensify the love energy between you, acting as a magnetic force to draw you closer. Simple love spells alert the universe that your heart is definitely open.

To be clear: Love spells don’t intend to trick somebody into falling in love with you. Instead, they ask the universe for help in bringing you closer to somebody that you’ve been happy to receive, and that somebody was happy to come to you. Spells generally consist of three easy steps: create an intention, employ a ritual to invoke the intention, and convert the intention into action.

Fridays are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, so Fridays are optimal for casting love spells. To enhance your spell’s potency, cast it during the waxing crescent phase of the moon when the creative lunar energy will increase positivity in your life. Here are two uncomplicated love spells you can try out, using common elements you probably already have around.

  1. The Rose Love Spell

For the rose spell, you’ll need a rose and a source of moving water. If you’re lucky enough to be near a stream, a river, or an ocean, you’re all set to conduct the spell outdoors. If not, or if the weather does not permit outdoor activities, your kitchen sink or bathtub faucet will work just as well.

To conduct the spell, visualize your romantic partner. Pluck the rose petals and toss them into the water so the water brings the petals back toward you. As you toss the petals, say, “As water moves the rose back to me, bring forth the love that’s meant to be.” Continue visualizing your partner as you repeat the ritual and incantation.

  1. The Ribbon Love Spell

For the ribbon spell, you’ll need a red or pink ribbon and two items that are obviously a pair, such as a set of bookends, salt and pepper shakers, or your favorite shoes.

To conduct the spell, designate one item to represent you, and the other to represent your intended partner. Set the items a distance apart. Drape the ribbon around them and tie a knot or bow, leaving the items a distance apart.

Each morning, untie the knot or bow, move the items a bit closer together, and retie the knot or bow. Repeat this morning ritual each day until the items touch each other. Retie the knot or bow and leave them together for seven days. By the end of that week, you will have drawn closer together, because you’ve made your request clear, and the universe is certainly listening!